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  1. Welcome fatboyslow - you've picked a cracking little kit to get you started. The guys on the forum are amazing and have helped me out on more occasions than I care to remember - a proper little modelling family. I'll be watching your build with interest and if I can be of any help I will be. Sorry to hear you seem to be missing a wheel half. I know I don't have any spares for this but maybe someone will and be able to help you out.
  2. I'll apologise now for the poor photo quality as I had to take these in poor light on the hoof so to speak. Just wanted to post a few photos of my progress so far which has predominantly been cutting and gluing - love this stage. I've cleaned up the main fuselage halves and worked on the pilot and cockpit which now need a nice lick of paint. I'll post more pics once this is done.
  3. Hello folks, Does anyone know what the tamiya equivalents of FS36320, FS36118, FS36270 and FS36375. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kris
  4. Thanks for you swift replies guys - much appreciated. I'll have to source some lead shot as I think that'll be the best solution. Cheers Kris
  5. Hi folks, I wondered if anyone could share their experience of making sure that an aircraft does not become a tail sitter. What does everyone use as nose weight - especially when space is a premium. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Kris
  6. Yeah I agree Paul - I just hope I can do the box art justice when I build it Kris
  7. Thanks for the welcome rich - glad u liked my new year's resolution idea. This is actually my first modern jet build ever as I tend to build WWII aircraft so hopefully I can do the kit some justice - fingers crossed!!!
  8. Hi folks, I've decided for my New Year's Resolution that I am going to fully participate in the group builds for 2017 and follow the schedule to the letter (I heard u laughing)!! No I'm definitely going to give it my best shot - so to get the year off to a good start I've joined the F-16 group build with the following kit: I'm hoping to get cracking in the next couple of days so I will keep you posted on progress. I'm going to keep this one OOB and see how I get on. Good luck everyone
  9. Hope I'm not too late - please count me in for this build please Kris
  10. Good luck with your model Dave when you get round to it - you'll love it.
  11. Thanks Simon - I really appreciate that - as I've said though, Airfix need to take the credit really as the kit is superb to begin with - probably my favourite of the new tool airfix kits after the defiant (I'm too biased over the Defiant for anything to better it) lol. Kris
  12. Thanks Jerzy. The fuselage and cockpit is painted with tamiya acrylics and I've also used Revell Aqua and Humbrol acrylics for other areas/details Kris
  13. I absolutely love this scheme Tony especially on one of our more unusual aircraft - cracking job. Would love to see a picture of her belly to see the red cross underneath Kris
  14. Thanks for all your kind words folks especially with regards to the weathering as I purposefully kept it subtle and not too harsh as I didn't want to detract from the overall scheme. Kris
  15. Thanks for that Trev - appreciate your feedback. Tried to keep weathering to a minimum on this one with no chipping etc - just wanted a slightly dirty look. Kris