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  1. Hobby Boss catalog 2018-2019 - online

    Yeah, the MiG-31B/BM 1/48 boxing which has been out for like 6 months already if not more.
  2. Same here. There was a local online store which offered the pre-order option (which was a must to avoid hefty import taxes), but then they dropped out of the program due to 'AMK suddenly changing some of the conditions' or whatever.
  3. Yeah, that and the Mi-28A/N as well since no-one else seems to even consider releasing them.
  4. Sukhoi Su-22M3/M4 Fitter-F (Sic) KH80146

    Yeah, if the fuselage is the same as the Su-17M3/M4 kit (AL-21F engine), then the Su-22M3 can't really be built from this kit.
  5. I'm curious what HB did here. The HB MiG-31 kit that I have has the earlier exhaust type so I can't compare them (I'd need their B/BM release). But, since the weld and panel lines are so tiny on the real thing that they're barely noticeable when scaled, perhaps it would be better to make them as fine engraved lines that can be emphasized with a wash. At least the end result would have been much closer to the real life photo shown here, IMHO.
  6. Sukhoi Su-17M3 Fitter-G 1:48

    Thanks for the review. Looks relatively simple (compared to the KH offering) as the original release was. I'll definitely get one if I find a good deal on it (i.e. noticeably cheaper than the more detailed KH kit).
  7. I hope 6 R-37 missiles are included and not just the 4 shown on the weapons color profile. It does seem to say 6x so it should be fine. There probably will be some minor issues (like e.g. panel lines), but judging from the airplane color profile, it does look like a MiG-31M (bigger radome, new canopy for the radar operator, radar scope screen for the front cockpit, bigger hump, extended wing LERX, wingtip ECM pods, 6 ejectors for R-37 missiles, no gun pod, extended rudders). Don't see the roots of the vertical stabilizers very well, but they might be OK for the 057 Blue (the final MiG-31M prototype). The dielectric areas on top of the vertical stabilizers seem to extend slightly too much downwards, they should be triangle shaped, I think. Of course, I hope the plastic matches the color profile and I'll definitely get one (despite the pretty ugly box art ).
  8. So, they switch the announced Huey 1/35 release to 1/48, but then decided to release an HH-60G in 1/35? I do hope they make an HH-60H and also downscale it to 1/48. I've always wanted one, but the rich Cobra Company set for the Italeri kit was rather expensive when the S&H to Europe was added.
  9. An Su-25 or Mi-24 in 1/48 would really be a good opportunity for Zvezda to get into the 1/48 scale as the only kits available are like 20+ years old.
  10. So, the original cockpit tub is super shallow and the seat is pretty weirdly shaped and sits way too high. I wish you guys announced a long time ago that a 2.0 kit will be released eventually so I could have skipped the Kinetic offering.
  11. Tarantul III class corvette. 1:350

    Always wanted a 1/350 Tarantul III kit, so I'll have to keep an eye open for this one.
  12. I hope this and the J-20 get a 1/48 release, as well (non-resin, I mean).
  13. Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker-G 1:48

    Yeah, the lesser dual-seat Flanker family (MKK and derivatives). It was sold to China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Indonesia, Uganda and some unsold airframes were inducted into RuAF service as M2, so there are some alternative options.
  14. Ah, sorry. I thought MiG-27D's were Flogger D's (like, the initial MiG-27 production variant), rather than initial ones upgraded to M standard which is what they were. Thanks for clearing that up.