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  1. Cheers @heloman1. Started throwing some paint at her today. Got a busy weekend coming up so not getting finished in a hurry
  2. Yep intakes look better now And the new battery packs are in
  3. Intakes have had another coat of filler & sand back. Compare to previous picture - should be looking better. Needs another primer coat to check though
  4. Good news today on battery packs. I ordered some twin 3v battery holders on eBay & yesterday delivery was showing as 22nd June. So a very nice surprise to see them here when I got back from work today. I seem to have ordered a 10 pack so plans for more lights in builds to come Tested and working so will get them soldered in soon
  5. No such thing as a stupid question is there? Well if there is I have probably asked a few!
  6. Hmm. Surely governed by the speed of light. Not sure that can get scaled! And a strobe should rotate at the same rpm, just turning a shorter distance. Think I will settle for ‘it lights up & flashes’!
  7. However I did solder up the lights. Temporary solution to run them on 9v batteries. Some twin ‘penny’ lithium battery packs are on the way to run them at 6v. The port & starboard colours will go on later, as will the anti collision beacons It’s got potential to look good in the HAS later
  8. So quick coat of green stuff on the intakes and a sand back. Must be all good! Maybe not… I think this may call for some more P38. The join isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. The nose seam looks better now. I think it might disappear further under camo.
  9. Regarding the Airfix kit, go with the Kinetic one instead. The kit is undersized around the cockpit & wing joint is not good. T came from the time of the old Airfix Jaguar, Buccaneer and Lightning. I got a resin Pegasus some time back but haven’t used it yet. The FRS.1 is much better looking to me than the FRS.2.
  10. Watching with interest Loren. I always wondered what the Tamiya Harrier kit goes together like. I have done an Airfix GR.3 and a Monogram AV-8B into a GR.5. Are you going white underside or all over grey? I thought the white was hurriedly painted over on the ship on the way down to the Falklands. I think this pic was on my little pocket camera about 82 at Mildenhall
  11. Re primed and painted the final grey behind the intakes so they can be attached. They are now on and need blending in. While that has been happening I have been doing a bit on the wheels. Once the intakes are done it might be paint time!
  12. Another sand back, another filler coat. Wings this time Clean back, rescribe some lost panel lines & prime again I think, plus paint the wheel wells. Need to solder on the wing light wires too now they are all in the bomb bay Quick shot with some friends
  13. Very nice. No need to worry of she is a tail sitter when she is hanging up! She looks great
  14. Second wing on to dry over night. I can solder up the wing lights now
  15. Sand back & recoat on the seams, plus first wing is on. I um”d and err’d with them. Should I keep them disconnectable and posable up & down? Ultimately the join isn’t good enough & needs a sand back and fill, so a solid join is needed. Will let this one dry and then put on the other. The intakes will get some dark grey behind them before they go on , then hopefully will be the last big bits to blend in. And the fit doesn’t look too bad on them. Planning to tape over the chrome and the FOD covers before fitting as well
  16. Got a primer coat on as well as painting the inside of the intakes. Ts already showing some of the areas to tidy up. That was the point really
  17. Well painting the chrome over the black on the intakes has worked well. The chrome pen is nice & shiny. The plan is to mask off the fan blades at the base @nd the chrome to paint the inside light grey. Then paint behind the intake & its back before attaching them. I want to solder up the wires and then it will be time for primer
  18. The temporarily black intakes got me thinking of another Bucc All black scheme would look good. Another time maybe
  19. Fill and repeat, fill and repeat….. Sanded back the P38 and put on a coat of green stuff. Wait for it to dry & sand again
  20. Bit of black inside the intake & exhaust. The exhaust will get a bit of gun metal and the intake side will go grey with the chrome edge at the front once they are tidy I will tape the FOD cover & chrome before attaching and sanding in the join. And the main seams have P38 on them. Will sand that back and if the results are ok just use liquid green to finish off
  21. That must have been fun! Nearest I get to a runway is at the Lakenheath viewing area
  22. FOD covers cut down to fit better & front strap and handles added. About ready for painting red
  23. Yeh, bit of that but a lot less hair these days.
  24. I was trying to work out how much weight & where when I spotted a large nut in the garage that doesn’t have a bolt to go with it. So in it went. About 30g i think Can always add more if needed as the bomb bay will be removable Looking at the jet exhausts, it would be great to paint the inner tube & fit it after the body paint. And, again, without the bomb bay I can! So outside casing is on & ready for filler to smooth the joins in Dry fir of the intakes - I have seen worse! Plan to paint the insides & chrome edge,tape that off & then fit them I usually display them with FOD covers on, but they need to come off if the lights are on. So card with a balsa strip on the back should do I plan to add the strap across the middle and the top & bottom handles before a coat of red she is about ready for first pass with the filler and a go with the soldering iron to link up the wires. I had a vague idea of not fixing the wings so they could be posed up or down but I am not sure it’s practical. Anyway I don’t remember seeing RAF version folding that often…
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