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  1. Hello SoftScience When I'll have a little time, 'll glue the pieces of the box apart and put them next to the kit modeling magazine and then remained to me, I was lucky ! Ettore
  2. Hi All ! Finally I can show you a lot of little jobs I closed the fuselage and I filled with putty many places too visible to the eye, of course also all the areas between wing and fuselage To glue wings and fuselage has asked many wolfcraft pliers, better to be safe ! Now we see a bit of color, first the black nose with radar cone that I filled with vinilic glue and a 15 gr. fishing lead the coloring of exhaust area was more laborious, I masked the outlet pipes of gas, then I sprayed the gun metal , darkened with black and then blacks and brown pigments The upper part of this zone was colored in polished aluminum, using even here various pigments; The exhaust pipes were taken with black, a silver dry brushing on edges and internal sand color, to simulate the burning of hot gas. and this is all ! Ettore
  3. For SoftScience : I use a nato black Tamiya XF68 and a common yellow, but with a brush n° 00000 ( 5 Zero)...... Then I throw my eyes into the garbage Ettore
  4. Good ! Then wait I for your to make a tandem flight ? Ettore
  5. Good Sunday to All I completed the cockpit, but let's go with order ! First I made the anterior wheel bay with much photoetched, the work was long, busy and boring, with much use of cyanoalit glue. About cockpit, last thing to do were the resin seat, the base color in a nato black with a little drybrushing grey; the main pillow is olive drab, the back cushion is medium green, and at end another drybrushing silver. The abitacle was also glued on place The gunsight received a tiny upgrade : the lens Now the fuselages are ready to closure.
  6. good evening everyone It’s strange to start from exhausts, but they were on the workbench and then I did it! The sequence of color was simple: first a nice bottom of gun metal externally and internally, then I sprayed, again internally, a sandy color to simulate the heat oxidation, then again I sprayed a bit of black on outer petals, immediately followed by washing with black oil colors; a very light dry silver brushing was done on the edges and finally very light brown pigments have completed the work. About cockpit I did only test after positioned and glued photoetched, now the problem will be masked all and to spray the grey; the seats will be in resin by Quickboost. Byeeeeeee Ettore
  7. Goodmorning For this nice GB I chose this Phantom F-4J USN F-4J 'VF-84 'Jolly Rogers' USS Franklin D.Roosvelt 1970 in Mediterranean sea. The Academy kit is very good, I get better with some photo-etched, but not all I think. I'll start in two weeks, I have two kit on workbench to finish ! byeeeee Ettore
  8. Count also me in this fantastic GB ! May be something of italian: Ro 44 or Cant Z 501 Ettore
  9. I would say, without a doubt, a right trial by the sponsor, Hooray, hooray, hooray to the three winners Ettore
  10. I'm in with............something !! Ettore
  11. VP ? Another Macchi ? Naaaaaaaaaaaa Count me please ! Ettore
  12. yes, i'm with you ! Ettore
  13. Effectively the Hs 162 D was made on wooden ( mockup), then destroyed during Americans bombardments, then there is no prototype. Watching all my kits boxes I believe that I can not participate in this GB ..... patience! Ettore
  14. This is a nice GB, I think to get involved with a Me 163 with Scheuch-Schlepper 1/72 spec.Hobby, or a He 162 D 1/48 Dragon just started in the cockpit I think are correct with the theme of GB Ettore