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  1. Lovely! I've got the same kit but German variant, which I'm not as keen on - I think you've just inspired me! I'll need to look for some aftermarket decals.
  2. Absolutely beautiful! Excellent work.
  3. Wow! One of the most beautiful aircraft just got beautifulerer! Lovely stuff!
  4. Great work! Keep an eye open for the cinema release of "In The Heart of The Sea" next year, the dramatisation of the story of the Essex.
  5. Photos look good, painting looks good, construction looks, eh...good.
  6. ...and a bigger house!
  7. So they're still heavily reduced? Hmm.... :-)
  8. Cheers Edgar, in what Mrs ModelMonkey would tell you was a typical reversal of decision I ended buying a Hurricane instead! Good to note though as I suspect I might end up with a Spit too...
  9. Zoinks! After all this I went to get a Hurricane (also marked as £30) for my dad, got to the till and the lady said "£20 please." After a few seconds I realised I was staring at her, open mouthed, so I went back for one for myself!
  10. Fab! Thanks Allan, I guess I'd best start the two-fold of thinking where to put it and also decide how to explain it to Mrs ModelMonkey...
  11. Hi peeps - apologies if this is not in the right place, long time lurker and not many posts! Hobbycraft (at least the Aberdeen one) has the 1:24 Airfix Mk V Spitfire for £30. Great bargain but.....I'm much more keen on the Mk1. Does anyone know if the current Mk V boxing also contains the original Mk 1 bits and Airfix have just appended them with Mk V sprues? Conscious I'd need to get a set of decals for a Mk1 but if it means I can get my mitts on a Mk 1 for £30 then I'm very tempted....and would naturally make all the Mk V bits available to anyone wanting to do the opposite to me! Thanks! Paul P.S. Or should I just get the Hurricane instead?!
  12. Belter! Love the pose and might do the same with my Lightning. Great job.
  13. Coo! Finished mine about 2 hours ago. Mine is unintentionally weathered... Yours is lovely, great job.
  14. Love it! Nice work loon!
  15. Just got the Airfix1:48 Lightning yesterday but not sure if I'm brave enough to go for Alclad, gotta start sometime though!