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  1. Found a spare scoop that roughly matches the size & shape of the KLu rear ECM part. Fixed in place an a quick spray over. I also carved a rudimentary naca style duct behind the cockpit, also part of the ECM suite. Pretty sure she is ready for preshade & paint after this fit out.
  2. Very nice MGs there. Love the ‘use photos & add detail’ and they transform from blank boxes in to mini works of art. Although I do think you can avoid spending a fortune on evergreen plastic rod by using sprue & stretched sprue. Keep up the good work
  3. Thanks to the help of a few guys on here ( @Rob de Bie, @Andrew and others) I have a much better idea of KLu Starfighter ECM antenna. The gun bay has had a quick quash over but I am sure would always have been kept pretty clean Compared to the real thing Given that I may well not open this up anyway I think it will do. The wheel wells have gone aluminium with a wash too, as has the jet pipe And some lumps have appeared on the nose, with one for the back end to follow I also drop
  4. Thanks Rob. I will have a rummage through the spares box to see if I can find something similar. I have added some front lumps today. The smaller one needs sanding down a bit but they are a start
  5. Thanks guys. That walk around site is good. Found this which must be the rear sensor might have a go at that one too, although it’s tricky to know if they all carried it. Not a frequently photographed view!
  6. Thank you very much @Rob de Bie and @Andrew that’s great. Looks like I need to scratch the front ‘lumps’ and carve in a small duct. Still trying to see where that scoop will fit but I will have a good look at that walk around. Mine is a 1/48 ESCI going to be 8062 so will need them fitted.
  7. Hi Looking for some advice as to the sensor under the nose seen on Dutch Starfighters in the early 80s. This example below shows it. It seems to be black & cylindrical, but no idea what it is. Any help appreciated!
  8. Bit more pipework in the gun bay. The bay will be white while the wheel wells will be aluminium as will the airbrakes I need to add some Dutch specific bumps behind the nose cone thenthink about paint I am still amazed by the number of decal options with this kit A bit like my fleet of F-16s it kind of make me want a few F-104s. The plan was always for a German one from the Kinetic kit, but Luftwaffe or Marine? The German decals on this one are too early. But Belgian, Italian, Canadian. So many to choose from
  9. Very nice indeed. Love the look & the Scimitar has the looks and the purpose. And a Dynavector kit too - very nicely done
  10. We have debated the scale question a lot on here from time to time. I mix 1/43, 1/46 and 1/50 on my 1/48 builds. You can scale a building door frame to a sensible 1/48 height and person height & then find another figure who can’t get through the door. In aircraft terms Monogram tend to be big & chunky, Airfix is a mixed bag depending on kit age, Heller & Fujimi are skinny & undersized, and so it goes on. Really not sure who has it spot on. Most people are based off my Hasegawa ground crew
  11. Sadly not unusual. I have 1/48 pilots ranging from little more than 1/72 up to some that look like Jaws from the James Bond movies. I had one with legs too long to fit in a aircraft seat - I cut about 4mm off his legs to get him in a pilots seat. I can understand getting the dimensions wrong on an aircraft but people tend to come in a fairly standard size range
  12. Great looking windows. I was pondering doing some for my Type C hangar, but I think it’s 10 sets of windows on each side. The thought of all of those frames scares me. Your dio just gets better & better. I can quite happily look at the shots of the various parts with no people and vehicles. It’s a bit like walking around an empty workshop and just as believable. The roll up door housing looks fine, just a bit newer than the rest. Even an old workshop can have some new bits that stand out a bit. Somehow a mix of old & new makes it more realistic than everything matching
  13. Sanded back the filler and touched up the primer. Intakes noe have a black cone & grey either side as per the Dutch ones I started on the main undercarriage adding some extra details. There was a bar missing from the kit parts connecting the axels to the front of the main struts. And I had a go at adding brake cables Then the wheel bay got some wiring added. Well a bit of a cocktail stick & telephone wire with & without casing the front of the bay is almost closed & covered by the front half of the bay doo
  14. I do like the gun bay - it needs some more detail around the gun though. I think I might paint it & the fit the door. It might get reopened once the paint is done, or it might just stay closed. New coat of filler on today The majority of the main wheel well will be hidden under the front doors, but the back will be visible. Detail is a little, er, sparse? Some pipes & bits would make it look better
  15. Like the cardboard core with the shape built up over that. I have built a few cardboard based buildings that you can find on here. But ancient temples? I am normally a Cold War modeller. But I have been to Sparta (and Mystras) plus been round the Parthenon and been to the other famous temple site to Artemis at Ephesus - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Seen the robbed out pillars from there in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul too. Your build reminds me of the temple of Apollo at Didyma in Turkey. Nice work & keep it coming
  16. You can get terracotta style plastic roof tile sheets for o-gauge (1/43) buildings. Yours looks great but I was reminded of a pack of oo-gauge sheets in the roof with the train set https://www.railwayscenics.com/pantile-roof-tile-texture-sheet-download-p-1969.html
  17. With the intakes attached I put some filler on this morning. I also test fitted the intake cones and they fit in nicely meaning I can paint the rest & slot then in at the end So sanded it back and put on a quick grey primer The wings & tail are still just pushed in. The right wing fit was not great until I fitted a shim under the tab & now it’s nice & snug. I am very tempted to paint the wings & tail off the airframe as they fit in well. Or the underside at least. Definitely need another round of filler before anything el
  18. And inserting the string of curtain weight Seems to have done the job. And the intakes are on. I left out the inserts & painted them black. The plan is to put them in later once the main painting is done. More filling needed but most of the main bits are coming together
  19. Not much to update just lately. Work is getting busy & the weather means I have been starting garden jobs, including building a new fence section & gate. But I am getting to the Starfighter when I can. Bit of painting inside the intakes and the exhaust. I drilled a hole ahead of the instrument panel to drop in some nose weight. I found some old curtain hem lead that is nice & small & easy to push in through the hole The front panel section will cover the hole anyway. Not much weight needed really. Just guessing how much the air brakes add to the
  20. Seems an oversight by Draw Decal as I am sure they have redrawn the decals on computer so a 1/72 print shouldn’t be tricky. Might be worth asking them? Yes, and I believe Mike Carlton refitted dog tooth wings later so an F4 / F51 would be the nearest fit. Fun times making G-FIRE canons out of left over sprue!
  21. Looks like just 1/48 at the moment for G-HUNT https://www.shopdrawdecal.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RPD-Hunter-48-1 I think that G-FURY would be an easy option for Airfix but G-HUNT is trickier as she had the sabrinas removed and the wings had no dog tooth, so wouldn’t work out of the box. Would be pretty straight forward to adapt though. Must do that soon.
  22. Yes I think I saw once that there was a set of 1/48 decals for Black Knight but they are not about any more. It’s a shame as I watched her years ago and still have that classic Aeroplane cover of her. I think Draw Decal have produced new G-FIRE, G-FURY and G-HUNT decals. The Airfix 1/48 G-FIRE is good though. Miss Demeanour would be a paint nightmare! G-BOOM would be easier, but making a 1/48 twin seat Hunter is expensive. Good luck with the Sabre plan.
  23. Nice collection. Especially the Spencer Flack pair. I am very tempted to get the Draw Decal set & do a 1/48 G-FURY. No temptation to go jet warbirds in civvy paint? G-HUNT, Miss Demeanour or Black Knight?
  24. Nice bit of scratch building there. I will pull up a chair if that’s ok
  25. Looks great. I do like to see something around an aircraft & these really set off a very nice F-15E. I like the little box trolley too. Lots of filler around the edge. Mine had a whole about 5mm square chunk missing from one half too. I thought it was meant to be there for a while! I copied the dimensions for the R9 but used cardboard and rolled it over a central block of thicker formers. The join is underneath, so seamless from the side & easier than the kit one
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