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  1. Excellent news ! This is something completely different from AZ Model in my opinion.
  2. Good news and good luck in your search for one, you can also get new Belgian decals for it from Kora Models too. Enjoy the kit sale too, regards Colin.
  3. A lovely build ! Not seen this one built up before, I really like seeing biplanes built up and rigged beautifully, thanks for sharing.
  4. Sweet ! Really like this build, thanks for sharing this with us.
  5. Lovely build Brad, looks terrific in Belgian markings too - More please. Can I tempt you to build an Airfix 1/72 Fairey Battle in Belgian markings to sit along side in the cabinet?
  6. Your welcome ! Probably why I have a large stash of unmade model kits to build.. Well it's a small world, I was in the Hastings area just the other week for work, still pleasant and popular on a nice day. I forgot to mention about the use of model filler, this used to me my nemeses, not anymore, I use Squadron Signal white putty and have found that if you apply it and let it dry, you can sand/smooth it back using a piece of wet n dry paper (wet), it works a treat. I refer to wet n dry paper being used wet as this virtually reduces any nasty dust particles flying around, Good luck with your build. Regards Colin.
  7. Excellent news, I too thought it was resin, but, will order one when it is available. Thanks Steve.
  8. Isn't that part of the fun of modelling ? It is for me. Re: the bead of seam I would tend to use wet n dry paper on that, a couple of swipes from that (use wet) should eliminate the seam - (not much of a seam on my copy), re: sprue gates I recommend using a razor saw to start with then cut the the remainder with a new blade on your hobby knife. Re: detaching small parts from the sprue, I tend to place a piece of masking tape behind the small item that needs to be removed then cut, the small part should stick to the masking tape and not disappear into the carpet monster, then I put the small items into an old/used model kit box top. The plastic looks soft and easy to work with, when I have finished my current project I will start on my copy. Hope the above advice will help, regards Colin.
  9. Oooh nice ! I will be looking out for these, in-particular the 1/72 Noorduyn Harvard 11B 'Arab States' issue and the 1/72 Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard / Texan Am I right in thinking these are conversions and not a complete kit ?
  10. Bad luck Dave - I sympathize ! My Heller Tunnan is just waiting patiently in the stash for this decal set to come along. Regards Colin
  11. I am interested in buying this sheet too, DP Casper decals very often produce decal sets of interest to me. More please.
  12. That's a wonderfully built and rigged Handley Page 0/400 bomber, wish I had the know how and rigging skills to complete this 'often thought about' Airfix purchase. As a fellow resident of Maidstone, I wonder if you may remember buying Heller (or other) model kits from Hubble & Freeman a few years ago ?
  13. Quite agree Matt, I prefer very much to brush my models, you can get some good results (As seen by above) I have much success brushing with Humbrol metalcote colours in particular.
  14. Looks great to me Matt, all ways pleased to see brush painted models in this day of the airbrush. Regards Colin.
  15. Quite possibly, hoping that this release by FLY will be worth it.