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  1. Hats & Caps

    I wear a plain black baseball cap during spring autumn and winter, a camouflaged Bush hat in the summer (it keeps the rain off) ,a corporate baseball cap or thermal woolly hat at work unless I'm welding or grinding when I wear a bandanna under my welding helmet If I'm driving my Mx5 it's either the black baseball cap or a Cossacks style flying helmet depending on temperature as driving a Roadster has to done with the top down no matter how cold it is (rain excepted) Martin
  2. Salisbury Model Show:- Saturday 3rd June

    West Middlesex will be there. Any fellow britmodellers please come and say hello (I'm the bloke in the wheelchair!!!)

    Very tasty I love Roadrunners.... I just don't seem to be able to catch them!! (Sorry) Wiley
  4. middle wallop

    I'll be there with West Middlesex Come and say hello to Elvis on my latest diorama Martin
  5. Corrugated roofing 1/35th scale.

    The Works book/craft shop sell an oil paint tube squeezer which has a corrugated Roller and bed for about a quid I used this to make the ironwork for my 1:35th Anderson shelter from litho plate but on later projects I have used the bottom of foil takeaway containers which bends a little easier I don't know how accurate it is but to my eye it looks right Hope this helps Wiley
  6. Greetings from West Middlesex

    Hi there My name is Martin, First of all apologies for not introducing myself before posting,but seeing my Tr4a in the show section I had to respond Anyway I have been building models on and off for the last 45 years and now I mainly build small dioramas and vignettes,usually 1:35th I am an active member of West Middlesex scale model club and try to get to most of the shows (I also look after the lighting rig) and am probably best known for my full size uxb diorama I look forward to hearing from all you fellow modellers Best regards Wiley coyote