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  1. What brand (manufacturer) of paint did you use? Larry
  2. The Eduard 1/48 Hellcats are nice, EXCEPT for the seats, IMHO. It looks like a lawn chair to me. Even the Hasegawa seat is better, although I did use an aftermarket seat in my Eduard hellcat. I think it was Ultracast. I really need to get back to working on, and hopefully finishing, my Hasegawa & Eduard 1/48 Hellcats. Maybe after I finish my 1/72 C-130H project. Larry
  3. Then I hope & pray that they will RESEARCH it properly (not download some bogus drawings off the internet, like SOME companies seem to do), and we will finally get an accurate B-52H. Even though it's not a recce aircraft, I will probably get one if: 1. It's an accurate kit & 2. I can afford it, on my limited modeling budget. Then they can do a C-130 series, to replace that Italeri kit. Larry
  4. I am referring to Hobby Booboo. It has been my experience with them (and other new companies) that just because they do good in one subject matter (armour) doesn't mean they will do good in everything they produce. I have absolutely nothing against modelcollect, and would dearly love for them to do an accurate line of 1/72 B-52 kits. Maybe they can then do a line of various C-130 kits. BTW, what 1/72 aircraft models has modelcollect done? Larry
  5. Agreed! In the ~18 years I worked on the cameras on reconnaissance aircraft, the camera bays were painted flat black, and that includes the foreign recces I managed to work on as well. BTW, I have that conversion as well, just haven't gotten around to starting on it. Too many other recces ahead of it, in the queue. Larry
  6. Too bad the French didn't put Israeli roundels on their RF-84Fs, like they did with their F-84Fs. That would give me another cool recce model to do. Larry
  7. As much as I'd like to see a new tool 1/72 B-52 series of kits, here's my thoughts on the company. Just because they do a good job on their 1/72 scale tank kits, does not mean they will do the same on aircraft kits. Just look at Hobby Boss. They do excellent work on their 1/35 tanks, from what I have read and from modelers I have talked to, but their accuracy track record on aircraft kits is abysmal IMHO. All I can do is wait & see. Larry
  8. Picture removed at the request of artist.
  9. That "story" was probably started with McDonnell Report No. B617, which showed the recce pod they proposed for the planned RF-4M. The entire report can be downloaded here: http://www.f4phantomeers.org.uk/McDonnell Report B617 small2.pdf Here's an interesting article on the subject: http://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/2013/11/phantoms-that-never-were-built-rf-4m-in.html Larry
  10. The Hasegawa 1/48 RF-4B kit had the thicker wing and refaired nose, that only the last 10 actual aircraft had. So you can't even make a model of most of the RF-4Bs, without major conversion. Larry
  11. This info might help: QUOTE (Ben @ Fox One Decals) 1. Fill the scribing for the IFR probe door on the right fuselage under the cockpit. Leave the scribing for the IFR receptacle intact on the spine. 2. Fill the scribing for the formation lights (for the era my markings depict). 3. Remove or fill in the slot along the leading edge of the horizontal stab. 4. Use short burner cans parts T3. 5. Use the plain fin cap part N18. 6. Use part Y5 for the lights on the nose gear door. 7. RF-4Cs had both kinds of noses, but for the schemes on my sheet you'll use X1 and X2 nose pieces for the "angular" style nose. 8. Use blank fillers L8 and L9 for the spots where the catapult bridle hooks go (parts L4 & L5). 9. Don't use the intake ECM fairings G8 and G9. 10. Remove bumps on upper wing above MLG strut. 11. Put a stick in the rear cockpit. 12. Do not use part Q4 in the cockpit 13. Don't use part N9, an antenna on the underside of the nose. 14. Procure some Air Force style main wheels. Larry
  12. COOL!! That will save me from having to scratch build them. Larry
  13. Absolutely nothing on the EMI pod (photos or drawings) in the Verlinden Lock On book, which is sad, because the rest of the photos are awesome. I don't know about the Aeromodeller or Aerodata drawings, as I don't have those. Larry
  14. Thanks for the reply. As always, it seems that verification based on photos is so important. Too bad that recce Hurricanes don't seem to be a well photographed subject. Larry
  15. As mentioned in my reply to Jay, I am going to use the Brengun PE chaff/flare sets. They will be easier to install in the kit, IMHO. I already have the "armpit" chaff/flare pits & pylon adapters scratch built, now I will add the PE sets after painting the aircraft. Larry