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  1. The front is now clad & painted and I have started the build of the front doors. They will be open the same as the other shed front. The doors will get cut in two, edged and the hinges and remaining fixing points added. Then a few finishing bits and the second shed can get fixed together
  2. I guess the answer is check the F-5s at Alconbury. Did they have a twin seat or keep live round in stock?
  3. Welcome aboard. Used to come to the early 80s Mildenhall Airfetes as a kid with my mum & dad. Used to love the visits & still head up there from time to time and sit in Johns Field watching what ever is flying. Saw an MC-130 out of the Hall over Bury yesterday, then a KC-135. The years may have moved on but somethings haven’t yet changed. I build 1/48 jets of that era - sometimes think I am trying to recreate an Airfete line up, with jets from Alconbury, Bentwaters, Wattisham, Wittering, Lakenheath & more. Looking forward to seeing your work
  4. That’s a result then. Looks good. I suspect mine is the wrong one but the only one in the Academy kit
  5. Looks great. The Airfix kit has its faults but it does look right. Good effort with it
  6. What jet pipe did you go with in the end?
  7. Busy day today but had enough time for some more card cutting. Both halves now have removable rear walls and I have framed up a quick box to hide the lights battery pack Started on the second door too Just got to clad it and build the steels inside and the bi-fold door
  8. Yes indeed @Pete in Lincs! We had a couple of comedy show tickets that were postponed for about 2 years - Chris Ramsey and John Bishop plus seeing people who we just haven’t been able to have over. I started doing the wood effect & then found the sheds are metal clad. But I quite like the effect and it works for a shed that looks agricultural in East Anglia. And I think the effect will work in the posed pictures
  9. Both sides painted. Think I have gone a bit darker this time but that is fine So the two halves together - please excuse the lights power pack. I might knock up a hut to cover that up. I To make the double shed I still need a second front and a second back But for the purposes of the planned diorama it’s about there. So need plastic modelling not more of the shed! Well maybe some more shed….
  10. I have been back on this project building the other half over on my HAS WIP thread. It’s coming along now With the long term plan to be something like this
  11. Started on the paint last night - got first coat on both but this was at half way. At least a couple more coats before these are done. They dried under a load of tins of beans and the like to keep them lol at and stop curling. Make sure the paint is reasonably dry on the surface first though!
  12. Seem to keep hitting the buffers when it comes to cutting plastic. Something to do with full time work, teenage daughter and trying to resurrect a social life after the last two years. But maybe get some time this week. Until then but more done on the Habu Hut. One side prepared for painting Both halves have the inside done. One has lights one doesn’t - not sure if I will change that The second half needs a door eventually as the shed opens at both ends. The second half has a temporary back wall that allows the shed to be posed as half length. Door something like this from my first mock up When done I can have it as one long double open ended shed or two half length closed end sheds. Well that is the plan anyway. As to the Habu itself, I have the lights for the nose wheel and anti collision beacons. Plus the resin seats. So just need to time for a mammoth rescribe job
  13. Saw this one https://www.migjimenez.com/en/model-kits/3554-1-48-f-16-f110-ge-closed-exhaust-nozzles-for-tamiya-kit.html This one looks a bit pricey https://the48ers.com/f-16c-d-block-30-40-50-60-ge-exhaust-nozzle-after-burner-set-open-closed.html?sl=fr
  14. I looked for F-16 aftermarket exhaust nozzles a while back. They seem surprisingly pricey given the number of kits out there & the engine and tail feather combinations. That kit one looks pretty good to me
  15. Craziest shapes indeed Rich. I guess the cast items will also ensure the strength of the parts. Hope the move has all gone well
  16. I did some more done on the second half of the shed today. Basically internally there l needs the outside doing and needs an opening end door to match the front is needed. But it occurred to me that the inside looks like a QRA shed. So here it is with a Lightning in
  17. Can you spray on a gold tint varnish?
  18. Not just a canopy at Bentwaters - think it was the one hanging from the ceiling that made me want to do a WR coded F-16!
  19. Got the bits out today for the Blackbird set up. Something like this I am going to need some new steps and a Blackbird start cart, but the basics are there. Oh, and a back end to the shed. So of course rather than starting the kit I started on the back end of the shed. I did the side walls before and the roof steels. So I painted them today and made up the roof So this should have a front door and a back door. At the moment there is a plain back wall but it will work for now and I may make another door end up. So for now it looks like this No lights in the back half and more detail needed but it’s getting there. The outside needs some work. Well it’s plain card at the moment But once it’s got a base it will work to pose the Blackbird. Here is a Viper for scale So some progress. More to do but back on it
  20. So Blackbird anti collision lights. Not often seen but this is the best I can find I wonder about a length of clear sprue with a cap on it, red pant and a flashing led attached to the base inside. I presume to top light is the same
  21. Just cause I like G-FIRE, here she is at Mildenhall, early 80s. My pic
  22. Looking good. Glad you got the two long canon barrels - daft oversight form Airfix
  23. Got some tiny leds in the post tonight. These are a LOT smaller than previous leds so open up some possibilities. The smallest are simple lights, the larger one is a flashing set using 2 AA batteries and having more problems getting these going but anti collision lights anyone? The thought include a Blackbird with anti collision lights and a nose wheel taxi light And the tiny ones were for the small tail lights on an Eagle
  24. Nice work with the etch
  25. When you are thinking about putting lights inside a build and you realise there is enough room for the whole torch plus the battery pack Not many lights on a Blackbird though - logically for a spy plane! But a cabin light glow, taxi light on the front nose wheel and anti collision top & bottom. The idea of putting batteries inside does appeal too. Engine lights? Maybe a glow at start up but you can’t have canopies open & afterburners lit!
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