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  1. That's an absolutely cracking job - love the worn finish - looks very realistic. Well done that man!
  2. Thanks Rich - hopefully I'll produce something that's worth keeping your interest.
  3. Thanks Rich - the F-16 has a WIP started - the other two will be going on very soon.
  4. Well considering up until these 3 group builds I'd never built a jet - I'm now building 3. I'm building a hasegawa F-16, a Zvezda Mig 21 and an airfix de havilland vampire so fingers crossed I can do them justice.
  5. You're probably right Rich - drink fuelled madness!!! Building 3 at once has both advantages and disadvantages so the jury is still out on whether or not it's a good idea although I appreciate your respect
  6. I don't normally build that many at once but my new year's resolution was to get involved in as many group builds as possible - not sure if that was a good idea or not!
  7. That's looking great Rich. I built this kit myself oob and it's got to be one of my favourite kits so far. It's nicely detailed and goes together without any issue. I'll follow along with interest to see the finished product. I'll have to post some pics of mine when I get a chance although I'm currently in the thick of 3 group builds on BM!!!
  8. Count me in for this one please. I've got the Airfix DHL Vampire in the stash which I'd like to put to good use for this GB.
  9. Thanks rich
  10. Right - next update folks. Been a bit slow getting these pics posted as I've been wrestling with the 1/72 Revell Buccaneer - buckets of filler, sanding and patience required as standard me thinks. Seems to be getting there now and will post up in the RFI section shortly. Anyway back to the F-16. The office and pilot are complete and in the fuselage and I've began the main construction. All the ordnance for the aircraft is built as well as some other miscellaneous items which should be evident in my next update. So here's where I am now:
  11. Thanks Col. - much obliged Kris
  12. Am I still ok to join this one please - I've got a Zvezda Mig 21 that I'd like to get going with
  13. Welcome fatboyslow - you've picked a cracking little kit to get you started. The guys on the forum are amazing and have helped me out on more occasions than I care to remember - a proper little modelling family. I'll be watching your build with interest and if I can be of any help I will be. Sorry to hear you seem to be missing a wheel half. I know I don't have any spares for this but maybe someone will and be able to help you out.
  14. I'll apologise now for the poor photo quality as I had to take these in poor light on the hoof so to speak. Just wanted to post a few photos of my progress so far which has predominantly been cutting and gluing - love this stage. I've cleaned up the main fuselage halves and worked on the pilot and cockpit which now need a nice lick of paint. I'll post more pics once this is done.
  15. Hello folks, Does anyone know what the tamiya equivalents of FS36320, FS36118, FS36270 and FS36375. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kris