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  1. Still waiting on left HK on April 5th and tracking stopped at that point.....have contacted the retailer now and awaiting their reply.
  2. Thanks Gents. Still tinkering away adding the little bits
  3. I have Boxes of Banishment sitting on top of the Press of Procrastination which is across the room from the Shelf of Shame
  4. They are releasing the Zvezda Star Destroyer to a wider market and doing Halo I certainly don't rate them poorly.
  5. So from here it's going to be a 22 shades of grey build.... Starting to prepare all the little bits The Harpoons require major surgery to fit the PE stands But they do make a big difference. You can also see the difference between the kit 5" and the White Ensigns resin & metal replacement. And the RIBs with Atlantic Models PE added It's slow going but it's still going....
  6. Still waiting on the ADATS...should arrive any day now. But started on the lower hull and rear. Won't touch the upper hull until I see exactly what surgery in needed But came across this story today which shows my theory of an Air Defence Stryker is not far fetched at all Boeing proposal is different being an updated Avenger turret. But we could see other contenders enter the race
  7. Base kit has arrived Legends ADATS is somewhere between Hong Kong and Ireland
  8. Finally finished the weathering and then it was time to put all the bits together Then realised I had forgotten the decals! 😳 So decals on now and I just need to blend them in and a bit of weathering on the mirrors also and we'll be done
  9. Cute! Did the 1/35 version a few years ago and it was a lovely kit. This looks very nice fir a small scale vehicle
  10. Reading Wilbur Smith's Pharaoh....forgot what a cracking storyteller he is
  11. Looking suitably used! I do like the LAV range of vehicles
  12. It really only worked under the Base coat, not so much under the other 2 colours.....
  13. Think I went a bit too heavy on the wash. Left it too long before cleaning off. Will try tone it down with filters and a dust coat
  14. I'd have to say Meng based on the volume on modern armour they've been releasing in the last couple of years
  15. This is my current plans for the What-if group build on IPMS Ireland forum and is more a "when-if" than a what-if Currently there are 10 variants of the US Army Strykers: M1129A & B are basically same vehicle with different armament. Similarily there are different sub-variants of the 1130 & 1132 However the US Army are currently trialing a new version with a 30mm canon in a turret. This is a direct result of recent Russian moves in Crimea and Ukraine. And now we get into the realms of speculation. In my opinion one of the glaring omissions of the Stryker line-up was an Air Defence version. So my entry will be an ADA Stryker which I believe we will eventually see in the real world also. It will be based on the M1128 Mobile Gun System platform, as it already has a "turret", and the Legend Productions ADATS system for the M1113 just waiting on the kits to arrive now