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  1. Lightning vs Spitfire

    Resurrecting this topic, the January 2018 issue of Aeroplane magazine (with Hurricane on the cover) has a short article on this subject with a handful of b&w photos. The trials used Lightning F3s XP695 and XP696. Mike
  2. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    I saw this link from the RAF museum for a 360 degree panorama of the Cosford example: https://www.facebook.com/rafmuseum/posts/10155885117967612 (You don't need to have a Facebook account to view it) Mike
  3. Flight of the Phoenix

    Thank you all for the kind words! Mike
  4. Flight of the Phoenix

    Thanks for all the nice comments! There were actually several aircraft used in the film. Intro from my original GB post which hopefully sheds some light!: "Although the C-82 ‘Skytruck’ is the basis of the film, several aircraft types were actually used. For the Skytruck, there were 3 C-82s in various states of completeness, and an R4Q-1 (USMC version of the C-119C) which was used for the non-flying Phoenix built in the desert from the wreckage. Even the Phoenix itself has 3 versions. The one shown built in the desert from the wreckage was a non-flying (but taxiable) prop - this is the version I will be building. The majority of the flying scenes use the custom-made ‘Tallmantz Phoenix P-1’ which was built for the film. This was a hybrid of various aircraft including a Beech C-45A and NA T-6 Texan, but at least half was scratch-built. This aircraft crashed during filming (killing stunt pilot Paul Mantz). With some shots still required, a NA O-47A was painted up to act as a stand-in but it is a very obvious switch in the film at the end (overflying the oil field). ...the [non-flying] Phoenix itself is built from the R4Q-1 (in the film, only the fuselage pod is from a C-82, the rest being the R4Q modified to resemble a C-82)." Mike
  5. Hi folks, Here are a few images from the Film and TV GB I participated in a few years ago whereby I built the Phoenix from the Jimmy Stewart (i.e better!) version of the film Flight of the Phoenix using the Italeri C-119G kit. The photos aren't great but the model is packed away so I can't take new ones at the moment. Hope you like it. Mike
  6. 1/48 fiat cr-42 what's the best kit

    I built the second, revised version of the CA kit for the Battle of Britain 70th anniversary GB: All the photo links have died but I did make a few comments about the build you might find useful. Re-reading them myself, it seems the instructions were particularly dodgy, and the assembly is typical CA... It does look good on the shelf though Mike
  7. Lightning vs Spitfire

    Thanks Claudio, I agree. The AFDU Lightning photo looks like it could've been taken during the trials, judging by the personnel.
  8. Lightning vs Spitfire

    Does anyone have details of the Lightning used in the trials? (The photos in the links show two different Lightnings posing beside the Spitfire, so maybe one or both were taken at open days or for publicity purposes?)
  9. Sea Vixen Observer's Side Window

    You have confirmed my fears I quite like the superglue idea, never tried it before. Thanks for all the replies. Mike
  10. I'm converting the 1/48 Airfix kit to an FAW.1 using the Alley Cay set, and have made a bit of a hash of the side window installation. Basically I had to superglue the thing in with a large quantity of the stuff, and the resultant fogging and filling needed around it made me just fill over and sand the whole thing to get a decent outer profile. The reason for going down this route was that I was convinced that I'd read this window was often painted over, but a bit of research now has me thinking I'd mis-interpreted this: all I can find is that the small window in the hatch was painted over! Can anyone save me a lot of cutting and cursing trying to reinstate the side window by stating it was also often painted over?! Mike
  11. 60 Sqn Javelin Fin Stripes Colours

    Many thanks for the replies. I'm actually going to do the T3 in 64 Sqn markings, but use the 60 Sqn ones on an FAW9, so silver it is! Mike
  12. I've recently received the Alleycat T3 conversion, very nice it is too, but one thing that I'm unsure about is the decal sheet for the 60 Sqn markings. In colour profiles and most period photos (some are inconclusive) the lighter stripes are silver: the decal sheet has these as white. Was white also used? Supporting evidence: A fantastic photo of a weathered Javelin in flight: http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x199/chugalug2/GlosterJavelinEscort1.jpg A couple of photos here too in the second row: http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/javelin/gallery.php It's not the end of the world if they are silver, I have some Xtradecal silver stripes... Mike
  13. RAF Javelin vs Indonesian Hercules, 1964

    Thanks for the replies, even if they tend to kybosh the whole thing! I think I'll still go for the 60 Sqn markings anyway, with 4 firesteaks. That way, if evidence of a 'kill' does turn up, at least I can say it's representing the aircraft before it happened Mike
  14. I've seen various references to an incident in which an Indonesian Hercules was 'forced down' by a 60 Sqn Javelin from RAF Tengah, Singapore. I've seen the date as either 1 or 3 September, and most state simply 'in 1964'. Consensus appears to be that it crashed while evading the Javelin, but there are also rumours that a firestreak missile was missing from one of the pylons when the Javelin returned to base, and that it was hushed up for political reasons. I have no idea of the truth behind this claim, but for modelling purposes I'm going with it! I'm wanting to model the Javelin in question, but am appealing to the collective for any of the following information: Does anyone know the identity of the Javelin involved? Failing that, any likely serials or codes? Load-out: I've read that 60 Sqn Javelins carried 4 firestreaks, and presumably the underfuselage tanks were carried as standard? Can anyone confirm? Can anyone tell me which would be the most likely missile to be fired first, if indeed there was a set sequence? Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated! Mike
  15. Lightning vs Spitfire

    Very interesting discussion, and something I was wondering about for one of my Spitfire XIX kits!