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  1. Hi John, still lurking here sometime but super busy with my job ... as I'm out for work almost every week, my week end time is for my family Still some projects in mind however !! Cheers, E
  2. Nice build, the weathering is very convincing and the dozer blade is very realistic !! E
  3. Hi, very nice build indeed !! About the figures, I used the Masterbox british infantry for my Salisbury's Challenger 2, they are quite nice and easy to rework if needed, I mixed parts from different figures and changed heads ! Regards, E
  4. I made some research about that ... seems that the japanese 75mm gun was not derived from the french 75mm 1897 model gun, nor from the french Schneider 75mm 1912 model, that was inferior to the 1897 model by the way. In fact, it was inspired by the Schneider 85mm gun 1927 model in the 1930s. E
  5. HI, interesting build indeed !! About the "old wwI 75mm gun", remember that the M1897A4 version was used on USMC SPM's in the Pacific and that it was also the base for the development of the M2 gun mounted on Shermans. Regards, E
  6. Great paintjob with brush ... I'm really impressed !! E
  7. Really nice !! The dusting looks very realistic What did you use for the chicken wire rolled fence ? Cheers, E
  8. Hi, thank you all for your comments, I appreciated that Cheers, E
  9. Quite interesting, and very original ! Looking forward too seeing the next steps E
  10. Salut Jeff, welcome on board E
  11. A late big hatches M4A2 and another M4A3 ... both Dragon kits. Will probably go to a Saipan-Tinian one and another for the Okinawa campaign ... still wondering and gathering period pictures E
  12. Thanks Roger ... took me more than 6 months to build those 3, happy you like the result Thanks ... and for the bike, yes : titanium Solera frame (by Titus), Corima carbon rims with Tune hubs, Dura Ace group, Syntace stem and handlebar ... everything build by myself including the wheels Hi John, thanks a lot for your comment ... particularly as you bear some of the responsability for my Sherman addiction I still have 2 others in the assembly line however but not sure about what to do with them Cheers, E
  13. Hello, last step of weathering for the Shermans, DUST !! ... I finished the M4A3 first ... and then dusted the two M4A2 Cheers, E
  14. Hello gents, no update today, I dind't even touch a scale model this week end ... drove my children on holidays and today I enjoyed the beautiful weather riding my 1:1 bike model Cheers, E
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