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  1. All Pre-order listings complete for Zoukei Mura
  2. Tigerr Hobbies will complete our 3rd Import of Zoukei Mura models and accessories by the end of August 2017. Wew ill have instock the full range of Zoukei Mura Products, including Models, Cew Figures, Decals, Books, etch metal, and white metal parts. We are currently loading all product for pre-order, this will be completed today, on each listing it will tell you if it is in stock, June Import of August Import mura
  3. Tiger Hobbies have got limited stocks for the new Takon FV 432 432-Mk-2-1-w-Interior?search=Tak
  4. The next Arrival of the popular Zoukei Mura range will hit Tiger Towers 2nd week in June latest. Re-stocks of all the main models, concept notes and decal, plus a poprer re-stock of the UK 1/48 Phantom F4J(UK) decals. RAF F-4JUK Marking Set 1 Phantom II%3B scale 1%2F48 Goods on the load can be found on our link The new versio of the F4 Phantom F4S will arrive UK August.
  5. Tiger Hobbies wlcome Dragonbadger Models to the Mission Models retail group. Tiger Hobbies Direct Scale Model Shop Limited Frome Model Centre E Models ANTICS M,A,N Models (shows) Halifax Model World Hobby Shack Blackmike Models (from june aircraft colours) Dragonbadger Models Link
  6. 10% off our paint and accessories use code MM10 in the products on the link below and get 10% off those products Shipping is only £2.00 for orders underf £20.00 and free after that.
  7. Tiger Hobbies have now confirmed that the first batch of GWH models will arrive some time in mid to late June 2017 These are the models we are importing if a GWH model is not on this list we are not importing on this load. Please note the 1/144 Vulcan are out of production but we will arrange a limited re-run to arrive in September 2017 Item number Item name RRP L7201 USAF F-15E In action of OEF & OIF HOT NEW! Absolutely New Tool! Excellent details and Easy assembling! The best 1/72 F-15E kit in the world! £29.99 L3523 1/35 WWII German Rheinmetall 12.8cm K44 L/55 £37.99 L3526 1/35 WWII German Krupp 12.8cm Pak 44 £37.99 L4806 1/48 Northrop P-61A 'Black Widow' Glass Nose £53.99 L4810 1/48 WWII USAAF Northrop P-61B 'Black Widow £53.99 L4811 MIG-29 9-12 Late Type “Fulcrum ” £59.99 L4819 1/48 T-33A "Shooting Star £39.99 L1001 1/144 R.A.F Strategic Bomber Vulcan B.2 GWH SEPTEMBER 2017 £37.99 L1002 1/144 Vulcan Tanker SEPTEMBER 2017 £37.99 L1003 1/144 R.A.F. TSR.2 £24.99 L1004 1/144 RAF Strategic Bomber VICTOR B.2 £37.99 L1005 1/144 R.A.F. Tanker Victor K.2 £39.99
  8. The following A Models will be in stock at Tiger Hobbies in about 10 days time ITEM NUMBER ITEM NAME RRP A1411 1/144 Lancaster B.I/B.III £18.99 A1413 1/144 Avro Lancaster B.III Dambuster £18.99 A1427 1/144 Avro Lancaster 10MR £18.99 A1462 1/144 Avro 691 Lancastrian £18.99 A1426 1/144 E.E.Canberra B.Mk-2 £14.99 A1428 1/144 E.E.Canberra B.Mk-20/Mk-62 £14.99 A1429 1/144 E.E.Canberra Mk8 £14.99 A1430 1/144 E.E.Canberra T-17 £14.99 A1448 1/144 D.H.106 Comet-4B £19.99 A1449 1/144 D.H.106 Comet-4B £19.99 A1404 1/144 "Provider" C-123B/K £17.99 AS1415 1/144 HU-16E Albatros £17.99 A1425 1/144 C-130F & F4J Blue Angel £31.99 A1437 1/144 C-130A Hercules £22.99 A72138 1/72 HAWKER FURY I/II £9.99 A72193 1/72 Hawker Osprey £17.99 A72194 1/72 Hawker Hector £17.99 A72240 1/72 Hawker Hart £17.99 A72207 1/72 D.H.100 Vampire Mk.1 £14.99 A72208 1/72 D.H.100 Vampire Mk.6 £14.99 A72209 1/72 Bf-109A (ex-Avis) £14.99 ACE MODELS 1/72 AFV KITS ACE72425 1/72 British MBT Centurion Mk.3 £21.99 ACE72426 1/72 British MBT Centurion Mk.5 £21.99 ACE72428 1/72 Long Range Centurions Mk.5LR/Mk.5/1 £24.99 ACE72429 1/72 FV-4005 JS-Killer £24.99
  9. The link below is the first review of the new Mission Model paints Aircraft colours. The review is by MODEL PAINT SOLUTIONS in the USA on the Luftwaffe range of colours within the new Mission Model Paints
  10. Tiger Hobbies have secured just 6 of the Takom 02030 V-2 Meillerwagen and Hanomag SS100 set Just £69.99 including UK Delivery
  11. Tiger Hobbies Limited will be attending the NEC Toy and Collectors Fair on Sunday 7th of May 2017. Quite a few Platic kit sellers are among the traders, and quite a few with older collectors kits.
  12. Tiger Hobbies welcomes onboard Black Mike Models as a retailer of Mission Model Paints Mainly the new AIrcraft colours from June 2017
  13. Deleted - no traders
  14. The link reveals a 1.48 P61 Black Widow the question was am I importing the F15, to which I asked is that the 1/72 or the 1/48. We are importing the 1/72 Version of the F15 not at this time the 1/48 version.
  15. Hi is that the 1.48 or 1/72 version