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  1. Yep tricky to recall. I had to sail a friends boat into harbour once (ok sails were down & we were going on petrol motor) but you soon get the hang of which side to keep the green posts & red posts https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_and_starboard
  2. Nice. Tried to do a 1/48 re-pop of this kit in these colours but with my own homemade decals. Ended up cracking the cockpit glass. Currently pondering using my crash moulded replacement canopy to make At least one side open, and repaint into sea camo. Yours is looking good
  3. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    Thank you guys. Storing this away for future project. Have a F-4C to do as a Lakenheath or Woodbridge resident first. Will keep any eye on said sites.
  4. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    Cheers guys - most informative. I assume that there are no 1/48 RF-4C kits out there to a decent standard, so the starting point would be a F-4C and graft on an aftermarket nose. And stick with German markings on an RF-4E
  5. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    Thanks - I had a rough idea that an E was basically an RF-4C nose grafted on to a E body for export, but no doubt the shape changed along the way
  6. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    As part of a pack of 1/48 decals I got a set of USAF RF-4C decals & quite fancy building one. So far it looks like Testors did an RF-4B or C kit and Italeri do an RF-4E. So my question - how close is an E to a C? Different engines, but is that visible? thanks in anticipation of any info!
  7. Building a HAS

    With great appreciation to @RMP2 the A-10 has a new seat. So here it is next to the kit seat which has been keeping the ‘pit warm. Spent all of 5 minutes painting the kit seat & adding tape belts as I didn’t intend to keep it Looking forward to to those pe belts!
  8. 1/48 Revell F-15E 48FW

    Cool, never had the nerve to bury the batteries. Mine have so far been on the ground with the cable out approximately where the gpu connects.
  9. 1/48 Revell F-15E 48FW

    Like the lighting. Are you going to put it on a stand & run the wires through it?
  10. Building a HAS

    Thanks I am sure the seat will look great, just hope my eye sight is up to the job! Do need more daylight these days for small parts. Must be getting old
  11. Building a HAS

    No it’s just loose in there. For some reason I rarely get around to sticking seats in!
  12. Apache!

    The Apache is still going - few more bits on today and all of the winglet pylons together. Pylons just need painting & decals. Still no idea when it will be called done, but going to try to not start another build until it’s done. The A-10 has been taking up time but is just about there
  13. Building a HAS

    Too wet outside to get the HAS set up so a few photos of the A-10 now with all decals and FOD covers / rbf tags
  14. Building a HAS

    Just to keep @kirk happy, the loader is painted and the trolley has supports on it now. The A-10 decals are done, but needs another coat of clear, then fod covers & rbf tags
  15. Well this ERTL F-4D was less than £20 delivered on eBay. The decals have both F-4D and RF-4C in the pack for change from a £10 delivered. Do fancy a late euro one camo recon F-4 at some point