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  1. PK-23 Tempest Mk.II RIAF

    Nearly a week since this got any love, part of this is down to the need to produce some proper Chakra Markings, like @azureglo I'm pretty sure the middle colour should be orange so I'm hoping my home made ones will be sufficient... Below is the aircraft I'm basing this on, though without the stencils as I can't quite make out what they are. I'd imagine the back ones are "Lift here" but I can't be sure... http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/Galleries/Aircraft/Vintage/Fighters/Tempest/HA552.jpg.html
  2. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Slightly awkward as it's a European Whif country and member of the Commonwealth Might help if I put up the flag in question...
  3. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Just a Whif air force. The former based on the RAF roundel, like the current Aus, Canadian and NZ ones and similar to the former South Africa one. The latter is same design using the colours from the Whif countries flag.
  4. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Quick question for the next builds (Hurricane and Tempest not far off done!) Which of these looks better? Number 1 , or 2 ,
  5. Telford announcements

    Revell are releasing their new Eurofighter with the RAF 100 anniversary scheme around March time...
  6. PK-23 Tempest Mk.II RIAF

    Cheers Anil, I had seen the site, found it very interesting and useful for several aircraft. One reason I knew to paint the wheel wells and inner doors style same silver! Just need to sort out some decals like yourself. Shame there's not more about current aircraft though. Bit late now Dave Never mind!
  7. Matchbox II GB Chat

    That's a shame, looks a nice easy build as well!
  8. PK-23 Tempest Indian Air Force

    Interesting to note the site calls it the RIAF as well at least for one paragraph! Can't tell from the pic very easily, but are the prop tips yellow or just black like the rest of it?
  9. PK-23 Tempest Mk.II RIAF

    Excuse the poor lighting, but we are now sporting a lovely shiny coat. Even the bottom doesn't look too bad. Wait. What are those? Awww crap I forgot to fill the dimples for the non-existent stores, did anyone get any with their Tempest? Never mind, one drill and rod job later... Once cleaned up, they'll hopefully be hidden well by a layer of paint. We will see later this week!
  10. PK-49 Hurricane Mk.IIc RAF

    Came to the conclusion I really need to sort out better lighting for my desk, struggled to see a few things whilst at it today, however I do have a minor update... Despite my concerns about the cannons, I realised that round the other way would've been worse as the inner ones are significantly shorter than the outers, at least they are symmetrical this way... A little detail painting, the decals and the canopy, wheels and prop added and this bad boy will be done!
  11. Walrus at RAF Hendon

    Really? Where exactly were they planning on putting it?! If ever a museum needed a new home it's that one, though getting the Sandringham out would be horrifically expensive. No Air cadets clambering over it like monkeys this time round methinks....
  12. Matchbox II GB Chat

    It's this one if it's any help? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/136359-matchbox-40140-p-70-nightfighter
  13. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Thanks for the excellent service once again Jan and team! Took a lot of self control not to pick up one of those new Mohawks... maybe soon.
  14. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Two big queues for me during the day, one on the M54 thanks to the roadworks that weren't prewarned about before a diversionary junction could've been used, and the same on the way back! Other than that and the prattish driving of some I had a very enjoyable day. Though there's something about the collectakit stand that always gives me a headache and feel a little funny... not entirely sure what that's all about! Anyone going today, check the Special Hobby stand. They were doing unboxed Spitfire PR.XI for 6 quid, so I picked up two. Would've been rude not to 😉 Oh and one mini announcement. Revell are doing their new Eurofighter Typhoon in RAF commemorative scheme next year. IIRC the guy I asked said around March, forgot to ask if it will include appropriate dangly bits...
  15. Matchbox II GB Chat

    So I MAY just have picked up a P-70 at SMW today... does it qualify as it has Matchbox on the box but revell all over the destructions? :/