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  1. After a Long Delay we have at last got the UK RRP for the Scimitar II and a Due date of leaving the Far East during November 2021 So we are looking with the current shipping problem for a UK landing of Jan 2022 This was expected to be £59.99 but it come in at a good value £49.99 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/gecko-models-1-35-british-scimitar-ii-cvrt-35gm0051/
  2. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=RYE+FIELD The models linked other than the new Leopard have arrived and in the process of distribution to our retailers
  3. We have just come back on line 9 days still worse things happen at Sea.
  4. Wednesday 01 Sept 2021 some nice person rammed a local B.T. Junction box and took out all the B.T. Telicoms including all internet connections to a large number of Business and residences in our local Area including Tiger Hobbies We are operating on emergency data supplied by a Dongle and a number of mobile phone using tethering, We have enough data to do all the ordering in a morning, sort out any emails and sort out RM, Parcel Force and DPD Labels in the afternoon. Our Phone System is totally down ( it runs though the internet ) At this time we have no fixed forecast for our main data reconnection. coming up 9 days since the incident, I know this was not B.T Fault, but today communications are quite important and having Junction boxes that control it placed on main roads or basically unsecured locations is stupid. This was an act of vandalism so if it can happen once it can happen again.
  5. VERY FIRE NEW 1/350 IJN AIRCRAFT CARRIER TAIHO 350901NX WILL LAND NEXT WEEK AT TIGER TOWERS https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/very-fire-1-350-ijn-aircraft-carrier-taiho-standard-kit-350901/ We have only imported the NX version for General stock, but imported just 12 of the vastly more expensive DX version for trade customers orders. If you need a DX version we will guide you to who will be taking them. NX RRP is £119.99 DX RRP is £235.99
  6. This has landed at UK port and will be ready for distribution early next week
  7. NEW FROM PIG MODELS 1/35 US NAVY 5 INCH TWIN MOUNTING TURRET 35-001 For release from Taiwan early October 2021 so may be Dec 2021 in the UK https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/pig-model-1-35-us-navy-type-38-5-inch-twin-mounting-turret-35-001/
  8. The UK Importer of Meng Models Creative Models Limited, have set the UK RRP at £74.99 Due end of September 2021
  9. NEW ARRIVALS TIGER HOBBIES ZOUKIE MURA,IBG,NUNU,ARMA,HOBBY 2000 Zoukie Mura including new SWS48-12 F4EJ Kai https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/zoukei-mura-1-48-f-4ej-kai-phantom-ii-scale-aircraft-model-kit-sws48-12/ RE-STOCKS OF ZM https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=zoukei-mura NUNU New tooling BMW M8 GT 1/24 Kit and upgrade set https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=BMW+M8 ARMA HOBBY Including AH70043 and AH70044 Hurricane IIB https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=arma-hobby HOBBY 2000 Including Re-stocks of both 1/72 and 1/48 Arado 234 and new Skyhawks 17 and 18 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=hobby-2000 IBG has been lost in UPS for 3 months as a result a lot of damage to new release so we only have enough to send to our trade customers
  10. The remaining stocks of MNGQS-002 have now all gone and will not be replaced unless ordered by our trade customers We have a couple of the MNGQS-002S with the bust of the Red Baron normally £89.99 now £59.99 with the same problem https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/meng-model-mngqs-002s-1-32-fokker-triplane-ltd-ed-with-1-10-bust/
  11. Like Many of you, we were looking forward to the New Airfix 1/72 Mosquito. But we have just been informed by our Airfix Supplier ( normally very good and its not their fault) they are getting Squat Bloody Diddly, and in turn the brown stuff rolls down hill, and we are getting Squat Diddly. Lucky we cancelled all our pre-order for Airfix and only took three pre-orders and these will be supplied by one of our trusted colleagues in the trade, so if you have ordered off Tiger Hobbies you will get your Mossie, no matter what the cost to us, According to our Airfix Supplier we will get them in October with the rest of the 3nd and 4th class folks. If you have ordered this model you should check with your supplier just in case they have been rubber dicked by their supplier who in turn been rubber dicked by Hornby.
  12. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/meng-model-1-32-fokker-dr-1-triplane/ Is there a catch well a little one, as most of you know due to miss packing you may find the middle wing may have a broken part ( can be repaired with a little skill But at least i am telling you this buy it form other places for a higher price and may get the same fault Link to REVIEW and the fault http://www.hyperscale.com/2020/reviews/kits/mengqs002reviewbg_1.htm
  13. Like all Importers the UK importer of Meng has had not choice but to increase their price up to approx 10% may be more in cases. We recently purchased from the UK Importer a good number of popular Meng Models We have these at the pre-price rise https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=meng-models
  14. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/airfix-1-72-avro-vulcan-b2-new-release-a12011/
  15. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/tamiya-1-48-f-4b-phantom-ii-plastic-model-kit-61121/
  16. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/tamiya-1-48-f-4b-phantom-ii-plastic-model-kit-61121/ If you pre-ordered this item from Tiger Hobbies ( Register of interest do not count) we will have sent an email with instructions so you get it at the special pre-order price, so do not order off the website We have 24 for for casual sales listed at £79.99 including UK delivery, ebay for those who must £88.99
  17. HONG KONG MODELS 1/48 LANCASTER BOX DAMAGE MODEL FINE £99.99 We have had trade box of HKM Lancaster's took a bit of a knock, boxes creases or ripped in one corner but no model damage all sealed and fine For those who build models not collect boxes https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/hong-kong-models-148-avro-lancaster-b-mk-i-01f005-damaged-box-model-fine/
  18. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=HOBBY+2000+NEW
  19. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=vulcan
  20. WORLD WIDE SHIPPING PROBLEM WILL BE WITH US UNTIL 2023 https://think.ing.com/articles/the-rise-and-rise-of-global-shipping-costs There as been a trend for model boxes, both Diecast and Plastic kits to get larger and larger, to give so called shelf presence. With the capacity needed to get as many products into a Cubic Meter on a Container, it is likely the boxes will get smaller. Example is the new Airfix 1/35 Cromwell which is a nice kit, but its box is 30/40% larger than the Tamiya 1/35 Cromwell, therefore Tamiya will fit 30/40% more in a Cubic Meter of shipping space. The main reason is the Hull on the Tamiya version is pre-molded and fits in the end of the box, the Airfix one is in a number of parts on its own sprue and thats is the largest sprue in the box. Both boxes are the same depth but the Airfix version is about 40% larger in is surface. Therefore Airifx will be paying 30/40% more for fresh air in the container. We are already asking suppliers to look at reduction in the size of their product boxes, on new release items, so we can maximize the amount of models we can shift for the cost of a cubic meter of space. Again HM boxes are no bigger than they need to be, this also helps the retailers when they ship to you. We have not long got the new Infinity Models 1/32 Sb2C Helldiver kit, which I expected to be in a massive box, but was surprised to see a deep box, but surface of no larger than a 1/48 Eduard 109 Box The depth of the Helldiver box is about 5mm deeper than the Eduard 109 box, but the surface size is not more than 5% larger, the Helldiver kit weights 900 grams and the Bf109 375 grams. The Eduard Box is 60% fresh air. The new Infinity 1/32 Helldiver is £99.99 which gives you a nice large kits to build with no extra parts left in the box other than the sprue trees. They then sell 7 accessory sets for the modeler, such as detailed bomb bay, Wing Folding set, i.e if you are building the Helldiver in Flight then the wing folding parts are a waste of time. Basically kits when you finish the model, have more left in the box than is on the model are at some point going to attract the Plastic waste Warriors, or regulations its only a matter of time. Logistics is often looked at as a necessary evil, and in the hobby trade, it is something that's normally well down the worry list, but its now something that needs to be looked at when they design products. The cost of shipping is massive compared to even 10 months ago, our annual spend on logistics was about ( container costs FCL ( Full Container loads) and LCL ( Less than Container Load) £35,000, the next 12 months we will have to budget poss £120,000 and we are a smallish company.
  21. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=hobby-2000
  22. There has been recent notification of an Hornby Price increase on most products after the 31 Jul 2021 For those few who have given us your pre-order for Airfix products, we will honor that price. We have pre-orders for the following items ( Register of Interest does not count only Pre-order) AIRFIX A04023 1/72 de Havilland Mosquito BXVI NEW 2021 AIRFIX A04105 1/48 de Havilland Chipmunk T.10 NEW 2021 AIRFIX A1375 1/35 Austin K2/Y Ambulance NEW 2021 AIRFIX A06107 1/48 de Havilland Vampire F.3 NEW 2021 All Airfix new release have been removed from our site for the time being, until we re-price, once the new price is known
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