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  1. You're not talking about their buffing and non-buffing metalizers, are you? I have their "regular" metal colors, like steel, titanium, aluminum & jet exhaust. Larry
  2. That's what I thought. Now I just have to find a suitable enamel for it, here in the states. Larry
  3. I am almost to the painting stage on my 1/72 C-130H model, and I am trying to figure out the correct color for the props. All the pics I have seen online look a light gray, but to me they seem to have a metallic "sheen" to it. Here's one good pic I found: Can anybody help me with the correct color. I mainly use Model Master enamels. Larry
  4. Very interesting. Maybe I will just wait to see what they do. Larry
  5. Has anybody tried to fit the Meteor FR.9 nose from the Classic Airframes kit, onto the new Airfix Meteor F.8? I have a trashed Classic Airframes Meteor F.8/FR.9 kit, and would like to build the recce version. Larry
  6. Interesting info. I wonder if the F-5s in the RTAF had the same armor plating added? I will definitely have to do some more research, before I start back on those kits. Larry
  7. Good news. I hope that Airfix will do with their Victor the same thing they did with their Valiant; and come out with an "aftermarket" set to do a dedicated recce variant. I really doubt there would be enough interest for them do come out with a complete, dedicated SR.Mk.2 boxing. I may have to start saving up for one, even though I still have most of an old Matchbox one in my stash. I gave away the tanker parts years ago. Larry
  8. Actually, the set I got from Heliborne is 48006, this one: Here's some info on tha actual machines: I hope to do the detailed interior, we shall see. Larry
  9. After I heard they were going to go ahead with the -2P recce version, I was REALLY stoked to get one. After seeing how screwed up the intake & wing root are, I changed my mind. Good thing I'm not one of those people who buy a kit the second it's released, especially at the prices they are now going for. Larry
  10. I don't see any cockpit set by CMK, only an armament set, and 2 exterior detail sets. Larry
  11. Thanks for that info. I just looked at my FS595 fandeck, and there isn't much difference between those two colors. Larry
  12. I am looking to get a cockpit detail set for my Revell 1/48 Mi-24 Hind, and was wondering which one was better, the Cobra Company set or the Pavla set? They're about the same price, once you figure in shipping to Florida. Larry
  13. They do indeed. As I mentioned in my reply to Hook, I ordered one of the 2 available sheets (48096) from Hannants last week. Looking forward to getting it. Larry
  14. I have 2 of the same issue; light red cover, and inside the 2nd page it says © 1982 - 1983 Printing. I also have a blue covered one that mentions the RF-18 & RF-15 on the back, but doesn't have any date(s) inside. I like my © 1973 edition, because in the front it covers the RA-3B & RF-8A/G, which aren't covered in the later editions. Larry
  15. Andre, Thanks for those profiles, they will really help with the camo pattern. I will try to match the colours, based on available photos, and the Berna decal sheet I just ordered from Hannants. Cheers, Larry