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  1. Questions for Canberra experts

    Hi John, I was hoping you would reply. I did see your B-57G WIP on your website awhile back. In fact, I saved all of your WIP photos in a B-57G folder, for reference if/when I ever get around to starting on my build. I don't know if I am up to that much work though, I will have to see how I feel when I finally get to that kit. Larry
  2. Questions for Canberra experts

    Has anybody used the DMolds 1/48 B-57G forward fuselage correction set? http://dmold-modelworks.com/contents/media/B-57G forward fuselage Airfix.JPG Any comments about its accuracy and fit? At $54 + shipping, that's a lot of coin for someone like me, who's on a limited budget. But, if it fits well and is accurate, it may be more "cost/time-effective", than doing all the needed corrections by scratch building. I see that he also makes a B-57B/E corrected forward fuselage and tail fin. http://dmold-modelworks.com/contents/media/B-57B forward fuselage.JPG http://dmold-modelworks.com/contents/media/B-57 RUDDER.JPG Larry
  3. Thanks for that info. Sprue Brothers has them in stock, as does rebelalpha on ebay.
  4. I thought I read somewhere (but can't remember where) that the seats are incorrect for a Royal Thai Navy TAV-8S. Any comment on that? If so, which aftermarket seats are recommended? Larry
  5. LF pics of Sikorsky S-58T underside

    I am converting Revell's 1/48 UH-34D into a Royal Thai AF S-58T, using the Cobra Company resin nose. The instructions tell you to remove a section of the underbody, between where the the undercarriage attach to the raised square section and the opening for the nose. It says this opening was part of the air cooling system for the original piston engine and should be "detailed with small tube and wire". I have been unable to find any underside photos of an S-58T, which would show what that section should look like. I can see "stuff" hanging down from that section, in various photos, but no details. Dose anybody have any such photos, or can show me a link to them online? Larry
  6. PR Mosquito questions

    Thanks for the suggestion. The title sounded familiar, but I couldn't find it in my recce "library". I checked online, and most of the available copies are in European shops. In fact, one is for sale in a shop in Stamford, which is just down the road from Wittering, where I lived for awhile in the late 80s. I will have to save up for a copy. Larry
  7. PR Mosquito questions

    Hi Jerry, Thanks for that info. Too bad I don't know where the camera ports were located. Larry Thanks for the photo. Larry PM sent. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the info. Another recce model IO want to do is one of those PR B-25Cs, using the Accurate Miniatures kit. Someday. Larry
  8. PR Mosquito questions

    Hello Jure, 2 interesting items in that SAAF Forum posting: 1. They installed one vertical camera & two oblique cameras. Too bad I don't have info on exactly where the camera ports were located. 2. They mentioned the midnight blue paint scheme, which would look so cool on a Mosquito model. Too bad there don't appear to be any photos of the plane in that scheme. Cheers, Larry
  9. PR Mosquito questions

    Thanks for the link and the photo. Lots of good info on the SAAF Forum. Is that photo supposed to be a recce Mosquito? It's hard to make out the type and the tail number. Larry
  10. PR Mosquito questions

    Hi Graham, A Google search for Mosquito "PR Mk.II", found your excellent posting in the 72nd Scale Aircraft forum in February 2013. I just now joined that forum, just in case they might have more recce aircraft info that would be helpful to me. Searching the SAAF Forum has also proved useful, so I think I am getting closer to collecting all the relevant data I will need, in order to make my Pr Mk.II Mosquito. Thanks for the help. Larry
  11. PR Mosquito questions

    I recently got the Tamiya 1/48 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II kit in a trade. Since I mainly build photo-recce aircraft, can I make a Mosquito PR Mk.II out of it, or some other recce version? In the SAM Modellers Datafile on the Mosquito, there is a drawing of a PR Mk.II version that has a gun nose and camera ports underneath. A Google search didn't turn up any info on that version. Is it possible to convert my kit to that version, without too much hassle? Any info on markings on those birds? Larry
  12. Enstrom 480B - any models of it?

    Thanks for all the replies. It looks like I was right, there aren't any kits of it, yet. Oh well, I have plenty of other planes to do in Thai markings, maybe I will live long enough to see a kit of it. The photo wasn't mine, I just found it on the internet somewhere. Larry
  13. Nice job! Too bad all your photos in your build thread were lost to Photobucket. I just pulled out this kit myself, to start working on it. EDIT: I just found out that my kit was missing an entire "new" sprue, even though the bag was still sealed. I have contacted Airfix, to see if they can help. Larry
  14. Enstrom 480B - any models of it?

    Does anybody make a model of the Enstrom 480B helicopter? I would like to build one of these: Larry
  15. OV-1A & OV-1C Mohawk questions

    Having gotten pretty far along with my Roden 1/48 OV-1D, I decided to also tackle their OV-1A and OV-1C Mohawks. Since I pretty much strictly build recce aircraft, I was trying to figure out where the camera(s) was/were located in the OV-1A. The kit instructions mention a KA-60 camera being used for night photography, but that was a panoramic camera, which can't take night pictures with photoflash. I read elsewhere that a KA-30A framing camera was installed somewhere in the rear fuselage. Does anybody have any photos and/or drawings of the installation, especially the camera window(s)? On the OV-1C, the Aircraft In Action book says the side airbrakes were removed on that version, but I have found pics online of what are said to be OV-1Cs which have the airbrakes. Does anybody know for a fact that there were no airbrakes on the OV-1C? Larry