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  1. T.10 Chipmunk

    So with the Matchbox Gb now done and dusted, I can move forward with my two trainers. Thinking that the office looked a little bare, I spruced it up a little... I also remembered that the exhaust needs to be moved and now have some brass tubing to play the part. May not be the scale size, but the thought is there. Also drilled the intake holes and filled the old exhaust slot. Now currently drying after a lil light dusting of black and need to sort out some sort of dials to fit in there.
  2. PK-23 Tempest Mk.II RIAF

    So, I managed to sneek one pic into the gallery before the deadline slammed it down. Problem is it's only the hyperlink and there's no link to this build thread! Since I can't edit the post either, hopefully a friendly mod can post the link to here for me? Anyway, she's finished, and after a good start, things came crashing down at the painting stage. Lessons to take home are, be careful which paints you use, especially with the acrylic pens which liquify when made wet , the decals work, but need to be cut close, and any white for decals etc, needs to be laid down first. Here are some final pics!
  3. Matchbox Gallery

  4. One of the first models I started up my return to modelling, she slipped back for a variety of reasons but now is finished. The colour's are those as given by Airfix, so not really right, apart from the underside which is my own concoction in an attempt to get the colour I thought Airfix was aiming for. Anyway, on with the pics...
  5. Matchbox Gallery

    One Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc in Nightfighter colours of 87 Squadron. Here's the build thread... And here are some pics! Hopefully the first of many this year.
  6. PK-49 Hurricane Mk.IIc RAF

    And she's done! Had to wait until I got some more superglue for the aerial as the last bottle had hardened for some reason. One pic with her sisters and the rest will be up in RFI. One down one to go!
  7. 100 years of the RAF - Gaining your wings.

    I was think of doing it in flight to negate the need, partly to help with shelf space and partly to make life easy! I'm doing the Black scheme as I'm not sure I can manage to pull of the colour's the originally wore, plus the Chippie is black so it needs a partner in crime!
  8. In an effort to make a dent in my stash, I thought I'd pick a theme for this year in the hope it'd spur me on to getting things done. As many (all?) will know, this year is the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RAF so, perhaps naturally, all builds will be decked out in some of the myriad of schemes carried over the years. Since I'm building a Chipmunk for the BM 10 year build, I cast around for a suitable running mate to join it in the moments things are drying etc. Step forward the Shorts Tucano in a similar spangly black coat... Due to my skill level I'll be building it OOB in the hope I won't get too frustrated and cast it to one side. After a quick read of the destructions, I have made this much progress. Since this pic I have removed the step in both the leading edge and the aileron on the underside meaning tomorrows job will need a little bit of paint. Thank you for looking!
  9. T.10 Chipmunk

    So with the Matchbox GB drawing to a close, and my theme for the year being to try and only do RAF schemes in its anniversary year, what else could I enter but the ubiquitous Chipmunk? From a molding that's a year shy of half the age of the service itself, I give you the Airfix version of this beastie. Not many parts, a simple scheme, hopefully I'll whizz through and get her finished fairly quickly. There's plenty of flash unsurprisingly, but life has been made infinitely easier by the use of this implement... Not only does it remove flash and mouldlines with great ease, but it also allows you to level areas off with a step that shouldn't be there. Suffice to say, things have moved fast and are as shown below. This build will be basic, though the occasional improvement gleaned from Fritags superb build will be included, though unlikely up to his level of expertise!
  10. Smer Dewoitine D510

    Since Heller's is the D.500/501, it'd be interesting to know what's different...
  11. PK-23 Tempest Mk.II RIAF

    Well this build is juddering to a rather disappointing end. Definetly one I will have to find a replacement for in due course. The only upside has been that the decals came out well (though maybe using a white backed transfer sheet would be better), the pens have been an abject failure however, despite being labelled as acrylic, they appear to be more like powder paints, becoming fluid again once wetted, either by a decal solution, or even gloss varnish... Although I will finish her, I'm not especially happy with her, lesson learnt for next time!
  12. PK-49 Hurricane Mk.IIc RAF

    Just a written update for today. Decals are on and she's now had a quick Matt varnish spray. Here's hoping it doesn't start to spider....
  13. Bombardier win against Boeing

    If it makes in roads into the Americas, I can't see Airbus wanting to give it up!
  14. Hawker Fury Mk.I

    I built mine as the Yugoslav option last year. It has possibly THE most sensible solution to getting the central wing struts at the same level and correct angle. Yet to come across that again so far!