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  1. Beautiful work on a beautiful kit. However, I'm pretty sure that 'Black Rufe' carried type 'B' roundels on the wings and not 'C1'.. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hi Stew Really nice choice and I am glad you are trying to build 'out of the box' as the amount of aftermarket for the kit is mind boggling and so expensive. I haven't seen one built up to a high standard without aftermarket for a while so yours will be a benchmark. However, I know you are aware of Gunthwaite Miniatures and some of these would add so much to the build I am sure you would agree? Having seen your pilot figure painting skills I am sure that a few of these strategically placed around the decks would take the eye off any simplification in the build. Watching with interest as always. Regards Jim
  3. I always enjoy your builds Adrian and loved the previous Blenheims. This will give you the complete set won't it? What scheme are you going for? Regards Jim
  4. Absolutely beautiful work. I am totally in awe of the quality that you show here. I would like to have a go at something like this but don't have the skills at this stage. Any chance of a work in progress next time? I would find that very helpful indeed. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  5. Looking excellent Tony. The kit seems worth the money don't you agree? Regards Jim
  6. You have a real gift for breathing new life into these tired old kits Adrian. I have made this a few times in my youth and wouldn't have dreamed the old girl could look so good. I have a couple at the bottom of my stash which I could never see me having a use for but this has been an inspirational build. Thanks for sharing. Do you fancy having a go at the old Battle? I would love to see her get one of your make overs. Thanks again Jim
  7. Watching with interest Tony. I have missed your WIPs recently and I hope it is a sign that you are back to better health? Regards Jim
  8. Excellent work Tony you convinced me to pick one up. If anyone's up for one Models4Hobby are knocking them out for £20.69 with free delivery and using this month's discount code which is NLG10! Regards Jim
  9. Very impressive in every respect. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  10. HI Stew, I have been watching events from the backbenches as usual and both are really looking the part now. Lots of helpful tips as always for when my examples eventually rise from the stash. Keep up the excellent work. Regards Jim
  11. Is that 'Radegast The Brown' Jan? I heard it goes down well with a pipe of Old Toby! Regards JIm
  12. Hi The correct colour (If a Mk1 'Battle of Britain' period) would be Sky which Humbrol 90 is a very close match to. It has a greenish tinge. Regards Jim
  13. I actually got to see the stage show thirty odd years ago! A great loss.
  14. Absolutely fantastic Neil. I really enjoyed the WIP and the end result is jaw drooping. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  15. Nice price Lee. Regards Jim