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  1. Etienne

    A30 Challenger.

    Well, a nice project indeed ... I'll be following this one for sure E
  2. Etienne

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Hello guys, fairly light update today ... pin wash, filters, washes and to end the day, I assembled Panda tracks, still have to add the duckbills Cheers, E
  3. Etienne

    TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Hi Simon, yes, the black & white undercoat modulation works well with darker colors but you need a very thin paint and a light coat ... everything will be darkened in the process with filters, washes and all the rest of it However, I must admit that if you're looking for a strong modulation, some additional highlights may be needed ... By the way, the Steyer looks very good !! Cheers, E
  4. Etienne

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Thanks guys for the infos ... I think I read a review about this kind of machine and it seems able to event cut thin styrene sheets Perhaps something I'll try someday ... but for the moment, I found some small numbers stencils on Ebay, let's see what I am able to do with those ... Cheers, E
  5. Etienne

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Thanks John I tried to cut stencil in masking tape, no easy but I was able to make 7-8mm numbers that look good, but I need smaller ones for this Sherman and I think the limit is not the material but my hand I saw Eduard's spray stencils for german numbers ... might give a try ! Frisket film would be a good alternative if I had a laser cutting device ... I'd love to so I could make every markings with stencils, but it's probably a little bit of overkill for a recreational modeller Cheers, E
  6. Etienne

    US Vehicle Colour Schemes

    Hi, there's so many options for LVT's color scheme, that it's difficult to sum up in just a few words ... but you had grey-blue (USN colors) for early ones, the gray-blue and camo stripes, and later olive drab with sand, brown and black stripEs and splotches. If you're looking for color references, the book "US amtracs and amphibians at war 1941-45" by Zaloga & Balin is a good source ... I don't use enamel, so I can't help you with paint numbers ... but if you can find either a bluish grey or a sandy color, a subdued black and a red brown, plus olive drab, then you're good to go Been a bit long ... hope this helps, E
  7. Etienne

    Panther Ausf.A Late - Meng 1/35

    Excellent, as usual should I say E
  8. Etienne

    The best acrylic paint

    Very well summed up ... +1 !
  9. Etienne

    The best acrylic paint

    Hi, I'm little bit surprised by the very negative opinions about Vallejo paints The Model Air range is very easy to use with airbrush, once thinned depending on what you want to achieve ... opaque layer, transparent over preshading ... and even with brush for small surfaces and details. Another positive point is the great range of colors ... and if you want more, you even have the Model Color and other ranges. However, there's some negative points as usual with acrylics ... airbrush clogging when wheather is wet and/or hot, very fine lines need much attention and a steady hand, etc. I experienced the same with Hataka, AK and others paints. One strong advice : don't use Model Color paints for airbrushing ... or know exactly what you do as they are not designed for that use and even thinned and flow improver added, they require much more attention than other acrylics I wonder if most negative comments about Vallejo paints are not caused by using the wrong paints On the other hands, enamels and lacquers are probably better at airbrushing ... but there's some strong negative features : first of all, the chemical involved are really hot and if like me you are proned to ENT problems, forget about those paints, strictly forbidden even with a paint booth and mask ... don'' even mention the environmental issue ... So your choice ... but there's no miracle solution !! About airbrush use : the learning curve is steep at the beginning but if you plan to be a serious modeller, I think it's one of the key tools, even if some very talented modellers achieve fantastic paintjobs without airbrushing. Just my .2 cents, E
  10. Etienne

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Hello, this morning, I completed the camo ... with a simple brush this time, as the nature of balsa wood creates a natural and subtle feathering, not far from the smooth edge of free hand airbrushing However, I have a new problem ... not way to paint the numbers, i treid several time but either I don't have the right brush or I don't have the correct hand ... looking for 4 to 5 mm stencil templates for numbers, any ideas ? Cheers, E
  11. Etienne

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Thanks guys for your comments I reworked the wood planking and installed it temporarly ... painted and highlighted, just need a touch of camo Cheers, E
  12. Etienne

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Hi, after a long and grueling reflexion, I decided to go for the red brown camouflage ... given that the spikes are very fragile, no way to mask so everything was done free hand ... stressful but rather nice, I think Cheers, E
  13. Etienne

    IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Hi John, the upper hull and turret are really nice ... but if you allow me a little bit of criticism, the undercarriage seem a little bit "flat", is it made on purpose ? If not, a subtle pin wash could make the many details pop up nicely, isn't it ? Cheers, E
  14. Etienne

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Well, I considered the overall build done ... so now it's time to prime and give a base coat to this M4A3 !! The modulation is pretty dark on the hull and sides but remember they will be covered with sandbags and wood planks Some shell impacts on the glacis ... and a preview of the wood planks installed Time to close the bench, base coat is OK ... probably need some highlights, but next week end Cheers, E
  15. Etienne

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Hi, the decals come from a Bison Decal set for Iwo Jima 3rd Tk Bn Shermans ... out of print however, I was lucky enough to find one. E