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  1. Very impressive in every respect. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  2. HI Stew, I have been watching events from the backbenches as usual and both are really looking the part now. Lots of helpful tips as always for when my examples eventually rise from the stash. Keep up the excellent work. Regards Jim
  3. Is that 'Radegast The Brown' Jan? I heard it goes down well with a pipe of Old Toby! Regards JIm
  4. Hi The correct colour (If a Mk1 'Battle of Britain' period) would be Sky which Humbrol 90 is a very close match to. It has a greenish tinge. Regards Jim
  5. I actually got to see the stage show thirty odd years ago! A great loss.
  6. Absolutely fantastic Neil. I really enjoyed the WIP and the end result is jaw drooping. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  7. Nice price Lee. Regards Jim
  8. I see your site is sold out but I can't seem to find a price for your airbrush Lee? Regards Jim
  9. Do you seal your pastel weathering Neil or put it on over the final matt coat to avoid it vanishing? Regards JIm
  10. Really excellent Neil. This scheme can easily look cold and bland but you have made it the complete opposite. Marvellous. Regards Jim .
  11. She really is something special. I have several in the stash but have been put of by the complexity. Very much a 'benchmark' to refer to and probably the best build of this kit I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  12. You can get the 'Weekend Edition' for £6.30 at MJW Models plus postage (No connection just a nice shop!) Regards Jim
  13. Good luck to you Tony. I hope this is you turning the corner on your back problems and it's nice to hear someone giving praise to the NHS for a change in this difficult time. I've just got my Mum home from the local hospital after week in due to a flair up of her inoperable cancer. They couldn't have done more for her but the hospital is running on empty and changes need to happen. I look forward to more of your wonderful wips this year. I always seem to learn something new about a subject that's dear to me with every one so please keep it up! Regards Jim
  14. You never disappoint Neil. Subject matter always in my sphere of interest and execution impeccable. Fantastic start to 2017. Regards Jim
  15. Absolutely superb and I love the prop idea it's so effective. Thanks for sharing Regards Jim