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  1. Building a HAS

    Nice to see Airfix include an option for flaps down. Was thinking of doing it anyway, but was very pleasantly surprised to find the bits in the box. Started putting bits of the cockpit together today & the kits is nice to work with. Fast becoming one of my favourite kits as I remember the last hawk going together well too.
  2. Time to itch & scratch?.

    So had a pause before I could get some materials to move on again. I have decided to go for plastic tube for the main fuselage, so had to get hold of some 50mm pipe. Managed to find some small diameter guttering down pipe that fits the bill. I can afford to mess up the first go as it came in a 2m length! So temptation is to do from behind the cockpit to the tail in one length, and where it tapers in, cut a v-section out of the end & see if it will shape in towards a plasticard tail section. The clear tube next to it is the off cut from the Dominie. Don’t need flat clear windows as the F-27 has domed out windows. The plan is to cut the apertures and form some windows by crash moulding them from clear plastic (probably a coke bottle or similar) and push them through. Which poses its own question - try to keep the tube together or cut it down its length in half? Cutting it would be easier to work with, but if I can get the windows in without cutting it then I could slide in a basic interior. Something like this Not sure about modelling all the belts - might just go for cargo version!
  3. Building a HAS

    Looks like I have the decals to do 164 Same squadron as 241 above, which ventured out to Bentwaters airshow in 1985. Don’t know the dates for the paint scheme as the decals have black numbers on the same paint scheme in 1979 https://www.airshowspast.com/raf-bentwaters-airshow-1985.html
  4. Building a HAS

    Just realised how many options came with the Hawk decals I got last time. Perhaps red & white to go with the Dominie & then maybe get me a Jet Provost?
  5. Building a HAS

    I started a new scratch build - a 1/48 F-27 - but things haven’t really got going on that one yet. In the mean time I got a win on eBay and had birthday Amazon vouchers to spend. The result was these 2 Haven't decided which to have a go at. An F3 will look very at home in a HAS. In this case acting as Leuchars with treble one markings. But the part count is putting me off getting started! 297 parts. Probably more parts in the cockpit than the whole F-8 Crusader by Lindbergh. The Hawk on the other hand is known territory. My second on & the first was enjoyable and ended up in wrap around grey green. I do like the older trainer colours though But grey with a black tail could look good between a 74 sqn Phantom and the F3. This was part of a lineup at Wattisham But it a Black Hawk has an appeal too. so, push on with the scratch, dive in on the F3 or start the Hawk. Decisions, decissions
  6. Time to itch & scratch?.

    Nice work with Hawk from @Karl - very nice & neat. Think though I should have tried some wood whittling for my vac form attempt. It was good fun and a learning experience. However it was also a total bust! You may be able to see from the above photo that the pressure of the vac former squashed the card! I was surprised how much it did squash it - even the curved section. Now I think a rethink is in order. No regrets - glad I tried it & think I will be back at the vacformer another time. But for now if I get a strong enough tube for vacforming, I might as well use it for the body. And plasticard built tail with P38 is back on the cards. Rather than using a clear Perspex tube like I did for the Dominie I will go for a standard 50mm plastic tube. Reason being is the windows are domed and not flat. So holes through the side & some crash moulded windows to stick through. One side effect is that I now have a load of blue plastic going spare to build with!
  7. Time to itch & scratch?.

    @Hamden that looks a good build. Not sure it would work quite so well for a transport aircraft where the body will be hollow with an open cargo hold. I borrowed most of the build methods for my last scratch from @tomprobert Shakelton build, so having a go at a different approach this theme. @S5 modeller have given the back section a coat of pva tonight & it seems a lot tougher. Will see how it holds up to the pressure of the vacformer!
  8. Time to itch & scratch?.

    Sounds like a good idea. I want to give the vacformer a go this time as I have access to one & I haven’t used one since school days. Plus it’s at materials only cost, but I think you idea will be one to keep & use another time. I like trying out different approaches on each build
  9. Time to itch & scratch?.

    Probably do Clive chat to my friendly local vac former today - few tips & help. Not sure if my card model will be strong enough, but will see if they will go with it & try. Hopefully before the weekend
  10. 1/48 Lindberg F-8J Crusader

    Cheers guy - thanks for the kind coments. @matti64 I did a Monogram f-100 out of the box a while back. Always surprised by the size of the thing until I stood next to a real one at Flixton
  11. 1/48 Lindberg F-8J Crusader

    And at times quite unlovely kit @stevej60! Thanks for the kind comment
  12. Time to itch & scratch?.

    More work on the body. Tail card is in place & wrapped over with masking tape to smooth the finish. Would it hold up under a vac former? Bit more to do to thicken up the tail. Oh, and finish the other side
  13. 1/48 RAF FGR 2

    Nice finish on yours. Looking a bit like mine now
  14. Time to itch & scratch?.

    Been doing some bits today. Decided to try a card former to vacform over. These are the bits that are underway. The tail section is being built out along the same lines as the Dominie - that is to say flat base card with semi circular formers and strips of thin card to go over it. I think I will then wrap masking tape over the top. The tail fin will get some thicker card on top, with the thinner strip leading in to the fin left lower. I have split the fuselage card tube and am mounting that on some firmer card. I may join the two sections before putting them on to the vacformer. The result would be two sides at about 3/4 of the total fuselage length. I have also shaped two tail horizontal sections, so I can cut them out to make up the tail. I have a half former idea to then make the cockpit in one part - will see how that goes! Also the wings can be done in a similar way to the tail, but quite a bit longer. The I had thought that the engines would start off as tubes. Maybe old marker pens if I can find some the right diameter. If not I can cut one about & mabe vac form a template.