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  1. Hello young man. Have sold you a few models in past. You must come along to our club night when things clear up. Have one member who has huge experience in 1/43 PM me for details
  2. Well, I trust those who were instrumental in mucking this excellent show are contented. This WAS one of the best shows of the year and eagerly anticipating by our club whether we were showing or not. Let's just hope the organisers can get re-motivated. You guys always do your best and have put a good show for years. There are more that will pat you on the back than stab you in it, so take it on the chin and let's look forward to 21 !
  3. CCC

    Bob's Buckles

    Is Bob still in business? Tried the website, but the domain is no longer being used.
  4. Shaun, Have you still got wing fold jobbie for the Tornado. Will have a pair if you have please contact regards Chris
  5. Until it hits the press, best to treat this with some scepticism
  6. Many thanks for that Andre, Very useful and quite straight forward
  7. Have been thinking about doing a reconnaissance MiG 25 for ages. I know the Revell takes much work, so that's out, but what about the Kitty Hawk kit is it a better prospect for hacking about? What I don't have access to information on the major airframe differences between the two variants other than the obvious nose forward of the canopy. There does not seem to be that much information available on internet. I there any bright spark out there that could shed some light on the subject ?
  8. Anybody know where I might source the red dotted walkway decals as used on larger (twin engined) luftwaffe aircraft. Nearly finished a Dragon Focke Wulf Ta154 and need some replacements as the originals are poor (well crap actually) I seem to recall someone was producing some but can't recall exactly who. Anyone got any idea?
  9. Oh bugger! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-30725366
  10. Try using Mr Color thinner 400. I have used it on two kits in recent weeks and it works fine. It very slightly attacks surface which makes a very good key for future paint. Only down side is that it is rather expensive. http://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/mall/departmentpage.cfm/ModelDesignConstruction/_486492/1/Thinner
  11. many thanks for all your help chaps very much appreciated
  12. Thanks for that Jerry Never new that site existed
  13. HELP Trying to do a timeline of all the companies that have produced a 1/32 P-51 over the years. Am I right in guessing that is what either Monogram or Hasagawa? But what year? In fact what are the years that every 1/32 P-51 regardless of model type, have been produced? Any ideas when re-issues were released? Help would be very much appreciated.
  14. S2 Gulf War would be my choice as long as it 1/48 No point doing 1/72 I suppose as CMK have cracked that albeit at a price
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