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  1. Zvezda 737-800 (My First Airliner)

    So I've finally managed to get back to my 737 in between all the other GB's that I seem to be getting myself involved with Here's a quick update of where I am. I managed to get the cockpit glazing masked and fixed in place and then did a lot of work on seems and gaps with filling and sanding where necessary. The fit of the kit is excellent but as this is an airliner, I want to try and get as flawless a finish as possible. After all the remedial work, I've managed to give her a blast with some primer and this is where I am: I've now moved on to getting the engines put together and have got the parts painted up ready to throw some glue at them: Next step is doing a little remedial work to the engines and getting them attached to the fuselage along with a few other smaller items and then I can start getting her painted up. Hopefully I'll have an update sooner rather than later!! Kris
  2. So as I mentioned in the GB Chat, I've never built a Japanese aircraft to date, despite having been modelling for many years. I have about 3 in the stash but had just never got round to getting one on the bench - so with the Carrier GB afoot I thought this would be a perfect baptism of fire for me. I've decided to go with the following kit with this being one of Airfix's more recent new toolings. It's full of detail and should be great kit to start my foray into Japanese types. Here she is: So here goes and wish me luck - hopefully I won't let the side down for all those fans of Japanese aircraft. Thanks Kris
  3. BAe Hawk - Red Arrows

    Thanks for that - appreciate your words of encouragement
  4. BAe Hawk - Red Arrows

    Thanks for the feedback Zebra - much appreciated
  5. BAe Hawk - Red Arrows

    Thanks Cliff - yeah the decals were faultless in that respect. I was really worried I'd end up with 'pink' white markings but not the case at all.
  6. BAe Hawk - Red Arrows

    Thanks Col - yeah I think I got carried away and then realised I hadn't posted an update lol
  7. BAe Hawk - Red Arrows

    Since my last post I think I got a bit carried away and have lurched forward a fair pace to where I am now. The canopy is attached and masked, everything has been sealed, sanded and primed and then I've managed to get the red paint on as well as the landing gear and a few other bits and pieces followed by a clear coat of Tamiya X-22. I've then managed to get all the decals on which went on without any hassle at all. One thing I will point out is that the large white arrow on the underside of the fuselage is only catered for if you are doing 'wheels up'. For some reason Revell have omitted to include decals for the undercarriage should you choose to do 'wheels down' as the white arrow decal passes over the undercarriage. So the photos below show where I am to date and then moving forward it will be a case of adding some of the smaller items and finishing off the undercarriage etc and then she'll be all done. Here goes:
  8. Hey Rich, Please can you count me in for this one - I'd like to enter with this: I've never built a Japanese aircraft to date so I thought this would be a perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone for this build. Thanks Kris
  9. Eduard's Bf110E (Profipack)

    Hey Black Knight, The build is progressing nicely and I'm due to post some more pics shortly. Thanks Kris
  10. Iraqi Freedom (A-10)

    Hey Black Knight I mentioned in my build thread for the Bf110 that I was unable to continue with this build due to a stupid accident on my part. That's why - unperturbed - I decided to enter the Bf110 in it's place. You could delete this thread if that's possible to avoid any confusion. Thanks Kris
  11. BAe Hawk - Red Arrows

    As discussed in the GB chat, I've decided to throw my hat into the ring and join this build with the following kit: This is a newer tool from Revell - about 2015 I think, and it has some nice detail - particularly on the likes of the seats in the cockpit. However, for a newer tool, I'm surprised at the amount of flash that's evident on some parts - although this may just be my particular kit. So to get started I've put the cockpit together and painted up the seats - no pilots in the kit but there are moulded on seat belts which helps with the detail. Here's where I've got to: This has gone together pretty straightforward. I've managed to get this into the fuselage as a bit of a dry fit (as in pics below - this is now all sealed up). I've put as much nose weight in to the nose as possible and underneath the cockpit where space allowed to avoid a tail sitter. As I said I've since sealed the fuselage up and have also glued up the wings, tail planes and various other bits and pieces so I'll post an update on my progress as soon as possible. Next job will be to sand/fill any rogue seams and then sort out the canopy and get her ready to be primed and painted.
  12. New Tool Hasegawa Kawanishi H8K2 1:72

    Wow - that is absolutely fantastic. I have a real penchant for flying boats and this is no exception. You've captured this perfectly including the crew and the weathering. Well done - an absolute masterclass in modelling!! Kris
  13. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Yeah I'm going for the Red's scheme like the box art as I've never built one before so thought I'd go for an iconic sheme
  14. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Thanks for that Col - much appreciated. Have made a start on the cockpit in between working on my Bf110 for the BM 10th Anniversary GB. Kris
  15. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Please can you count me in for this build - Id love to have a crack at this kit: