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  1. Bradley M2A3

    I have to ask, its been gnawing away at me all morning, why the asymmetry of 80 versus 82? Really appreciate the input. I'm looking forward to see what this looks like when its finished. Its quite a beast size wise.
  2. Bradley M2A3

    Thanks for the kind comments. Went back to the hull and fettled the rear hatch into place. Two of the hinges were swallowed up by the carpet monster, usually they're caught by the fibres of the blue and white cleaning cloth but these parts had clearly other ideas. Tried to find them with bare feet which usually works but no luck. Found a part in the spares box that was close enough to one of the hinges but after a couple of attempts at the other one had to give up. I'll cover up its absence some other way. Spot of track bashing next. If I remember rightly it was 80 links per track so I made up four sets of 40 so that they would be manageable. A couple the links fell apart and had to be replaced from there spare links (Meng supplies plenty). I just hoped that it would all hold together particularly once the side skirts are fitted. Painted them with a steel colour first and then splashed them with track wash. That leaves the metallic steel colour on the horns. I must say once that had dried I had the feeling that they're less likely to fall apart, due to the wash filling up the linkages. Looks like I might have a bit of luck here. Meng provides a piece of brass to act as a mask for airbrushing the track rubbers; five at a time. Seemed to me to be a lot of faffing around so did the rubbers with a brush which was quite easy. By the time there's a bit of dust on them it should all look okay.
  3. Bradley M2A3

    Thanks for the tip, I had painted the 240 with Vallejo's metal colours but the gunmetal tends to come out a bit dark. I had found in other situations that rubbing the painted part between the fingers brought out more of a silver finish. Unfortunately the part is rather fragile so I didn't want to handle it too much. I'll try a couple of other metallic shades and see if I can get a bit of a patina going on the barrel.
  4. Bradley M2A3

    Been away from the bench for a while due to work and travel so its time to pick up the pieces again and see if I can finish this one. Completed the drivers hatch after rebuilding the hinge system. Rear hatch next which also needs its hinge system to be rebuilt. Became a little fed up fettling hinges so went to work on the turret and promptly screwed up fitting the canvas. Cut various bits and pieces off it so that it would fit and then realised after fixing with superglue that I'd fitted it upside down. Left it in place and made it look as if it was the right way up. Added some of the turret optics and commander's screen. For some reason Meng has chosen to make the independent viewer on LHS of the turret larger than it should be. It ought to be possible to park the viewer with the optics facing downwards. That's not possible in this version but I'll leave it as it is.
  5. Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    Been away for a while and just realised that Julian is no longer with us. Condoleces to his family and friends. RIP.
  6. Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    That gator looks the business and makes a nice addition to the armour line up you have going there.
  7. Bradley M2A3

    Thanks Gremlin. I'm beginning to think that I may adopt your idea. Spent a good chunk of this afternoon with a file and knife trying to get some of the smaller parts to fit. Up to now most parts have fitted well but that notion has now left the building. No mater I'll get there in the end, it'll just take a little longer.
  8. Bradley M2A3

    Hull closed and its now starting to resemble a Bradley. Day later: Clearly haven't removed all the warp that was originally in the lower hull as part of the LHS had sprung open. Reapplied cement and applied various lengths of tape and clamps to keep it closed. Having learnt from the Cougar its always best to ignore the instructions and ensure that this part is completed before adding any off the other more delicate components. Fixed the gunner's hatch and he'll no longer bang his head when he pops up for look around. Oops! that didn't work well. After sealing the hull discovered this lot. Eh, that should have been on the inside to support the open engine cover. Might be possible to mount it from the outside but given Meng's tolerates I'm not hopeful. Oh well, problems were made to be solved.
  9. Bradley M2A3

    Thanks Lloyd, space is certainly at a premium. Just placing some 1/35 figures in the turret and the rear shows that there isn't a lot of space. Cheers and Happy Holidays John.
  10. Bradley M2A3

    Some progress on the turret although the gunners hatch is a bit crooked when opened. Needs some fettling or he'll get a sore head. Completed the inside of the hull ready to close up. Had placed all manner of equipment on the shelves behind the seating....and had to remove it all when the two halves of the hull wouldn't close. Miss a turn for not noticing earlier that that was going to happen. Can finally get on with the outside of the hull.
  11. Bradley M2A3

    Was hoping to do something similar. Tidy up some of the damage and rotate it so that its on the underside. Lick of paint and it should be good to go.
  12. Bradley M2A3

    Some progress made to the interior. I've been working on the top half adding some wiring which seemed to take forever waiting for glue at various points to dry before moving on the the next part. Rather a lot of artistic license used to give an idea rather than 100% accuracy but hopefully enough to give the general idea. Added brackets to the extinguishers rather than have them magically cling to the roof. Started work on the seat harnesses but have a question there. I've seem Bradleys without straps or with a few used to secure gash kit. I could also see them being removed so as not to impede a rapid dismount. If Crushkill sees this, any advice; where they still fitted but just pushed to the side or removed? Still to remove the showroom appearance of the top half interior as well as add some general gear. So far I've one water can which is looking a bit lonely. Time to raid some other kits for odds and sods.
  13. Bradley M2A3

    Thanks Gremlin. I thought I'd found another metal fluted barrel for less than a euro. Indeed I had, only realised just before placing the order that it was 1/72nd scale, which would have been rather embarrassing. I'll try and revitalise the Meng barrel although it looks like its been chewed by a dog.
  14. Bradley M2A3

    Thanks Francis.......I'll try not to mess up before i get it finished. Cheers John.
  15. Bradley M2A3

    Thanks Lloyd. Bit of a slow burner I'm afraid. Too many other things on. You are right about the cramp, I held on for a couple of hours before calling it set. Probably too long but it worked. At least the film I was watching was half decent. After the detail I decided it would be a pity to hide it all so the hatched will be open along with the front with access to the engine and the rear deck in a sort of depot scenario. The Tamiya version will be closed up as its just an empty box. I had a third one but its pre GW1 vintage with a sort of interior so I'll be keeping it in the stash for the time being. Just discovered that the moulding of the barrel for the Bushmaster is pants. That will need replacing with something better. Fortunately I've found a couple of sources and at less than a euro each the postage is going to be more expensive. Cheers John.