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  1. I was going through my boxes of aftermarket parts, when I came across an unmarked & unbagged 1/48(?) resin ejection seat. I was hoping someone can identify it for me. Larry
  2. All of this has been quite informative for me, as I plan to start on a French MR.7 Lancaster, using the Revell of Germany 1/72 kit and the Xtradecals. I was hoping the interior would've been gray-green, but the black interior will hide a lot of my amateurish building. Since it is a Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft, with camera(s), I was thinking they might have carried photoflash bombs in the bomb bay. I just have to figure out which type to use. Larry
  3. That's probably because I had "Signatures" turned off in my Profile. Oh well, no biggie. Larry
  4. I did not see any link. Larry
  5. Let me throw my proverbial "Monkey Wrench" into this discussion: Did the FAA have any photo-recce Wildcats, like the PR & FR modified Hellcats? If so (I hope) is there any info available on the camera & camera window arrangements? Larry
  6. Thanks for that info. It took a little searching on the internet to find photos & drawings that showed what you are talking about. Larry
  7. Fantastic reply Giorgio!!! Since I just recently got an Italeri MB.326K kit (for which I need an ejection seat), and the Portuguese G.91R-4 I was planning to do uses the bulged canopy (both canopies included in the kit), I just ordered 2 of the Mk.6 seats from Sprue Brothers Larry.
  8. Thanks, but on my limited Disability Income, I can't justify paying $25.00 + shipping for the Neomega cockpit set, and hope it should fit. I may just find a MB Mk.4 seat that looks close and use it. Anything will look better than the kit "seat". Larry
  9. Thanks SO MUCH! That will help in my search. Larry
  10. Andre, Thanks for that info. AFAIK, nobody makes that seat in 1/48 scale. The closest one I found was the Wolfpack 1/48 Martin Baker Mk.WY6AM Ejection Seat (for Italeri MB.326K kit). I wonder it hat would be close enough? Larry
  11. I just got the urge to start on my Italeri 1/48 Fiat G.91 R1/3/4 "Gina" Kit 2645, and was wondering which aftermarket MB Mk.4 ejection seat would be correct for it. There are a number of different "variants" of the seat listed on Hannants, but none state that they are for the "Gina" I am thinking about doing the Portuguese R-4 variant, if that makes a difference in seat types. I was thinking about a cockpit set, but the Neomega and Small World Accessories cockpit seta are designed for the Heller & Ocidental Réplicas kits.. Larry
  12. Interesting. Thanks for that info. Larry
  13. I am getting ready to start converting my HiPM 1/48 S-105/MiG-19S into a Shenyang JZ-6, but was wondering what color scheme they use. The planes in the linked photos below appear to be a flat white or VERY light gray. Anybody have any firm info as to the color? I am also assuming the cockpit would be gray, instead of the Soviet blue-green color? Larry
  14. Well, I do have extra recce pods from both the 1/48 MiG-21R and the 1/48 Su-22 kits. Larry
  15. I wonder if they got as far as drawings of the proposed MiG-23AR? It probably just had a recce pod like on the MiG-21R versions, instead of a dedicated recce nose, like the RF-4C? Larry