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  1. This is my current plans for the What-if group build on IPMS Ireland forum and is more a "when-if" than a what-if Currently there are 10 variants of the US Army Strykers: M1129A & B are basically same vehicle with different armament. Similarily there are different sub-variants of the 1130 & 1132 However the US Army are currently trialing a new version with a 30mm canon in a turret. This is a direct result of recent Russian moves in Crimea and Ukraine. And now we get into the realms of speculation. In my opinion one of the glaring omissions of the Stryker line-up was an Air Defence version. So my entry will be an ADA Stryker which I believe we will eventually see in the real world also. It will be based on the M1128 Mobile Gun System platform, as it already has a "turret", and the Legend Productions ADATS system for the M1113 just waiting on the kits to arrive now
  2. Danke Bernd! Clean-up with a tiny brush and a steady hand is progressing....
  3. Hull has been repaired but needs some touch ups. And the masking is off the decks. That didn't come out as bad but still needs little tip up jobs. All painting from here will be with a good old hairy stick.
  4. What were you googling to find that article?
  5. I stand corrected Sir.
  6. An Irish Coast Guard SAR helicopter went down off the west coast last night. Pilot was found but she has since passed away. Remaining 3 crew still missing. "SO OTHERS MAY LIVE!"
  7. Reminds me of this old Makem and Clancy song A classic
  8. Lovely build of an awesome vehicle!
  9. Thanks Tony, I'm feeling inspired after a great day out at the Northern Ireland Modellers Association first show in Belfast so plan on tackling this tomorrow....
  10. ULTIMATE primer, vallejo paints
  11. HMS Westminster is currently in port in Dublin but not in a public area 😟
  12. It's a C30 problem....30cm from the vacuum
  13. I use the Kindke app on a Samsung tablet. I also use it for TV and movies, internet browsing and social media. It's so versatile and handier than having a seperate reader
  14. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  15. Just my 2c worth: I buy AM sets to add to a kit rather than replace kit parts. E.g I bought the Atlantic Models PE set for HMS Westminster because the kit doesn't have railings. However, having got the set I'll use some of the bits that do replace kit parts, but would never buy an AM set just to replace plastic with PE or resin. But then I just build for fun rather than competitions etc