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  1. New Theme

    Mike and Simon Sorry to take so long to post - I really like the "new" layout - very modern! Tim H South Africa
  2. Hi Stu Try http://theflowerclasscorvetteforums.yuku.com/topic/569#.WUdG82iGNPY or http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-20Cor-Flower-Sunflower.htm And image: https://www.google.co.za/search?q=HMS+Sunflower+corvette&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiNn7fI_cjUAhUoKcAKHblhCpEQsAQIKg&biw=1536&bih=735#imgrc=EX25zR3_TY75wM: That was just with a quick google search. Regards, Tim H
  3. This may be a converted 72ft MTB - the planking and rim fits for that too. The bridge being extended backward as a cabin. What was the length? RAF launches were 60-65ft, while mtbs or mgbs were longer in general (70-72ft) Tim H
  4. Thanks Mike Feel free to send to me at traumadoc2 AT gmail.com It was because I have read your posts that I asked Ian the questions that I did. Not being in the UK, with ZA having its own schemes during WW2 (mainly Desert Sand and then plain dark brown, still used today, I have limited references of actual vehicles, none really of soft-skins, to work with. Tim H South Africa
  5. Hi Ian Cool - so in reality a little leeway is allowed. Tim
  6. Hi Mancunian I notice you paint most of your vehicles in an apparent dark earth / light green (or maybe slate grey?) scheme. Yet my recent reading suggests the mickey-mouse and other camo was a darker colour, namely a "tarmac" green that is almost black. Since I am not in the UK and you may well have seen preserved vehicles at local museums, please educate me as to which is more correct. I have just completed constructing (not yet decal-ling) the RAF ground support set from Airfix in Dark-earth/black as per the instructions. Thanks Tim H South Africa
  7. Thanks Tim H
  8. Hi Ian This kit is the only one of a Leyland Retriever. There is very little to improve on in this scale, as these trucks were kept basic - Les Freathy is probably the man to ask for detailing advice here. There are a number of old Airfix Magazine articles with examples of GS bodies (they were standardised so the ones used to modify the Aifrield Rescue Set kits would apply. I am not aware of anyone doing a kit/resin body, although Trux (now defunct) did some bodies way back when. Not sure who took over their moulds. Matador Models would be my next try along with Milicast from Wales (I have purchased from the latter - good service). WESPE do a complete resin Retriever with GS body. RAF Retrievers are most commonly seen with Coles Crane or Workshop bodies. GS was less common in the images I have come across A skim through the manufacturers list from Henk of Holland is the next best option to see who makes such upgrade kits. Hope this helps Tim H South Africa
  9. Hi Tiger Surely this would be a better fit in the Maritime section? Also, do you ship outside the UK? Tim H South Africa
  10. So Mike How does one explain that? Was it possible that some "less risky" airfields kept the original schemes (say Western UK, rather than Eastern side of the country due to less risk of attack? Just a thought - orders may be orders, but if the paint was in short supply??? Just asking. Tim H South Africa
  11. Now we are talking - us Braille scalers really can appreciate the work that went into that - excellent and well done! Wow! Regards, Tim H South Africa
  12. Hi Plastic Soldier Suggest you get a hold of the Signal Vosper Torpedo Boats book - has all the answers you need. The other option is an of the excellent books by the late John Lambert (Coastal Forces). Photos and scale drawing for the wheelhouse, crew details and so on are there. Andrew Molo's excellent Uniforms of World War 2 will be the best option for uniform detail. The flags are called pennants and each means either a number, a letter of the alphabet or an "action signal" - Look up "navy signal flags" on google - lots there to give you what you need. Cheers Tim H (DBN ZA)
  13. Hi all Me again! Try this one: http://www.saairforce.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4196 Stefaan Bouwers work quoted there too. Tim H (South Africa)
  14. One other interesting point: The two squadron badges for 4 Sqn have different catch-phrases: The top one means "closer to the poles" - a reference to kicking a rugby ball toward the poles and a quote from a popular Afrikaans song. The other says "for freedom and for right" Just thought it would be worth sharing. Tim H