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  1. Hi Plastic Soldier Suggest you get a hold of the Signal Vosper Torpedo Boats book - has all the answers you need. The other option is an of the excellent books by the late John Lambert (Coastal Forces). Photos and scale drawing for the wheelhouse, crew details and so on are there. Andrew Molo's excellent Uniforms of World War 2 will be the best option for uniform detail. The flags are called pennants and each means either a number, a letter of the alphabet or an "action signal" - Look up "navy signal flags" on google - lots there to give you what you need. Cheers Tim H (DBN ZA)
  2. Hi all Me again! Try this one: Stefaan Bouwers work quoted there too. Tim H (South Africa)
  3. One other interesting point: The two squadron badges for 4 Sqn have different catch-phrases: The top one means "closer to the poles" - a reference to kicking a rugby ball toward the poles and a quote from a popular Afrikaans song. The other says "for freedom and for right" Just thought it would be worth sharing. Tim H
  4. Hi all Stefaan's work is what I was quoting largely - I checked our old IPMS magazines and most of the stuff was written by him. I humbly defer to his wisdom. I remembered it from when I edited the IPMS Cape Town newsletter. Thanks for also replying Stefaan Regards Tim Hardcastle (ex IPMS CT, Now IPMS DBN)
  5. Tony's model fits with what I have seen on museum photos and models Tim H
  6. As a South African who has seen some colour photos in our airforce museum I would suggest they repainted in the orange on the Kittyhawks - Try contacting IPMS Cape Town who made a few sets of SAAF decals in the correct shades some years ago as a giveaway. I can check what I have on file and revert with some docs if you like? Tim H Durban ZA
  7. Thanks Longshanks I am planning on doing either Bergamot or Delphinium based in the "Levant" command, between Gibraltar and Alexandria
  8. Thnaks Grant and Langshanks, that is helpful. I will go with light sea grey I think. I am planning a colour scheme from the Med, which is difficult to determine overall as they were often just dark sea grey with a false bow-wave, unlike the WA schemes used in the Atlantic. Not many pics of the ships in detail either so not sure of the correct armament - I know some had extra AA fitted in Egypt (40mm Bofors aft of the bandstand and eventually more .50 or oerlikons, so may add that too) Tim H
  9. Hi all I am (still after 8 years) busy building my Revell/Matchbox Flower Class Corvette. While I can certainly not be considered a rivet counter, I have tried to improve some of the details on the pom-pom, 4Inch gun and the Oerlikons. I am almost ready to start the main paint jobs and was wondering if anyone in the wise-world has info on the correct paint colour for the depth charges that sit on the racks at the back / thrower? I have seen dark grey, a model with almost a gloss green and pictures that look almost white in the three books usually used for reference. Any wisdom appreciated. Tim Hardcastle Durban - South Africa
  10. Very nice build Am hoping to one day get the collection of ACE and IBG vehicles to try out. They look good. Especially on large dioramas and if you are not a "rivet counter". Tim H
  11. I prefer wheels down as the majority of "stands" are unwieldy and with small children in the house fine wire or glass rods are liable to damage. Also I do mostly dioramas, so need other items around the planes. Tim H
  12. Really goo stuff Used my loupes last night while "stinging" the stanchions on a ship kit - quite tiring actually! Tim H
  13. Hi Mackie Great models - I would love to see an overview of the entire display - it looks like a huge diorama. For those who can't see straight to work in the smaller scales, well - get some loupes. Tim H South Africa (1-72/1-76 Braille scaler)
  14. Thanks Das A.
  15. Noted, thanks Sgt Squarehead! Tim