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  1. Thank you for your kind feedback Brit - much appreciated. I'm not sure about the arresting hook as I have a limited knowledge of buccs. I look forward to seeing your model when it is completed and wish you good luck for your build. Kris
  2. Thanks Mick - it's getting there. Although I'm still distracted by umpteen other models on the go at the minute
  3. Thanks Neu - I'm getting there. She's now been pre-shaded and ready for paint. Still undecided on the scheme so I'm open to suggestions if you have any favourite. Kris
  4. Thanks for your comments Darby and for your vote towards adding a bit of filth to the bucc. You're right - you've gotta love a matchbox kit even though sometimes they fight you at every turn lol
  5. Thanks eng and Simon for your feedback. I was definitely looking to weather her up so your feedback has confirmed my intentions. Thanks folks.
  6. Thanks vultures - yeah a new tool would be awesome
  7. Thanks for your feedback Dave - much appreciated. I'll see what I can do to get some more pics of the nose area for you. Kris
  8. Thanks Rich - yeah looking forward to getting some colour on her - if you can call different shades of grey colour lol - and attaching all the ordnance to start to make her look like a fighting machine.
  9. Absolute stunner of a model!!!! The paintwork is first rate and you should be commended for having undertaken such a difficult scheme and pulling it off flawlessly. I am also in awe of all the work on that nose glazing. Well done that man!!! Kris
  10. Thanks Steve and Gerrard for your kind comments - your feedback is always greatly received. Kris
  11. So in between the group builds I'm busy with - in particular the F-16 build - I had started making the Revell 1/72 Buccaneer - box art below: Now to say this was a difficult kit that fought me at just about every turn would be an understatement but I enjoyed it all the same. The model is very basic with very little cockpit or fuselage detail and would benefit from the inclusion of some ordnance but once complete I think is a pretty good rendering of a bucc. This particular model is of an Operation Granby bucc and again I think this scheme helps to show off the lines of the aircraft in a pleasing light. The model is built completely out of box with no scratch building as I just wanted to keep this one very simple. At this point in time I have given the aircraft next to no weathering and was debating whether or not to go any further. A quick round up of your thoughts on this would be appreciated. So here she is - by no means a show standard piece - and as always your comments are most welcome:
  12. Right folks, finally managed to make some progress on my F-16. I'm conscious of time now for the group build so I've been trying to get cracking in between other things - including my buccaneer build which I'll be posting in the RFI section. So progress to date is as follows: I've managed to complete all the major fuselage parts including the exhaust and intake and have masked up the canopy using a montex mask. I drilled out the section for the gun as this was just solid and not very realistic and then gave the whole thing a coat of primer after very very minimal filling on a couple of sections. Hopefully my photographic skills in poor light below are enough to show you progress so far:
  13. Thanks for your kind feedback softscience. The zvezda kit is really nice but as I'm not familiar with the fujimi kit I can't compare them I'm afraid.
  14. Hi Valkyrie - thanks for your post and I wish you well with your builds. The colour I've used for the cockpit is Vallejo Model Color Emerald (70.838). Not sure if this color is the best match for Russian jets but I think it's pretty damn near.
  15. You got that right col - maybe gone overboard but better to be safe than sorry I always think