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  1. That's more likely to be down to supply and demand though. A prime example being the Revell Hunters or Fujimi British Phantoms which can go for north of £20 when they're probably worth half that. When the Airfix Phantom comes out it will be interesting to see what effect it will have on the market...
  2. I think price and lack of choice were what put paid to kickstarter. Whilst I'd've liked both kits. £15 each, with no guarantee it'd be made would have put a lot of people like myself off.
  3. Erm, we already have a thread about this guys...
  4. Perhaps I should clarify. When I compared it to the older bombs it was more in terms of weight rather than execution. One does wonder what these tunnels would look like had a true earthquake bomb been used, whether it would've been more effective against the tunnels by causing more structural damage, or less so. my mistake. Edit: Apparently the site now corrects certain slang terms as well... Who knew?
  5. Is the Red a little bright on the RAF roundels or is it just me?
  6. Mig-29K would be nice...
  7. For all this discussion, one thing to remember, Airfix is doing quite well if I've read things correctly. It's Corgi, Scalextrix and Hornby Railways that've struggled and caused the company problems. Part of this will be down to using the same factory in China that your rival uses and partly (if not totally) uses....
  8. Probably because it's the closest modern equivalent to the Grand Slam and Earthquake bombs of old. I'd imagine these tunnels won't be especially well constructed, so the sudden increase in local pressure would cause more in the way of collapse and make those remaining structurally unstable.
  9. That a yes limeypilot?
  10. This is where they can learn from say Hobbyboss and Academy. "Simple" fewer piece snap-fit or easy build models with more moulded parts based upon their original designs, but keeping the higher detail models as well for those who wish. Kind of like they do with their railway section.
  11. The more the merrier. Plus is a model's not 100% accurate, you can always claim it's a mod for whichever air force you have it flying for
  12. It's bizarre, this thread crashes on my iPad, but not on desktop. Been happening past three days, Any ideas peeps?
  13. Problem is, this won't help Airfix, which puts them in more trouble, which reduces their output or ups their prices, which reduces sales and so on. An ever descending circle into trouble
  14. Word of warning, check the seats will fit with the canopy on before gluing down. Mine hasn't on my standard MiG-15 so I've had to shave the seat sides and bottom to get it to fit
  15. I think rotorhead meant in your first pic.