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  1. Obviously you did not read the thread, so in your case "There's nothing to see hear, just move along". Larry
  2. Hi Nick, I actually just started on the kit this month. I get distracted easily, and tend to set aside projects I was working on, and start new projects all the time. I did discover what you said about all the tank parts being left side. My friend just bought the Korean War version, and it appears that Special Hobby realized their mistake, because his "I" sprues each have a complete tank on each sprue. He didn't plan on using them on his kit, so he traded them to me for a set of sheet plastic copies of the metal rocket plates that I made. In the Aircraft in Action book on the Fairey Firefly, there is a good period photo of a RTAF Firefly on pg 49. It is carrying 2 1,000 lb bombs on bomb racks that look like they were modified from the fuel tank pylons. That is what I plan to do with my kit. Based on some of the other replies here and on other forums, I know that the rear cockpit on the SH Firefly kit is sadly wanting detail. I just don't have enough references to add that detail to my kit. Larry
  3. Thanks, I will get one on order. Too bad nobody make the same set for the Trumpeter 1/35 CH-47D kit.
  4. Are you talking about the Wolfpack 1:72 CH-47D(LR)/SD Chinook Conversion Set for Italeri (WP72057)? https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51kmrUiiIVL._SR600%2C315_PIWhiteStrip%2CBottomLeft%2C0%2C35_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, but I could not find an answer to my first question. I guess I will try to find an Academy CH-47D ROK Army kit. Larry
  6. I was getting ready to start on my Trumpeter 1/72 CH-47D, which I plan to do in RTAF marings. I just noticed that the kit does not have the enlarged radome, and there is no aftermarket conversion for that. Can I take the Italeri MH-47E and make a CH-47D out of it? Or is there an existing 1/72 CH-47D kit out by somebody else that has the enlarged nose radome, and is generally correct? Larry
  7. Works for me, with Chrome on my ancient Win XP machine. Larry
  8. Jari, Looks interesting. My thought on it is if Tanmodel, who had access to a real RF-84F while designing their model, did not include the photoflash pod, I really doubt that Kittyhawk will include it. One can always hope though. Larry
  9. Jari, Thanks for the links to those great pics. They will help me figure out the size & location of the outboard pylons. I just have to do more research on the photoflash pod. Larry
  10. Jari, I saw that, but the only photos I have found (3 of them) showing an RF-84 with more than 2 pylons were ones of an RF-84K, and it only had 3 pylons. Plus, the third pylon was in different locations. Larry
  11. Thanks Jari, I seem to remember that post, I just can't remember which forum it was on. Larry Jari, Thanks for the link to the RF-84F flight manual. That is one manual that I have not been able to find a free download of. The paragraph mentions carrying 2 pods, one on each "outboard" pylon. I have yet to find any photos of an RF-84F with outboard pylons, only the F-84F fighter version. Maybe they were mounted in the same location? I guess I will continue to research this subject, before I start on the kits. Larry
  12. Pete, Thanks for that info & link. It appears that the pod may be some kind of tracking/monitoring pod for the refueling system testing. Larry
  13. I know that the RF-84F flew night reconnaissance missions, with (I assume) photoflash. I have been unable to find any references in print or pictures, showing the night flash equipment used. Does anybody have any photos or drawings of that equipment and where it was installed? TIA Larry Engesath
  14. Are you saying the Hobby Bogus kit is going to be better than the Kitty Hawk one? That would be an earth-shattering momentous occasion, which I won't live long enough to see, IMHO. Larry
  15. Sorry to be asking this, but is there any way you can get your pictures to show? If I try to open them in a new tab, I get this comment: URL signature expired I just got my Revell Shackleton, so I am trying to get all the data I will need to build it. Larry