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  1. Italeri 1/72 A-10C

    Ciao Pierpaolo Nice kit and good choice ! I'll call you tonight Ettore
  2. Goodmorning to All For my first GB of 2018 I choice a 1/72 Revell kit, in fact this is a rebox of ICM kit. A nice kit with beatiful detail, that I'll complete with some Eduard photoetched This is a Dornier Do17 Z-10 " Kauz", in totally black camouflage, below box art and sprues. A nice weekend and GB to All Ettore
  3. Hi Gizpo

    I'm happy for you in Britmodeller......

    A great friend !



    1. Gizpo


      Hey Ettore, I'm happy too....

      Probably now we'll see a little bit more than before :)

      Ciao my friend.

  4. Goormorning to All I chose a D.H.100 Vampire FB Mk.5 in French colors (totally blue) of the flight hunting school 57.S, based in Khourigba Morocco late1950s. Azur kit 1/72 Item n° 72117 Ettore
  5. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Maybe I found the right subject: Dornier Do-17 Z-10 "Kauz" Revell 1/72 Item n° 3933 Is it compatible with the GB? Ettore
  6. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Godmoring to All I read all the posts, and I noticed that some 10 of the squadron number to build the kit, an example. 610 ° squadron. But is this allowed? Because so I could do a Messerschmitt 262 of 10./NJG11 Ettore
  7. 2018 Groupbuld calendar

    Well done Enzo ! Will be very difficult to follow all GB.only one of twelve i not much love we will see my life commitments in 2018 Ettore
  8. Thanks so much to All This is an old photo, and,and how you read it, it's dead some years ago, but I seen a new russian Boston with UTK-1 turret from MPM very very nice; this will be another, future, project............but now I also have 104 kit to do ! Ettore
  9. Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    Goodmorning to All For this GB I'll build this kit, a fantastic Three motor in Italian civil color Ettore
  10. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Thanks Max I now visit the Imageshack site ! Ettore
  11. Gallery

    Messerschmitt BF 109G-5 1./JG 300 flown by FW. Hans-Werner Gross, Hangelar AB, March 1944 Ettore
  12. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    A few words: I'm sorry that photobucket prevents you from posting for free, ok we see if you see it from galleries in another forum: Clearly I finished the kit! Hope you like it........ A question: do you know some other site like photobucket? Ettore
  13. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Hi All We finally got to camouflage, I immediately say that the result is not the one hoped for; First I sprayed the RLM 76 , then I just blew it off with white in some areas The difficult came after, spraying the RLM 74, following the camouflage of the instructions, it was difficult; The horizontal snake pattern is very random, even in historical photos........ It is most likely that I have not used the right amount of thinner with the color, but I did a lot of tests and the result is this. With black it was all easier, before Gunze's H77 (tire black) on all undersurfaces, then the same color with addition of dark gray, and finally some areas with a mix of black and blue H54, always Gunze. I'm not really happy with camouflage, but I hope that with exhaust fumes, decals and washings, the appearance changes a bit better. Goodnight Ettore
  14. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Hello people I've added other parts to end the assembly: the radiator blades, neutral ailerons, and lowered flaps And now is ready for coloring, but first a little pre shading: only black lines on lower surfaces and black lines plus white to fill the panels After lower preshading, I realized i was wrong, because under will be totally black.... All foto are from mobile phone... Ok, now a little pause and I'll start with RLM 76 A nice evening to All Ettore
  15. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Hi All Today is Italian Republic National day, so we do not work, but we modelers are always on the piece; I took advantage of it to work on the fuselage, in particular I fill with putty various parts on tail with Mr Surface 1000 Then, with Gunze laquer thinner I cleaned the excesses In the wheel bay I have mounted Quickboost pieces more similar to reality Now the wings and the fuselage are ready to be glued In the cockpit I have detailed the gun sight with the lenses, in the end I will add the power cable (which I forgot) and the lights on the inner frames After joining wings and fuselage, I used tape to adjust the right dihedral angle wings And this is what we have today ! Ettore