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  1. Help from the Vosper MTB aficionados needed.

    Hi Stuart Yes, the hull is fairly accurate if you read John Lambert's works. But this is the later hull. The Revell hull is good for the earlier boats, but the topside is not correct - wrong guns and side sponsons. The Airfix RAF boat hull is good for some of the MGB's. The older Airfix magazine and various Model Boats articles from the 70/80's give the details of how to do the conversions. I have some of them in hard copy and a few may be available as pdf. Email me via DM and I will see what I can find for you. Tim H South Africa
  2. LCM Camo pattern

    The guys at Dan Taylor Modelworks do a number of these in 72nd, they may have some references for you. Contact via the Milicast website. Tim
  3. 'Defiance'

    Really cool work. Not my scale or era, but very lifelike and up to date.
  4. Very neat work. Great at 1:87!
  5. Very good base. Wish I was that technically astute.
  6. Airfix Tribute Forum . . . back on air today

    Hi all The site was up this moning here in Za!! Yay!
  7. What happened to Airfixtributeforum?

    Thanks all - found the other thread after I posted. Thanks to you both for responding - we will await progress with usual modeller patience! Tim H South Africa
  8. Airfix Tribute Forum . . . back on air today

    Hi all Thanks for this info guys - I actually just sent a PM to Mancunian Airman about it as I suspected we all on the same forums anyhow. Will keep checking - hope it comes back soon.
  9. What happened to Airfixtributeforum?

    Hi all I am sure there are fellow "airfixtributeforum" members on this site - I was too, but when I check the site for the last two days there is nothing but a page saying the site does not exist. Has something changed that I am unaware of. Regards Tim H
  10. Looking for Les Freathy

    Thanks guys I have joined Network54 and will await approval then try to contact him.
  11. Looking for Les Freathy

    Hi all Anyone know if Les Freathy is still on the forum? Or anyone have his email address? I need to query him about his book British Trucks of World War 2. We had communicated in the past but my email address changed and I have lost his details. Thanks in advance fellow armour/softskin modellers. Tim H South Africa
  12. MMS models: End of an era

    Hi all Any chance someone will take over his moulds? This is indeed a sad loss for us 4mm crowd. I only ever got to order a few of the solid resin vehicles, but they were superb. Tim
  13. Somewhere in England, a WW2 Airfield.

    Looking good sir!
  14. RAF Catalinas

    No way the Double-sunrise could have been Perth Johannesburg as Johannesburg has nowhere to land an amphibian - maybe Perth to Durban! Tim H South Africa
  15. Humbrol help!

    Hi The "tubs" are acrylic and indeed very small. They are not the same as the tinlets of Humbrol enamel. They are in little plastic tubs and I find they dry out in there often before the box is opened. Can thin with water. Tim H South Africa