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  1. Looking forward to following your progress with this build Johnny - especially since you've had me hooked with your HP 0/400 build - which is stunning by the way. Wish you well with this one too!!
  2. BV222 - she's a big'un!!!!

    Thanks Stew - again your support is much appreciated
  3. BV222 - she's a big'un!!!!

    Thanks for your comments Jason and you're right about it being loaded with details. I am indeed going to be brave and attempt the winter camouflage version as I think its such an eye catching scheme and on such a big model it'll really make a statement.
  4. BV222 - she's a big'un!!!!

    Yeah looks that way John - may have to build a dock on the side of the house lol
  5. BV222 - she's a big'un!!!!

    Thanks corsaircorp - appreciate you wishing me luck - I'll need it lol
  6. BV222 - she's a big'un!!!!

    Never fail to make me laugh pat Although I'm starting to think that scaffolding poles would probably be more useful!!
  7. BV222 - she's a big'un!!!!

    Thanks for your feedback bbudde - much appreciated. I'll bear in mind what you have said about reinforcing the wings.
  8. Hi folks, I finally decided that my entry for the GB would be Revell's 1/72 BV222 and by god she is massive!! I may live to regret taking on such a mammoth task but what the hell - I'm up for the challenge. As I have a bit of a penchant for flying boats I may as well go all out and instead of thinking small - think big So lets get things started with the usual box art pic to whet the appetite - here goes: I had wanted to get this kit for ages and eventually it came up in the Wonderland Models sale - I ended up getting it for an absolute bargain: You could't say no at that price could you - that would just have been wrong!! As I said this kit is massive and there's an absolute ton of plastic. Just to give you a feel for this I've included the sprue shots below for you: That's my mobile phone to give you an idea of just how massive the fuselage and wings are - on we go: Phew!! I'm in a cold sweat just looking at all that plastic. I think a stiff drink is in order to regain my composure. So I'll go and sort out my sanity and wish you a happy Sunday. Hopefully I'll make a start on her very soon so will be back to keep you updated as soon as possible. Kris
  9. Airfix winter Stuka

    That is absolute perfection - the weathering is sublime. There aren't enough adjectives to describe this model - fantastic job. Stukas are one of my favourites and you've done the type proud with this model
  10. Gloster Gladiator Mk.II 1/72 Airfix

    That's a crackin gladiator - love the Finnish colour scheme - you've done the model proud.
  11. I'll hold you to that pat - could easily put my back out lifting her once she starts to come together lol. I also agree that we're in the proper end of the country so your support on this is even more appreciated. I'm back from a trip to Yorkshire tomorrow so hoping to make a start on her on Sunday (deep breaths)!!!!
  12. The BV222 is massive - even I was surprised at the sheer size of the thing and I knew it was gonna be big. Will certainly keep me out of trouble for a while putting her together lol
  13. To be honest Pat - I think I'd made my mind up on the BV222 - but now I know you're rooting for one I obviously can't refuse can I - that would just be rude!! Watch this space and wish me luck
  14. Hi folks, Please can you count me in for this build - I've a bit of a soft spot for flying boats and I have a couple in the stash I've been looking for an excuse to crack open. Unless I become distracted by buying the new airfix Walrus, my intention would be to build either Italeri's Sunderland or Revell's BV222 which is huge. Please let me know if you have a preference to steer me in a particular direction. Good luck with your builds everyone. Kris
  15. Airfix Bf109 E4 1/48 *FINISHED*

    Thanks VP - no worries about the extra week - I'd have only took longer than needed otherwise.