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  1. I'm sot of on the fence regarding primer. Did you wipe/wash the surfaces down first? Often I think another layer of basecoat Tamiya is just as good as my go to primer (Halfords Acrylic grey or red) even if using Vallejo (but you've got to use some sort of primer with Vallejo). Tom
  2. If it comes to it you could always try computer printer paper and soak it in superglue. Tom
  3. Can we get everyone in the world to ask World of Warships to concentrate on historical WW2 RN (sneaky eh?) and DKM light cruisers (and maybe mention 1/350 scale)! Tom
  4. Is the rest of the build going to be OOB or are there any more subtle differences your going to incorporate (main battery directors perhaps)? I don't know of any two KM ships that were exactly the same. Tom
  5. It's about time you put that ice cream tub in the RFI section. Tom
  6. Simply amazing. Curious to know if the ensign gaff should have some rigging holding it up? Tom
  7. Bravo! If there was an emoji for a standing ovation I'd post dozens of them! Tom
  8. Nasal hair might be the least of the 'hair' problems. Naked Modelling might not only be a way of saying 'don't paint it to show off the workmanship!' Happy New Year All Tom
  9. Do as Jasper suggests and hide the join behind the schurzen plate. make your holes at least 1 link away each side of the break I've also used staples from a paper stapler in the past. Tom
  10. Oh! Come on guys ...It's a minesweeper (sweeping for magnetic mines. Well buckles!) There's a pun there somewhere. Tom
  11. Don't know what 'Bob's Buckles' are made of, but maybe if they're magnetic a sweep of the floor would get some back. Tom
  12. Jeff, Glad I was wrong! When you replied to my post I was using my mobile and its obvious when you zoom in. Tom
  13. Jeff, Messy workbenches = intensive modelling. Is it just the camera angle or are those prop shafts asymmetrical? I'd say the port one is too far aft. Tom
  14. Wrap some cling film around the base in case of mishaps. I was hoping Santa was going to gift me one but alas no:( Still, I'm thoroughly enjoying the modelling on here! Tom
  15. I think as per original is the way to go! Having a smaller calibre gun (less weight) would the turrets have had extra armour? 8" twin 240,000 - 260,000kg 15cm triple (Nurnberg) 147,000kg + change. (from here) http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_Main.php So they could be slightly bigger than Nurnberg's triples. Tom
  16. I too have thought a few marking on boxes would give that little bit more oomph to a build. Not only ammo. What about 'biscuit tins' etc. Virtually everything had markings applied! The Bronco Lloyd carrier had 6pdr markings for it's ammo stowage. I only put the decals on the visible surfaces so as to have some spares in case of future needs! Tom
  17. I've heard the Revell kit is good (only 'heard' mind). But, really it all depends on how much PE and other aftermarket (wooden decks and 3D printed detail) you want to throw at a kit. Search in the forums and see what build logs you can find Tom
  18. If the old saying 'If it looks right...' is true what a truly amazing aircraft this would have been. And a superb model. What date were you thinking in your timeline? Tom
  19. Crispin, I've found this great site. Just scroll through the 74 pages and you'll find where your up to. I've got my coat on ready to go! Tom
  20. No Seawolf on the Sheffield class. They were armed with Sea Dart missiles (and Exocet launchers on the Argentine ships). Tom
  21. Had one of these years ago. But it didn't look as good as yours! I built an AFV Club AVRE during 1st lockdown, and, although complicated, thoroughly enjoyed the build. Tom
  22. Keep healing. The glue could do with some more drying time anyway! Tom
  23. Could you remove your airbrush from the compressor's pipe and tape the pipe to a piece of wire (or something stiff and thin) and gently thread it forward from the rear doors and give it a quick blast? (virtually on then off) There'll not be much pressure (test first on palm of hand). Tom
  24. I like the comparison silhouettes with HMS Dreadnought Always good to have a bit of perspective! Tom edit: You should have a look at 'Cruisers in Camera' by Roger Hayward as well.
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