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  1. Hello people and good afternoon I finally chose, it will be a 1/48 scale F-94c Starfire from Kitty Hawk. A tough kit that will test me on the metallic coloring ......... let's see what messes I can make Ettore
  2. I don't know, I would be tempted by Trumeter's Flagon, but also a nice BF 109G, or a nice Macchi 202 that was in my city, but I should also start Eduard's P-51, Attention! Eduard's Mig 19 comes out next month which was in the city ............ in short, I will decide at the right time because I am very confused at the moment Ettore ............
  3. Hello to All I'll be in this nice GB ! Ettore
  4. Spitfire F Mk. IX 1/72 - D EN354, 1stLt. Leonard V. Helton, 52nd FG, 4th FS, Palermo-Boccadifalco // Sicily (Italy) July 1943 Eduard Item.: 70122 Ettore
  5. And now we are at end! Paneling, washing, smoking, dusting........I hope result enjoy you fortunatly a modeller noted a little mistake: the colour of the crowbar on the door is not red, but silver or interior green, I'll change soon, after a little base for it. At next Ettore
  6. Happy Sunday everyone In this covid 19 periods we modelers work hard, not all, at home in a smart working regime; Unfortunately I always worked at the airport, it wasn't a bad thing; I worked and managed my job better without bosses and colleagues; maybe heavier weekends, not to be able to go fishing or fly the drone ....... but all in all the modeling has filled well Saturdays and Sundays, a thousand projects, a thousand discussions with my wife, quarrels, peace .. ..... that's it, we have to resist Ok ok let's get to the spitfire in question: I polished with four light coats of Future
  7. Thanks Dennis I had thought the same thing over all redddish zone, after with washing, paneling, ad matt varnish all wil be amalgamated Thanks so much Ettore
  8. Good sunday to All I proceeded with the camouflage until the end, first step the middle stone, but before I did a color pre-modulation with darker brown and white color, it is easily known as blackish spots under the mid stone the next step was to mask the wings to make the American obliterations on the old English signs, as a color I chose the dark earth And in the end I gave the dark earth Now I have a big problem, as you see I have darkened, with a reddish brown, the areas where the Ameri
  9. Hello People goodmorning The fuselage is finally closed; I was terrified at the idea of having to close with a resin cockpit and so small ........ but everything went well with the gluing and the putty afterwards. Here are the pieces ready to give an exact shape to the plane ... and here it is with its splendid shapes In general excitement, I let myself go with the airbrush and I also gave the blue Azure; I used the RC291 of AK Model Color series; it seemed to me the most correspondent to reality; these colors are pheno
  10. Hello All I finally start some days ago this nice kit. First step was the preparation and partial montage of some cockpit parts; this resin cockpit is an Eduard Brassin item; In took my risks, in the choice of the resin cockpit, well knowing that in this scale it will be very hard......... I chose two colors for the cockpit, Gunze's H 312 as background and the A.MIG 219 which has a lighter shade and tending towards gray as previously said it was difficult to glue the cockpit inside, but it will be cold when I have to
  11. Dear friends I change the subject, this is because I realized that in the package there is a whole tree of pieces that I lent to a friend. The problem is: which friend? I do not remember ! So I change the type of bolt and scale and I present this: "Spitfire F Mk. IX 1/72 - D EN354, 1stLt. Leonard V. Helton, 52nd FG, 4th FS, La Sebala, Tunis, June 1943" in 1/72 scale of Uncle Eduard. I have already built a plane of the same squadron some time ago from a 1/48 Special Hobby kit, here it is: Spitfire Mk.Vc 4nd FS / 52nd FG Maj.Robert Levine this new one afte
  12. This post is canceled due to change of subject sorry !
  13. Saab JA-37 Viggen Fighter version Red 10 Wing F16 Uppsala August-November 2003 Special Hobby 1/72 Item SPH72384 Ettore
  14. Good morning Contrary to my ideas I have completed this work by getting the plane dirty, after having viewed a lot of photos of operating planes, both in flight and on the ground. I don't know if I will repeat the experiment but I leave the sentence to you: promoted or rejected? Executioner or acquitted? See you in a future GB, that of Spitfire .............. spend a good Sunday, but how do you wish this, given the period ........ Ettore
  15. Thanks Drake for reporting the errors and saving me with the artistic license ........... I was about to give it a hammer. Ettore
  16. Hi to All I filed the problem with the broken decal: "I bought the same kit! And I'm waiting for it ............ I finished positioning all the others and airbrushed an additional hand of future wax. I apologize for the photos but I no longer have parchment paper to mask a lamp Dear Rich I could make a mess, I prefer to buy it new and maybe one day built it in three tone camouflage; rather, the dilemma will be: I leave it nice clean or quite dirty as in fact these operational planes were, in this case I should make it a base
  17. Good morning friendsI need a little help; while laying the decals on a 1/72 scale Saab Viggen that I am building for this GB, a decals broke for one of my misplaced fingerprints, here is the reference box art. the decals represents a code: " P10 " in red which must be placed on the upper part of the rudder If someone had it and can deprive it of it, it would do me a great pleasure, obviously paying the due Thanks in advance Ettore
  18. Goodmorning to All Today smart working at home and some day next week. I take this opportunity to show you the finished Viggen caouflage. For the lower surfaces I used a Gunze H338, I tried to make the preshading grid appear gently. Same work for the upper surfaces but using a Gun33 H337, the same color added with H338 was sprayed in the center of the panels The gray panel on the back and on various other areas of the Viggen were made with the gunze H53 but with various pressure of the airbrush, in order to differe
  19. Hello Andwill Is all right, the F2A-3 cockpit is green zinc chromate, and I also confirm that it had the cylindrical dinghy stowage behind the cockpit. a nice evening to you Ettore
  20. Hello People Being also involved in another italian group build, I decided to alternate the weeks of work dedicated to Viggen with those dedicated to a F-105D. I continued the work on the Viggen with the detail of the wheel bays, and sprayed a soft grey primer after about ten hours, I colored the fin red; I thought it was difficult, but with light shades of X7 Tamiya I achieved the desired goal a light grill above and below with a border of lightening panels, random white and dark gray completed the work
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