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  1. Welcome Hans, I remember watching Thunderbirds on TV as a child, trying not to loose a single episode! Years of innosence and dreaming! Your work is marvellous. Hope to see more of it. Be Well! Igkor
  2. Herzlich Willkommen Stringbag! This club is simply WUNDERBAR! I was born and raised in Neviges, NRW and consider Germany as much as home as my country Greece. I am sure you will have a good time here. Be Well! Igkor
  3. Τhank you Jon. Think I am gonna try to find something in toy stores.... Be Well! Igkor
  4. Hi Jeff, thank you for support and productive feedback. Much appreciated! Be Well! Igkor
  5. Well, why not? To be honest that thought crossed my mind, but the only "applicable" by means of era figures I could find in the local market are dar too big, pirates 1/32 sxake, 54mm height, almost reaching up to the lower yards of the masts! Any recommendation on where to find figures with the "correct" size? Unless I rename the project to "Highjacked by Giants!" PS. Be Well! Igkor
  6. Just for the sake of it........bigger pictures Be Well! Igkor
  7. Hello Mates! two months after (gee, good that it is not TEN YEARS AFTER!) I come back providing a feedback on my built. Thanks again Ray, for the "metal pin" advise, I actually used a plastic one, but unfortunately succeded partially since I got a nice "thunder" shaped mainmast (). Anyway, since the american movie scene orders for Greek guys that "THIS IS SPARTA! Never surrender! Never retreat!" (hahaha) I went on with rigging. So far I think I am done with fore and aft sails and managed to complete today the mizzen mast and main mast I have added sail rigging and clew lines, since they weren't presented in the kit's manual, based on rigging instructions of a larger model. Remaining now is the foremast, which hopefully I will complete till the end of week (Hurray!). Still I will have to restore some "accidents" during the process and repaint this beatiful ship.......Waiting for me so long its covered already in dust .... So, the picture so far is Thanks for the support and sharing of ideas for my build. I have gained a lot of experience on doing this built (by failures mostly (haha) so I guess there is just one way to get better..... "DO ANOTHER ONE" Be Well! Igkor
  8. Hi Bertie, Sorry for the size of the pictures, it was one of my first posts, so I wasn't familiar with the "posting" process. Actually the ancient structure is the remainings of the ancient greek temple of Poseidon, located in Sounio near Athens. I have been there once, during a sundown, and itis really marvellous. By the way, I just wanted to point out that in Greece we have still a connection with our "ancient" past (guess as they say "if you forget your past you have no future), as I believe each one of us has!. Be Well! Igkor
  9. Hallo Wolfman, schön daß Du dabei bist! Willkommen! Nice to have u with us! Welcome! Greetings from Greece! Igkor
  10. Its great! Thanks fo sharing. Wish I would have been in that Lancaster! Be Well! Igkor
  11. Hello Bertie, Sorry for a. Being late in responding b. Not including details about the model For (a) ...work, work, work Its the high season in the juice industry so my working times are a bit crazy lately For (b).....The model is DD985 - USS Cushing, a Spruance Class Destroyer, at a scale 1:700. I originally got it in order to combine it with an aircraft carrier. But since I was a bit in a "hurry" to build it I went and made the base just for it. And yes, it is concrete! Actually I wss in my hometown (actually a small village at 690m height in the mountains) those days and my father was fixing a small wall. So I got the leftovers of concrete he used and turned them into the base.... Kinda regret it to be honest cause its a bit heavy to carry! But its really stabile! Be Well! Igkor
  12. She is a beauty! Very nice work Ray! Be Well! Igkor
  13. Hello everyone, Here is my first attempt in armour. A german tank hiding behind some trees/bushes and seeking for the route...... Quite a small representation, I used real soil and plants, let them dry and after applying in the diorama sprayed them with a silicon solution. Think my next armour has to be on a bigger scale. PS Sorry for the qulity of the pics, just used my mobile.. Be Well! Igkor
  14. Excellent work. Representation of thr dry land is great, vehicles seem sandy and the figures do have a "tired" look I think, guess because of yhe heat I guess. Welcome to Africa! Be Well! Igkor
  15. Yep, it's a diorama! And a good one too, no question about it. Be Well! Igkor
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