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  1. This weeks arrivals include the new Valom 1.72 Sparrow ITALERI 1/32 F35A
  2. We have taken delivery of the new 1/35 Tamiya Valentine Tank. £31.95 inc UK delivery
  3. I have placed most of the kits now on pre-order for late May or early June 2017 as most of the current import has sold out (kit wise). We will have 1 or 2 sample of each of the major kits for promotions at RAF Cosford Show next weekend. We have informed our retail partners with Zoukei Mura the order cut off is end of working day Monday 27 March 2017, so the next import will be as stated above and the import after that is late Aug 2017. We have a 8 to 9 week lead in time from one order to the next. So if you buy this brand from one of our retail partners below and thinking of getting one, now is the time to order for late May early June. Jumblies Models MJR Models veteranus Models Mainly Military Models Halifax Model World Dorking Models Models for Sale
  4. Tiger Hobbies have been very pleased with our first import of Zoukei Mura. Most of the aircraft model kits have sold out on our on line sales I will set over the next few days all the kits back to pre-order so those who missed out on the first import can order the kits for late May 2017. Please try our approved retailers as well they may have stock left over. Jumblies Models MJR Models veteranus Models Mainly Military Models Halifax Model World Dorking Models Models for Sale Model Dealers, if you wish to join our Merry band of Zoukei Mura Sellers as retail partner then please contact Tiger Hobbies We will have a small selection for the RAF Cosford show which we have kept back. These include the F4, 1/32 P51D, 1/32 USAF A1 and 1/32 Horton (only 2)
  5. I have just checked one of our Newly imported Zoukei Mura 1/48 F4J models and I can confirm that it comes with optional parts for the RHAWS.(side looking horns) These can be found on Sprue H Parts 5 and 6 There are also two optional fin tops as well as slatted and un slatted tail planes. i don think this version of the RAF Phantom have wing reinforcement straps, so other than the Periscope you can do a RAF F4J(UK) Hope this helps
  6. The Zoukei Mura Models have now landed at TiGER TOWERS If you have pre-ordered any of the models fromTiger Hobbies direct we will send out payment requests in the morning. The following Tiger Hobbies Retailers will also be selling a selection of the products and these will be at their locations on Friday veteranus Models Halifax Model world Models for Sale Limited Mainly Military Models Dorking Models MJR MODELS JUMBLIES MODELS
  7. we have got our first IBG Models Listed on our site You can also purchase from the following Tiger Hobbies approved retailers Frome Model Centre Scale Model Shop Limited Jumblies Models Models for Hobbys From First week in Apr 2017 Antics Mainly Military Models MR Models MODELS
  8. Tiger Hobbies have re-stocked all current Mission Models products. Shipping is £1.99 and that covers uo to 3 products, buy any 4 products or spend more than £20.00 and shipping is free to any area of the UK.
  9. i have listed all the Zoukei Mura Items we are importing on the first load next week The following Tiger Hobbies Retailers will also be selling a selection of the products. veteranus Models Halifax Model world Mainly Military Models Dorking Models MJR MODELS JUMBLIES MODELS
  10. MISSION MODEL PAINTS have released information of their aircraft colours. Items in Blue are the new colours mainly aircraft with some new ground colours new colours will arrive in the UK May 2017 Re-stocks of the items in black will be at your retailers from Tuesday next week Item No. Description Size RETAIL PRICE MMP-001 White 1oz £5.99 MMP-002 Brown 1oz £5.99 MMP-003 Red 1oz £5.99 MMP-004 Green 1oz £5.99 MMP-005 Orange 1oz £5.99 MMP-006 Light Neutral Tan 1oz £5.99 MMP-007 Yellow 1oz £5.99 MMP-008 Graugrun Khakibrun RAL 7008 1oz £5.99 MMP-009 Olivegrun RAL 6003 1oz £5.99 MMP-010 Gelbbraun RAL 8020 1oz £5.99 MMP-011 Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 1oz £5.99 MMP-012 Rotbraun RAL 8017 1oz £5.99 MMP-013 Red Oxide German WWII RAL 3009 1oz £5.99 MMP-014 Panzergrey RAL 7021 1oz £5.99 MMP-015 Rotbraun RAL 8012 1oz £5.99 MMP-016 Sandgrau RAL 7027 1oz £5.99 MMP-017 Grunbraun RAL 8000 1oz £5.99 MMP-018 Reseagrun RAL 6011 1oz £5.99 MMP-019 Dunkelgelb Late 1944 RAL 7028 1oz £5.99 MMP-020 US Army Olive Drab Faded 1 FS 34088 1oz £5.99 MMP-021 US Army Olive Drab Faded 2 1oz £5.99 MMP-022 US Army Olive Drab Faded 3 1oz £5.99 MMP-023 US Army Khaki Drab FS 34088 1oz £5.99 MMP-024 US Army Olive Drab FS 319 1oz £5.99 MMP-025 US Army Olive Drab FS 34088 1oz £5.99 MMP-026 US Army Olive Drab FS 33070 1oz £5.99 MMP-027 Russian 6k FS 30117 1oz £5.99 MMP-028 Russian Dark Olive FS 34102 1oz £5.99 MMP-029 Russian Dark Olive 2 FS 34096 1oz £5.99 MMP-030 Russian Dark Olive Faded 1 FS 34096 1oz £5.99 MMP-031 Russian Dark Green 4BO FS 34079 1oz £5.99 MMP-032 Russian Green Modern 1oz £5.99 MMP-033 NATO brown 1oz £5.99 MMP-034 NATO Green 1oz £5.99 MMP-035 NATO Black 1oz £5.99 MMP-036 IDF Sandgrey version 2 1oz £5.99 MMP-037 IDF Sandgrey version 1 1oz £5.99 MMP-038 US Desert Tan Modern 2 FS 33446 1oz £5.99 MMP-039 British Sand yellow Modern AFV 1oz £5.99 MMP-040 Tire Black 1 1oz £5.99 MMP-041 Hiway Yellow 1930/1990 Heavy Equipment 1oz £5.99 MMP-042 British Light Silver Grey RAL 7001 1oz £5.99 MMP-043 British Portland Stone RAL 64 1oz £5.99 MMP-044 British Light Stone RAL 61 1oz £5.99 MMP-045 Brisith Slate Grey RAL 7016 1oz £5.99 MMP-046 Field Grey RLM 80 1oz £5.99 MMP-047 Black 1oz £5.99 MMP-048 Blue 1oz £5.99 MMP-049 Graugrun RLM 74 1oz £5.99 MMP-050 Grauviolet RLM 75 1oz £5.99 MMP-051 Lichtblau RLM 76 1oz £5.99 MMP-052 Braunviolet RLM 81 1oz £5.99 MMP-053 Hellgrun RLM 82 1oz £5.99 MMP-054 Dunkelgrün RLM 83 1oz £5.99 MMP-055 Hellblau RLM 78 1oz £5.99 MMP-056 Grau RLM 02 1oz £5.99 MMP-057 Hellblau RLM 65 1oz £5.99 MMP-058 US Dark Green FS 34079 1oz £5.99 MMP-059 US Interior Green FS 34151 1oz £5.99 MMP-060 Dark Tan FS 30219 1oz £5.99 MMP-061 US Blue Grey FS35189 1oz £5.99 MMP-062 USN/USMC Sea Blue FS 35042 1oz £5.99 MMP-063 Light Gull Grey FS 36440 1oz £5.99 MMP-064 Dark Gull Grey FS 36231 1oz £5.99 MMP-065 Gloss Sea Blue FS 15042 1oz £5.99 MMP-066 US Medium Green FS 34102 1oz £5.99 MMP-067 Yellow Zinc Chromate 1oz £5.99 MMP-068 Green Zinc Chromate 1oz £5.99 MMP-069 Light Gull Gray FS 16440 1oz £5.99 MMP-070 Radome Tan FS 33613 1oz £5.99 MMP-071 Intermediate Blue FS 35164 1oz £5.99 MMP-072 Medium Gray FS 35237 1oz £5.99 MMP-073 Light Ghost Gray FS 36375 1oz £5.99 MMP-074 Dark Ghost Gray FS 36320 1oz £5.99 MMP-075 Light Sea Grey 1oz £5.99 MMP-076 RAF Middle Stone 1oz £5.99 MMP-077 RAF Dark Green 1oz £5.99 MMP-078 RAF Dark Earth 1oz £5.99 MMP-079 Raf Interior Green 1oz £5.99 MMP-080 RAF underside Sky 610 1oz £5.99 MMP-081 LRDG Pink 1oz £5.99 MMP-082 German WWII Elfnbein Interor White 1oz £5.99 MMP-083 Have Glass Grey FS36170 1oz £5.99 MMP-084 IDF Green 1oz £5.99 MMP-085 Russian WWII 4B0 FS 34257 1oz £5.99 MMP-086 US Army Sand FS 30277 1oz £5.99 WEATHERING MMW-001 Dark Rust 1 1oz £5.99 MMW-002 Light Rust 1 1oz £5.99 MMW-003 Transparent Light Rust 1oz £5.99 MMW-004 Transparent Medium 1oz £5.99 MMW - 005 Standard Rust 1oz £5.99 MMW - 006 Transparent Dust 1oz £5.99 METALICS MMM-001 Metallic Burnt Iron 1 1oz £5.99 MMM-002 Cold Rolled Steel 1oz £5.99 MMM-003 Faded Aluminum 1oz £5.99 MMM-004 Copper 1oz £5.99 PRIMERS MMS-001 Black Primer 1oz £7.49 MMS-002 White Primer 1oz £7.49 MMS-003 Grey Primer 1oz £7.49 MMS-004 Red Oxide Primer 1oz £7.49 MMS-005 Pink Primer 1oz £7.49 MMS-006 Tan Primer 1oz £7.49 ADDITIVES MMA-001 Polyurethane Intermix 2oz £8.99 MMA-002 Thinner / Reducer 2oz £8.99 MMA-003 Thinner / Reducer 4oz £10.49
  11. Many of the crew figures can be used for general USAAF, Japanese and Lufty Models in 1.32
  12. Many more items added to our pre-order list. Just some weapon sets, decal and books to list over the next day or so
  13. You can now start to pre-order the others in the range Stock arrives on or about 13 to 14th March next week I will add others including figures and books over the next few days
  14. Hi we got just a few sets but will get more in May 2017 I have 1 set left for sale not listed yet it is £20.99 Please send an email to
  15. Hi we got just a few sets but will get more in May 2017 I have 1 set left for sale not listed yet it is £20.99