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  1. I'm following. In an ideal world I too would be looking at the box top of a kit like this! Alas, Space (and, at the moment skill) is too limited. Tom
  2. Can I add 1/350 WW2 merchants to my list? A Fort class maybe a tanker. Tom
  3. Jon, Don't know if this sight could help you. https://www.libramar.net/news/anatomy_of_the_ship_series/1-0-43 Tom
  4. Steve, Trumpeter have several (3 or 4 all based on the 5 turret version) Dido class cruisers somewhere in the pipeline. Tom
  5. Looks good. A bit too much beam maybe Web says 16m length, 5m beam (45.7 x 14.3 mm in '350) http://freeshipplans.com/free-model-ship-plans/tugboat-plans/saturn-steam-tug/ Tom
  6. Your going to need a bigger box! I adapted an old plastic tool box to hold about 35 Vallejo paint bottles. I now have three such boxes! Tom
  7. Truth be told I'd be more than happy with a 'K' Can I add some of the DKM torpedo boats and minesweepers to my list. Tom
  8. Any RN WW2 cruisers (Leander and Colony classes first) DKM Lutzow or Deutchland and a DKM Leipzig class cruiser all mid war, 1/350 and in plastic please! Tom
  9. I think Jamie means the anti fouling paint was grey. As to the crew... Don't know. But if I was the Captain I'd want to enter port with everyone in the same rig for ceremonies etc. Tom
  10. Try using a suitable thickness of styrene (strip or scrap) to push between the steps as you fold to keep 'em all at the same angle. I wish there were more pre/ww2 merchies available in '350 I could have a convoy then! Tom
  11. Happy Holidays. Everyone needs some downtime from the everyday hassels of life. Not Modelling though! Take the beastie with you and give us regular (brass) updates. how'd you expect us to survive for 2 weeks (14 days! that's 336 hours!) Just cancel the hol and get back to the bench! Please Tom
  12. The seats make sense. I've left mine are folded - upside down maybe! Tom
  13. Isn't there a 1/35 Bronco Bishop kit handy for you to continue the thread with Take a breather. Gardening is a good mojo rejuvenator (allegedly, never tried it. You don't know whats lurking in that long grass!)) Tom
  14. I partially based my assumption on a pic from this site: http://www.scalewarmachines.com/allcontent/valentine-archer-spg which has a few interior shots. Pics #6, 8 and 15 shows the area of the seats. There are two (what I took for) mounting points atop the side sponson that look to be the pivot point for the seat if it's fitted upside down in re. to the instructions. Tom
  15. Hamden, I think I've seen an issue with the interior fold up seats. AS per the instructions they're upside down. E30 is (I believe) the 'bum meeting' part of the seat and E31 the backrest. Turn the instructions upside down and see what you think. Tom
  16. Bertie, I've just started the Tamiya Archer kit and have a question. In steps 24 and 25would I be daft in thinking parts E30 and E31 are upside down? I picture E30/31 as fold down seats The XF-64 coloured bits as seat cushioning. Tom
  17. Sorry, can't help about the buoys. But I'm looking at the angle of the ladder down to the dingy. How would you brace such a thing? Surely the dingy tied alongside/ladder vertical would be much easier! Tom
  18. I think the domes on the masts were some communication/navigation equipment. Scott Domes(?) comes to mind. Tom
  19. In the past I've often considered kit bashing the 1/72 Airfix E-Boote into a 110T class R (the dimensions of both in 1/72 are quite close! 6mm in length and 3mm in beam). So this thread is very interesting and I'm absolutely gob-smacked about what you can do with brass. Tom
  20. Some of them Russian subs have weird sticky out bits! Tom
  21. I think I'd have landed the superfiring 3" and fitted the Seawolf there (3" are a bit superfluous when you have Seawolf). Then put another 20mm Phalanx on the deckhouse fwd of the Exocet/Harpoon. Whifs. Can you not love 'em! Tom
  22. Could be Lewis (or Vickers GO) guns in the second pic down (bow on view) as well. Tom
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