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  1. December Update: Issues 48 - 51. Wiring Frenzy! Issue 48: Wiring for the dashboard. This has to be the most fiddly and time consuming part of the build so far. Not happy with the supplied black cable ties, smaller ones would have been neater and more in scale. I replaced them with some white ones which I think are a little less obtrusive. Issue 49: More wiring. Issues 50 & 51 are the same: Seats. The seats are better than they look, soft vinyl outers with foam rubber padding. This completes the December build. I was hoping this would be the last of the wiring, but no, issue 52 has yet more of it
  2. November update: Issues 44 - 47 Issue 44: Dashboard parts. Issue 45: More dashboard parts. Issue 46: More dashboard parts. Issue 47: Dashboard base and steering wheel parts. This completes the November release.
  3. AMT XB70 Valkyrie 1/72

    I used spray cans, Hycote white primer and Kobra HP001 white. The result is acceptable if high gloss is not required, it's more like satin.
  4. AMT XB70 Valkyrie 1/72

    The missus would have a fit if I did the Concorde too. She's already been whinging about where I'm going to put that 'big white thing', her name for the XB70
  5. AMT XB70 Valkyrie 1/72

    I made both sets of hinges and left them unglued to the tips and wings so that I can easily swap between up and down. They are quite a tight fit.
  6. AMT XB70 Valkyrie 1/72

    Apparently the tyres were aluminium coated to resist high temperatures.
  7. AMT XB70 Valkyrie 1/72

    One thing they don't mention in the instructions is that if you have the wing tips drooped it sits on the tips, not the undercarriage
  8. This must be the first aircraft kit I've attempted for at least 20 years preferring to do vehicles. Anyway, I've always been fascinated by the XB70 so when I saw this AMT kit at an attractive price on Ebay I got tempted not realising just how huge this thing is. The kit itself was in very good condition, no damaged or warped parts. Only the decals had suffered ageing and yellowed a little. Construction was a challenge with such large parts, many not fitting too well leaving gaps and ridges. And I thought the Airfix 1/72 Vulcan was big.
  9. Big As MAZ

    I say old bean, that's truly spiffing
  10. Yes happy days, don't think I've ever grown up, still enjoy playing with the grandkids toys. So much more sophisticated and technological than when I was growing up. Tin plate and clockwork, such fun
  11. Aoshima Yamaha XJR400 1/12

    I think I'll be sticking with non-military stuff but I do have something with wings in the pipeline, just for a change
  12. I don't usually do armour but this kit was cheap and had the novelty of motorization. A few notes on the kit - rather poor with vague placements, lack of detail and some of the worst instructions I've ever seen. The motor drive actually worked before fitting the side skirts which catch on the tracks. The decals are weird and immune to Decalfix refusing to soften and conform. This is the motor drive in all its glory. And the decals, tracks and motor hardware. Thanks for looking, Steve
  13. My first attempt at a 1/12 bike and also first experience of an Aoshima kit. The build had some issues with incorrect tube lengths for the various cables and funny plastic which resisted poly cement. After several unplated parts failed to bond I noticed that they were coated in a glossy varnish which needed to be scraped or sanded off before cementing. Other than these issues it's an excellent kit, small but perfectly formed.
  14. Hi Peeps, this is my '32 Ford Little Deuce Coupe Highboy version from Revell.
  15. Getting there.....slowly.....