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  1. Vosper 73' MTB Type 1 (Airfix 1/72)

    A great build (and thanks for several modelling tips). I do have a question. The amidships companionway is modelled open. Don't the two airvents stop it from shutting?
  2. Xf-62 new to old?

    What should I add to the 'new' formula (too green) XF-62 Olive Drab to get a better match to the old formula? I'm thinking along the lines of adding some German Grey XF-63 and Brown XF-10. Any other ideas? TIA Tom
  3. LCM Camo pattern

    here's a link: http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=features&file=view&artid=952
  4. Can't wait to see them all together! Love the water runoff. I think you need some more foam on the fo'c'le, especially against the forward superstructure and the base of the reels/lockers
  5. LCM Camo pattern

    Do you mean Trumpeter? If you google images you might find some pics...but colour? doubtful apart from models. There was a modeller called Alan on Amorama that built quite a few landing craft a while back. You might search there. Tom
  6. Your going to lose a lot of the radio shack with the officers' heads bulkhead in place...Or is that going to be a public loo?
  7. Scratch building... scale?

    There are plenty of companies that do 1/350 AM sets. Just googling Atlantic Models 1/350; Flyhawk 1/350, or L'Arsenal 1/350. There's even 3d printed AM available. It's just a matter of scrolling through until you find something you need (guns, binnacle, mooring bits etc) Tom
  8. If your depicting a mediterranean based boat have you considered using SAS, LRDG and Eighth Army figures? You'd have to chose/modify figs wearing shemags etc. Once on patrol dress was very relaxed and shorts/singlet combos would be very popular especially below decks. Tom
  9. Are you going to cut through any interior bulkheads (or use clear styrene) to show some of the interior compartments? and What's under the wheelhouse? Tom
  10. ML

    Not the right forum maybe. But I'm having trouble viewing forums over on Missing-lynx. Just getting re-directed to a Network54 not found and search page (when searched no mention of ML forums) If anyone is also a member on ML, can you have a peek and let me know. So I can figure out if it's something on my end. Ta very much Tom
  11. Try these: http://www.modelerscentral.com/display/pedestals/ Seeing as the Vosper has no protruding keel, The wooden examples suitably sculpted might be better. Tom
  12. WW2 webbing

    Any AM companies make 1/35 webbing (equipment harness) sets of British 1937 pattern, and German feldausrustung(?) Was thinking along the lines of a halftrack with some draped around while the owners did some repairs or something. Tom
  13. I'll be watching this! It's the only way I'll ever get near one of these in 1/35 (No room to display something this big!) Always loved the MTB/MGB type boats. Tom
  14. Railings and rigging for beginners?

    I use a small needle with the tip of the eye snipped off for supergluing railings (the gap between the 'prongs' holds a small amount of glue). For extra control push the pointy end into a piece of pencil eraser or cork. Another good idea is to drill a shallow hole (5mm diameter ish) into a tealight candle (trimmed suitably flat on the top) and squirt your superglue into the hole. It'll stay liquid longer and minimize using the bottle. Tom
  15. I use Vallejo Model Colour 70.921 English Uniform. Sometimes mixed 50/50 with 70.873 US Field Drab to give some variation. According to Vallejo's comparison chart Tamiya XF52, Revell 87 and Humbrol 29 are equivalent/similar Tom