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  1. Hi Ray, Thanks for that detailed explanation. I don't have any of the SPACE decals yet, but I will remember your tips when I get some. Larry
  2. In the 2021-03 issue of INFO-EDUARD, they have an article about applying their Eduard SPACE cockpit "decals". They mention using some "dispersion" glue under the decals. I have never heard of dispersion glue, is it some form of super glue, white glue or what? Larry
  3. Thanks for that info. I guess I will keep checking his listing on Hannants, to see if he does decide to redo the flash pod in 3D Print form. Larry
  4. I hope this is in the correct subforum? If not, please move it to where it belongs. I have been trying to source one of their Transport Wings 1/48 RAF Phantom LS-93A Flash Pod conversion sets (TWC48001). I had it on "Backorder" at Hannants, but now they show it discontinued. I suppose I could try to scratchbuild the flash pod assembly, if I had detailed drawings. Larry
  5. That's just what I need! Now to see about getting one. Larry
  6. I am wanting to build a 1/72 Mil Mi-17V-5, as used by the Royal Thai Army. https://www.asiapacificdefensejournal.com/2019/01/thailand-receives-two-more-mil-mi-17v-5.html I knew my ancient KP 1/72 Mi-8 wouldn't work as a basis for it, so I ordered the Hobby Boss 1/72 Mi-8/Mi-17 Hip H kit, thinking the "newer" kit might be a better choice. After breaking the plastic seal, I discovered it would be a MAJOR conversion, if it was even possible. Has anybody tried this conversion? I didn't find any aftermarket conversion sets, so it would all have to be scratch built. I obviously need to completely redo the tail entrance, as well as the nose profile (Radar), and the side fuel tanks. Larry
  7. A lot of the "Naysayers" are already criticizing it before the first kit has been released, saying it's either just a "rebox" or a slightly retooled Heller or Matchbox kit. I will hold off until it actually gets released. I still have my 2 Heller kits to work on. Larry
  8. Thanks for that info. Unfortunately, Hannants only have one in stock, and I need 5. 2 each for my two Alpha Jet kits, and one for my AMT/ERTL 1/72 AV-8A Harrier that I am doing in Royal Thai Navy markings. Larry
  9. I have gotten the urge to do a 1/72 Alpha Jet in Royal Thai Air Force markings, but I am trying to decide which kit to get. Based on Scalemates, it appears that most (Except Matchbox) available 1/72 kits are just reboxings of either the ancient (1977) Heller kit or the "not much newer" Airfix (1980) kit. They appear to be poorly detailed and more representative of prototypes, than the planes that Thailand used. What would my best option, without having to do a complete rebuild of the kit? I need a relatively accurate cockpit, since it will be quite visible, but I can always use aftermarket ejection seats. NOTE: I do have a bagged Heller Kit #257 and a boxed kit # 80257. Since Thailand got their Alpha Jets from Germany, would they have been equipped with Martin-Baker Mk.4-AJMR seats or the Stencel S-III-S (SJU-4) seats? I need to order the correct aftermarket seats from Hannanrs. Larry
  10. Thanks for that link. Impressive build, especially the bits & pieces he added to the cockpit & elsewhere instead of using commercial aftermarket parts (If they even exist). Larry
  11. Since the True Details 1/32 Martin Baker Mk-7 ejection seats are no longer being produced, I was wondering if the Quickboost ejection seats (32069) will fit in the Revell 1/32 RF-4C & F-4E kits? Larry
  12. Inflight refueling? Actually, I'm not sure, but I think it's to supply air pressure, to help with fuel feeding. Others may know more. Larry
  13. Hi Mark, That sounds about right. The fact that Orthochromatic film was so widely used during the WW2 time frame, is why it's so hard to figure out colors of camouflage & markings. And don't get me started on "Colorized" B+W photos. I had my USAF Photo Sensor Systems Technician training back in 1971, which is where I learned about it. But that was a LOOOONG time ago, and all the 35MM B+W film I personally used over the years was either some form of Panchromatic film or Infrared film. With IR film, it's pretty much impossible to figure out what the real colors are. Larry
  14. Another probability, based on my photographic experience (Both USAF & personal), is that they used Orthochromatic Film, which was more prevalent in WW2. It showed colors in different shades of gray than the now standard Panchromatic Film. https://thedarkroom.com/orthochromatic-vs-panchromatic-film-a-photo-comparison/ Larry
  15. FANTASTIC paint job, especially since it's brush painted!!! Larry
  16. THANK YOU Giampiero!!! That is FANTASTIC info! It looks like they removed the metal skin of the lower wing and bolted/riveted on a new metal plate. I should be able to figure out exactly where that plate goes and its dimensions. Thanks again! Larry
  17. I have the Monogram/Promodeler 1/32 Bf109G-4 /Trop kit, which I want to convert to a Bf109G-4/R3 Aufklärer (Reconnaissance) version. I want to add the underwing fuel tanks that were common on the recce 109s. I have a set of fuel tanks from a 1/32 Bf110, but the atttachment parts are not the type used on the Bf109. I would rather not spend a bunch of $$$ on the AIMS 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-4/R3 conversion if it's possible for me to do it myself. Plus, I already have aftermarket decals for the plane I plan to build. I have been unable to find detailed enough photos (or drawings) showing the attachment mechanism parts, the fuel feed pipes and their location under the wings. Can anybody help me with the needed info, so I can proceed with this project? Larry
  18. They are closed after use in flight, but can be opened by the aircrew after landing, so the servicing crew can put in the safety pins and check for misfires or unused photoflash cartridges. Larry Phormer Photo Phantom Phixer
  19. The Ju-88S-1 & Ju-88S-3 were both high speed bomber versions (No cameras). They were both modified to be high speed reconnaissance versions as the Ju-88T-1 & Ju-88T-3. My AMtech Ju-88S-3/T-3 kit instructions show the 2 camera ports in the same location as used on Ju-88D versions, in the panel just behind the bomb bay. Since I doubt the Germans would've tried to "reinvent the wheel", I assume that location is probably correct, and they would have kept the main bomb bays for fuel tanks. Larry
  20. While searching for that sheet (No luck), I found out that Begemot does a 1/48 Pe-2/Pe-3 decals sheet, with those markings on it. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BT48041?result-token=GpW9a Unfortunately, the sheet is almost $25 WITHOUT shipping, and it comes with markings for 108 DIFFERENT aircraft! That's almost half of what my Zvezda 1/48 Pe-2 kit cost me. Maybe I can find someone who has that decal set, and would be will to trade for or sell part of the markings. Larry
  21. Thanks @Antti_K I knew you would be able to help me. Being a "fast bird" really helps in the photo reconnaissance role, especially since you are usually "Alone, Unarmed & Unafraid" (Actually scared to death). One of these days, I need to get back to working on 2 of my other Finnish recce birds, the MiG-21bis, and the BAe Hawk. Cheers, Larry
  22. Antti, Thanks, I have the InSCALE decals for my DB-3 kit, but I never saw that sheet. It's too expensive to buy the sheet, just to use as reference for a 1/48 kit, but it will help me. Now I can build a recce Finnish Pe-2, using that decal sheet instruction sheet, and also build a Russian recce Pe-2R, using my digital reference books. Larry
  23. Looking at the photos in the first link, I didn't see any pictures of an aircraft with either a camera sticking out a hole in the fuselage, or a camera window. Looking at the 2nd link from @Antti_K Ifound this interesting section (Auto-translated): PE-301 technical data: Engine: 2x1260 horsepower Klimov M-105PF, 12-cylinder liquid-cooled V-row engine. Flight distance n2000 km. Wingspan 17.16 m, length 12.66 m, altitude 3.92 m, flight weight 7557 kg, flight speed 525 km / h. Climb to 5000 meters in 9 minutes. Functional legal height 7500m. Ceiling height 9000m. Armament: 20 mm cannon with pilot, plus two 12.7mm machine guns and one 7.62 mm machine gun. 12.7 mm machine color with a sight. Crew 2-3. In addition, the following cameras, one wide-angle camera or a normal camera and one Rb reconnaissance camera could be placed in the machine. Emphasis is mine. Larry
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