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  1. You ate absolutely Jeff, thanks for reminding! Be Well! Igkor Em,...are..not ate!
  2. Wonderful piece of art! Well done. Igkor
  3. Yep, a slight one! History repeating itself! Be Well!
  4. Ηi Jeff, yes it is. I do remember now, there was a movie in the 80s, do not remember the title, but the story was that the Carrier USS Nimitz passed through a time warp and travelled back in time where it faced japanese battleships..... Maybe that was deep inside my consiousess and came up now! Be Well! Igkor
  5. Hello everyone, trying to complete rigging of the Cutty Sark got me a bit "tired" so I took a "short" brake to go through some older builds of mine and decided to unite two of them, carrier USS ENTERPRISE and carrier USS Saratoga CV60, at 1:720 scale, accompanied by some destroyers (if I am not mistaking) like USS Cushing DD-985 and guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes CG-49 at 1:700 scale. To make my work easier I came up with the thought to add in the same "presentation" the WWII german battleships Bismarck and Scharnhorst at scale 1:700 and to make it more exciting also the Admiral Graf Spee at 1:350 scale. To combine them I came up creating a base 115cm x 62cm, made of a double layer carton box. I glues upon it wrinkled aluminium foil and made the openings for the ships placement. Positioning all of them gave the following Its just a start and I hope it will come out nice! Now heading on for base painting...... Be Well! Igkor
  6. Hello everyone, Finally managed to completed rigging! Connection blocks were handmade from scratch, so it may not be a realistic representation . I must admit it has been a hard and "painful" process since it was my first rigging attempt and had some "small" accidents of breaking parts etc. Now I have to restore the damages . Some repainting is also needed plus adding boats and other parts that were left for later on work. Here are some photos..... Any comments appreciated! Be Well! Igkor
  7. Hello Theo, accept a warm welcome from (a bit warm for the season) Greece. Looking forward to see your posts. Be Well! Igkor
  8. Hello Noel, welcome to the club! Nice to see you are challenging with wooden ships. I did not get that far (yet!!!) currently struggling with plastic modelling, the Cutty Sark is my WIP but have also in mind to give it a try with HMS Victory. Be Well! Igkor
  9. IGKOR

    Hi all!

    Welcome Monty! Nice you have joined. Greetings from Greece. Igkor
  10. Welcome Psychovadge! Greetings from Greece. Wish you the best with your chemo/radiotherapy, I know it ain't easy, been through similar phase with my father, thank God everything went well. Feel free to ask anything, there are no stupid questions in the world! I believe you will get good answers here. Igkor
  11. Hello Dave, Welcome! You will get what you need here, it is a really nice place. And even if you do not get any advise, there is always a way...look at the posts and "steal" ideas Greetinfs from Greece! Igkor
  12. Welcome Sean! Don't worry about being confident! As soon as you start u will get on track. Personally I do modelling just for the fun of it, I like to build and got really helpful advise here. Don't worry Be happy! Igkor
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