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  1. Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    Goodmorning to All For this GB I'll build this kit, a fantastic Three motor in Italian civil color Ettore
  2. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Thanks Max I now visit the Imageshack site ! Ettore
  3. Gallery

    Messerschmitt BF 109G-5 1./JG 300 flown by FW. Hans-Werner Gross, Hangelar AB, March 1944 Ettore
  4. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    A few words: I'm sorry that photobucket prevents you from posting for free, ok we see if you see it from galleries in another forum: Clearly I finished the kit! Hope you like it........ A question: do you know some other site like photobucket? Ettore
  5. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Hi All We finally got to camouflage, I immediately say that the result is not the one hoped for; First I sprayed the RLM 76 , then I just blew it off with white in some areas The difficult came after, spraying the RLM 74, following the camouflage of the instructions, it was difficult; The horizontal snake pattern is very random, even in historical photos........ It is most likely that I have not used the right amount of thinner with the color, but I did a lot of tests and the result is this. With black it was all easier, before Gunze's H77 (tire black) on all undersurfaces, then the same color with addition of dark gray, and finally some areas with a mix of black and blue H54, always Gunze. I'm not really happy with camouflage, but I hope that with exhaust fumes, decals and washings, the appearance changes a bit better. Goodnight Ettore
  6. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Hello people I've added other parts to end the assembly: the radiator blades, neutral ailerons, and lowered flaps And now is ready for coloring, but first a little pre shading: only black lines on lower surfaces and black lines plus white to fill the panels After lower preshading, I realized i was wrong, because under will be totally black.... All foto are from mobile phone... Ok, now a little pause and I'll start with RLM 76 A nice evening to All Ettore
  7. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Hi All Today is Italian Republic National day, so we do not work, but we modelers are always on the piece; I took advantage of it to work on the fuselage, in particular I fill with putty various parts on tail with Mr Surface 1000 Then, with Gunze laquer thinner I cleaned the excesses In the wheel bay I have mounted Quickboost pieces more similar to reality Now the wings and the fuselage are ready to be glued In the cockpit I have detailed the gun sight with the lenses, in the end I will add the power cable (which I forgot) and the lights on the inner frames After joining wings and fuselage, I used tape to adjust the right dihedral angle wings And this is what we have today ! Ettore
  8. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Opps ! I forgot to translate into English Ettore
  9. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    As always, or almost, I start from the cockpit: - I prepared the various parts and painted some - I added the colored photoetched and then I masked them - Even Quickboost exhausts are put in place and the bulges - With a Gunze RLM 66, I played a bit with black and an medium gray to create shadows and timid light spots - And finally I painted the details, you do not see well but the oxygen pipes are in olive green. La prossima settimana chiudo la cabina di guida e posizionerò in fusoliera, se tutto sarà buono, chiudo tutto per avere una fusoliera pronta Ettore
  10. Surely! I am looking for a good opportunity in online modeling markets, the Academy Kit is a bit pricey May be also other kit 1/72 Academy: The "Showtime 100" Ett.
  11. Thanks At Sea, but no work is as simple as it seems and I will not end in time for the end of Gb, the stains are very wide, I prefer to rebuild it. Dear Wimbledon99, not the curse is just Murphy's law
  12. Thanks Steve but more than pain is pure anger, unfortunately I'm finicky and I love doing the work well, but when Murphy's law strikes you, you have not escape ........ I hope this morning does not break my fishing rod, anyway i hope to have more fun with BF 109 GB ............ at least I hope Ettore
  13. A great disaster ! Dear friends, today during the dirting phase, the compressor has spat a mixed of white color and water, the kit has become completely white ; I immediately tried to clean it with paper handkerchief and pure water, but the stains remained. First I purged the compressor and clean everything, then I try to get the top gray, unfortunately it is too much ruined and I have to abandon the GB, but now I think it to buy it and rebuild it. I'm very angry, tomorrow is better than going fishing to relax, I'm sorry only for all the friends who compliment me, thank you heartily and I hope not to disappoint you in the future .......... it seems strange but it is the second kit that this year dies while working in a GB ...... ahahhahahah! See you soon friends! Ettore
  14. Hello People Ok, after decals I'm ready for paneling, of course the kit is still glossy. Attention! ! Will be very armed See you soon Ettore
  15. Me 109 G5 1./JG 300 " Finished "

    Dear friend V-P No, this was not in Sicily, but in Palermo Boccadifalco there was a Jg53 squadron in early 1943, but I do not know what; the machines were Bf 109 G2 and I did not want to buy the fourth Edward's BF 109 kit . I just have a picture about it in a book about Boccadifalco history. Regards Ettore