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  1. Percival Prince out of a Pembroke?

    Looking over my kit, I see where the wingtip extension is added, so I just have to leave that out. You're right about the change of the main landing gear to a single wheel. The new strut would be the hardest thing to replicate. As far as the nose, there are two clear nose pieces that are marked as not for use. One of them should work for the RTAF Prince. Redoing the rearmost side windows should be a piece of cake. Now I just have to decide if I really want to start chopping up my kit. Larry Thanks for that link. It's a very useful site. I already found a cutaway drawing of the Prince there. Unfortunately, some of the center portion was missing in the scans. I will probably spend a LOT of time looking over what's on that site. Larry
  2. Percival Prince out of a Pembroke?

    Is it possible to convert Special Hobby's 1/48 Hunting Percival Pembroke C.1 into a Hunting Percival Prince Mk.3A? I want to make a Prince Mk.3A in Royal Thai Air Force markings. http://www.wings-aviation.ch/11-RTAF/2-Aircraft/Hunting-Percival/Pembroke.htm I see online where the Prince had a wingspan of 56', while the Pembroke had an enlarged wing of 64' 6". If I had accurate drawings of both aircraft (Especially the wings), I might attempt the conversion. And yes, I know about the uber-expensive Magna kit. Larry
  3. 1/48th Hunter, we need a new release.

    I would recommend the SBS set. http://www.sbsmodel.com/model/SBS-48018/hawker-hunter-detail-set-for-academy-kit I haven't used it, but my friend did, and it really turned out nice. Larry
  4. L'ARSENAL 2.0 New products for October 2017

    Will you be doing this pod in 1/48 scale? Larry
  5. Tanmodel RF-84F questions

    I was looking over my Tanmodel 1/48 RF-84F kit, and was surprised by the "instrument panel" decals included in the kit. They are just a bunch of black "blobs", with no detail whatsoever. Has anybody used those decals? Are they upside down, like some other manufacturer's kit decals? http://www.detailandscale.com/scale_modeling_section/haagen_scale_model_reviews/D&S TanModel RF-84F Review/large/TanModel RF-84F_23.JPG Of course there is no aftermarket available for the kit, except for a few resin bits by AMS Resin. An Eduard color ZOOM set would be nice. Larry
  6. WNW Roland C.II questions

    Mike, Thanks for the links, especially the Eduard build report, since that is the kit I am actually working on. I have the Windsock Datafile, and there wasn't any info in it on the camera mount(s). Larry Dave, Thanks for the info. Email sent. Cheers, Larry
  7. WNW Roland C.II questions

    In the instructions for WNW's 1/32 Roland C.II, they show 2 "Optional Accessories", namely the FK Stab camera and the 25cm hand-held camera. The hand held camera is self explanatory, but the instructions do not show where the FK Stab camera was mounted, or if there are any mounting parts. Anybody have any answers to this problem? Larry
  8. I will have to wait and see if they do anything new to their L-39ZA kit, or if it's the same old stuff, WITHOUT the injected canopy. I have the MPM L-39C, which I wanted to convert to a Thai L-39ZA, but I may just wait to see what the AMK and/or the Trumpeter kits are like. I am definitely not going to order the injected canopy from Special Hobby, because shipping will be $20.00, according to their website! Larry
  9. Skyraider wingtip landing lights?

    Mike, Thanks for the reply. I looked through all my Skyraider books, and couldn't find any info on the landing/taxi lights. I used the plural, because I found a few pics that show what appears to be lights under both wingtips. http://skyraider.org/skyassn/otherpics/fielder/frags.jpg Apparently the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 A-1J Skyraider has the lights under both wingtips, although I haven't seen any pics of the relevant parts. I don't plan on having the light "deployed" on my model, but I do want them to be accurately shaped & positioned. Larry
  10. Skyraider wingtip landing lights?

    I was researching details for my black bottom A-1J Skyraider, and I came across a photo of one with what appears to be a drop down landing light on the left wingtip. http://skyraider.org/skyassn/otherpics/west/EOR_2.jpg This feature is not on the Tamiya kit, was it a common item on AF Skyraiders? If so, was there one on each wingtip? Larry
  11. F-86 Sabre Drop Tanks: Type Review

    GREAT INFO!!! Just in time for me to return to my IF-86D project. Larry
  12. Info needed on Finnish AF SAAB Safir

    Hello Antti! Thanks for the reply. I sent you a PM. Best Regards, Larry
  13. Jaguar GR3 internal airframe colour

    Based on the Kitty Hawk kits I have started on, they ALL have fit issues, bad molding, etc. I will still keep plodding along with them, and hopefully succeed in the end. Larry
  14. Asian Air Arms SIG

    I filled out the form info and submitted it, nothing happened. Larry
  15. Monogram RF-101B Recon Voodoo 1/48

    I was doing a Google search for 1/48 RF-101B builds, and came across this thread. Unfortunately, it looks like Photobucket has blocked the photos. Larry