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  1. Scrambled eggs

    Well I managed to finish the Tunnan: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235026835-mini-saab-tunnan/ The Matchbox kit was shortened and widened with a Lancaster radom for a canopy. The wing was butchered at both ends. After that all needed was to put the pieces together and add large amounts of putty.
  2. I had a Minitunnan going: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235024842-scrambled-eggs/ It has been finished. I decided to cut the front of the Tunnan canopy and combine it with the Lancaster radom. Decals are from a Revell issue of the Matchbox kit. I had to replace the roundels as they now was to big for this plane. I gave up on the thought of adding landing gears and put it on a Matchbox stand as I thought it looked better "flying".
  3. A Ford Trimotor that lost two engines. An Airfix 1/72 conversion. I had very fun building it and that is probably why I managed to finish it before it managed to die as many of my project do. It does look a little different to the standard Trimotor. Notes from the build here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235020768-ford-8-at/
  4. Ford 8-AT

    The skis are ready. They are of a more moden type than the Monogram skis. These had shock absorbers. Finished model: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235026723-ford-8-at/ I hope to finish the plane today
  5. Ford 8-AT

    The skis are ready. One step closer to finish. Tail ski is next thing to do,
  6. Ford 8-AT

    With the rigging done I turned to the skis and started to build parts for them.
  7. Ford 8-AT

    As i didn't like the slack in the lines I removed them and trying "invisible Thread" instead. Even harder to see what I'm doing with this line.
  8. Ford 8-AT

    I have mixed feeling for this. I managed to build the fittings that will steer the rudder lines. They look large on the picture but the holes are just 0,4 mm (.015) and the thickness of the plastic strips are 0,25 mm (or .010) so I didn't expect that I would succeed. But I realized that a grey 0,06 mm rudder line running parallell to the corrugation is invisible. But I can't get the lines looking right. They slope to much. (The camera manage to see the lines at least) Perhaps I should try the elastic "invisible thread" that some people mentions
  9. Ford 8-AT

    Work on the new skis have started
  10. Ford 8-AT

    I went for the flat coat on it. At some point this plane got a new left wing so the red stripe is missing on it. The letters under the wing did have a different font .
  11. Ford 8-AT

    Back at what I hate in modelling. Painting. The stripe is more red in real life than it look in pictures. I need to add a semi gloss clear coat as I think it is to shiny. Maybe even flat? I have cut the masks for the registration but I am waiting for the paint to cure before continuing.
  12. Ford 8-AT

    I started to paint it but realized that I hade missed to build some small details. I will worry about that later. Now I need to cut some masks for the registration letters.
  13. Ford 8-AT

    I removed the engine and moved it forward as the engine cowl was to short Now I could add the details I wanted. Plus the engine didn't sit straight either. But I had do convert the exhaust system as the original didn't fit any more. The only things left to do is a new landing gear for the tail and some small details. But I forgot to drill holes for the rudder wires so it will be a little tricky do do as the landing gear is in the way.
  14. Ford 8-AT

    Testing the skis from the Monogram tri-motor and I like it. But should I paint them wood or metal.
  15. Ford 8-AT

    It took me twelve years to start this build but now it starting to look like a plane. I will let the glue set before I start adding struts. Struts and wires, I wonder were the lower wing are