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  1. Lancaster pilot's seat

    Thank's for the offer, Chris. But he's (well, we really) scratched a fairly decent looking seat and will use that. ATB Tom
  2. Lancaster pilot's seat

    A friend is building the Lanc from the BoB flight set. Unfortunately he's lost the seat! Can someone give me the dimension from cockpit floor to the top of the headrest. He's scratched one but I think it looks a little over scale. Thanks All, Tom
  3. Revell PT 109 New tool

    I can remember the originals that came with crew figures. I thought they looked very thin and i think they had a sink mark in the chest!
  4. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    Could you use strip to make the stern windows to match the quarter galleries? Tom
  5. Italeri 1/35 Higgins Boat

    I've always thought the Higgins was a better looking boat than the Elco.
  6. What happened to the really interesting MTB and MGB builds from before New Year? Tom
  7. HMS Belfast

    Looking good! ...those cranes...wow! I'd imagine the paddles would be tied securely to the carley floats and I think they're a bit over scale they look more like oars than paddles. Tom
  8. Tamiya XF62

    I'm thinking the newer batches of Tammy OD are too green. What colours can be added to convert the new bottles of Tamiya Olive Drab back to the old colour? (I'm leaning towards a smidge of black and maybe brown and then adjusting up slowly) Tom
  9. BPBC 466-MTB

    One can only hope that someone will make a WW2 trawler in 72 someday. RN and/or KM types
  10. BPBC 466-MTB

    Steve, That's the same cover as my copy by the artist Chris Magyer. He did all the early Reeman/Kent covers and lots of other work. They always seemed to help 'draw' me into the story. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=chris+mayger&rlz=1C1GCEA_enGB769GB769&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjSocvUl6LYAhUKLcAKHVN6A34QsAQIOA&biw=
  11. BPBC 466-MTB

    Oh, Go on. Especially if it's one of those snazzy blue plasters. I'm very tempted to rummage through the cupboard and read 'A Prayer for the Ship' again
  12. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    The turrets in the pics look glazed to me. I can definitely see reflections on all of them. as an aside what boat type is '10' in the second pic? it has a 20mm aft and DCs amidships. Tom
  13. BPBC 466-MTB

    I was comparing the top of the gun's receiver to the top of the wheelhouse. Although, studying further the model's bridge looks to be slanted backwards slightly (and the wheelhouse roof looks more rounded than the drawing) this could be creating an optical illusion (perspective thing) regarding the gun height. Re. the side stripe. I'd say try and move it. If the hulls damaged it's only a matter of slapping on some filler, smooth and a repaint (Alright. ONLY! I know, I know) Good Luck Tom
  14. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    Stuart, Coastal Craft models have PDF downloads of some of their instructions. Could be worth a look. http://www.coastalcraftmodelsuk.com/model_kits.php Tom
  15. BPBC 466-MTB

    Beefy, Just looking at your comparison pics above for pennant number placement (post 84), and I'm thinking your 2pdr looks a little high compared to the drawing.