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  1. And can we get a "Love" button, and a "Wow" button, and an "Awesome" button? I'd like that
  2. Preparing the highlights
  3. Anyway, put the tyres on and then managed to get the wheels refitted. Mirrors and drivers shield to go and then just a tad more light weathering
  4. Finally got the last Op Herrick kit. Now I just need to find time to finish them
  5. Attempting to follow a detailed step by step guide to painting a Boxer in a recent issue of Military Modelcraft International using the black and white technique. Or as advised dark grey and light grey. It's the Revell kit which is nice and straightforward. Good moulding and fit with very nice detail. And not a huge number of parts other than for the suspension.
  6. Looks interesting. Can't wait to see your build.
  7. I heard they are withdrawing the Op Herrick range rather than adding to it which is a bit disappointing. I managed to pick up the Warrior with 8 figures in a sale for only €20. The Warrior with no figures was €39
  8. Trying to fit the tyres in has broken off 3 of the wheel hubs, including the main supports. They are repairable and thankfully I've not fitted the delicate wing mirrors or drivers shield yet
  9. You shouldn't have bothered
  10. Just gave you a "Like"
  11. Gardai in Athy pulled over a local lad in the Dublin Road area today and were amazed to find the car taxed, NCT tested and insured. It wasn't stolen and there were no stolen goods or drugs found. The driver was sober AND had a full licence and no points. A Garda spokesman said, "We had no option but to fine him €80 for wasting police time."
  12. Saw this one on Armorama. BTR-80 in service with the Hungarian police anti-terrorist agency (TEK)
  13. That's very detailed.....lovely work!
  14. If you are using viagra you should use Prozac also. That way if it doesn't work you won't care
  15. On to the last few bits of equipment Looking at reference photos I have lots of choice in how to finish her. White wing mirrors, black wing mirrors or black & white. White frame on drivers glass shield, or black. Black or white covers on the smoke grenade launchers. And pristine finish, weathered finish or totally beat up finish.... 😃 I'll go for something like the middle one but if I overdo it, as I tend to, I won't mind.