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  1. Here are Zvezdas suggestion: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/4/5/8/1327458-82-instructions.pdf
  2. Now I understand why it sunk three times. Big holes in a submarine hull is a bad idea.
  3. I started to build something Swedish for a group build so I got a Heller SAAB J 21A out from the stash. I decided to try another approach attaching wings to the fuselage. The wings are in three parts, one large bottom and two parts for the top so I started by building them together as I always done before. But when I got to the fuselage I only glued the part in front of the cockpit and let it set. Then I glued the fuselage to the wing assembly leaving the rear of the fuselage unglued. This way i could press the fuselage out to the wings leaving no gap to be filled. When the gl
  4. Interesting. I didn't know of this kit. My first thought when I saw this post was that I should get one and shorten it to build the Swedish Hajen. Second thought was: that it is a bad idea. Hajen was longer than Holland, not the other way round. Third thought was: 1/144, that is not my scale I better get on with my 1/350 scratch build instead. But I will follow this thread with interest.
  5. As a kid I built many AMT and Revell 1/25 scale cars. I had a friend that built some Monogram 1/14 scale cars and I thought that they looked much bigger than the 1/25 scale so I kept away from those.
  6. This discussion made me reach for my shelf of shame and bring down my started G24. I had read about the roof but wasn't prepared to try and fix it as I couldn't think of a way to do it. This is how it came out building it straight out of the box. I had also started on a second where I modified the wing to move the engines outward. Now when I got involved in the discussion I realized that I got it wrong and as I now have a third kit that I had no plan to build I decided to use the wings from it on this plane. As I then would have spare parts for the fuselage I decided to
  7. It is said to be in stock at Hobby Link Japan: https://www.hlj.com/1-48-scale-heinkel-he-70k-hungary-af-adm4801
  8. I've read that initially they had problems with vibrations so the engines were moved outward by adding a piece inboard of the engines. As they were bolted to the wings it was easy to do. You could also look at thisreview: http://www.internetmodeler.com/2007/september/first-looks/Revell_G24.php http://www.airwar.ru/image/idop/cw1/g24/g24-2.gif I've seen a drawing that explained that there were an interference of prop streams that was the cause of the problems but I can't find that one now. On the link to the drawing above you can see that the circles of the props run into
  9. . I don't see anything wrong with the instructions. I will give them 10 out of 10. For a Ford AA I use the GAZ AA plastic kit. Close enough and i 1/72 scale instead of 1/76. Easier to convert as it is in plastic.. That gun is an interesting piece.
  10. I made some for my SAAB build's: https://baecklund.eu/scalemodels/72/papercockpit.html
  11. I'm not thinking out of the box. I'm digging in the box using what I can for my projects. I decided to start on a parallel build of the HMS Näcken as it will be the same work to do as the Neptun. Only the length will differ (well mostly). Another Viggen nose was sacrificed and grafted to a plastic tube. The tube had a layer of plastic card added to increase the diameter. Magic Sculp was used to alter the shape of the Viggen nose. The second of the left over submarine noses has been reshaped an everything is ready to be cut in the right length and put together.
  12. As I hate painting the build died as they tend to do at that point.
  13. I am gluing layers of thick plastic card together for the sail so there isn't to much progress to show. I have finished the shape of the nose so the next step will be a coat of primer to show were i need to add some filler. I got some nose parts left over that I decided to use. I have reshaped the unpainted one and aiming for another Swedish sub. HMS Neptun of the Näcken class. To this I added a plastic tube and a nose from the Heller SAAB Viggen. I glued a piece of thin plastic card on the tube ti increase the diameter and some thick pc o
  14. Orso

    Track problems

    Have you contacted Revell to see if they can help you? The kit seems to be in production right now. Product number: 03278 https://www.revell.de/en/contact/
  15. Yes that has been on my radar. I'm thinking of Jean Batten and her Australian flight. I have A-models DH60T that is the same kit as their DH60M so I might use it as a pattern for a conversion of the Frog kit. I have three Frog kits left so two Swedish and Jean Battens plane is probably what I will do. There are some things on the Batten plane I need to check up first.
  16. Things are going slowly forward. #525 as got splash protection covers for the machine guns. I have learned that the foot steps are placed wrong on the Emhar kit so I need to fix this. Looking at pictures I have found another problem that I am unsure if I should try to fix. The MG hatches on the front are placed to high on the kit. I could try to fix this as it is only two models that will have these but doing so the covers for the towing hooks need replacing and so would all the rivets for the MG mounts, and tad I have to do on all five models and also on the rear so that they will be the
  17. For several years I searched for the kit of the HMS Västergötland and finally found one. But I needed two to be able to convert one to the extended submarine as well. Considering how difficult it was to find a kit, I had no great hope of finding a second one so I tried to make a silicone mold of the bow and aft and trying to scratch build the rest. A plastic tube was mounted between the polyester castings and Magic Sculp was used to build up the hull. One year later I was lucky enough to get a second kit so the project started was scrapped and the new
  18. I built two back in 2017 and recognise the problems with the engines and window. I did the same with my windows and added 0,4 mm plastic card between the engine halfs to make them fit. You have done a very good job on your model.
  19. OK. I am convinced. I need to find drawings so I can build one in 1/600 scale. This build is very impressing. Looking forward to see it finished.
  20. Looking at the nose on the old kit it look more like an old Hawker Demon or the Kestrel-engined Heinkel 70
  21. Thaks for showing this. The last time I saw one build was when I build one as a kid. No paint, no rigging back then.
  22. I forgot to mention that the dinghy packs were from Alley Cat. I have started on a third ASR plane now (or fourth if one shall count the P-47 that I built ages ago).
  23. I bought the new tool Defiant from Airfix to build an ASR plane but just had to build the old one to compare them. There are some small things that I didn't like with the kit. The plastic is much too soft. One antenna broke when I was cutting it off the sprue, but that didn't matter as it had to be cut down anyway when gear is down.The other antenna broke while trying to mount it, and the pitot tube also was damaged.The other thing I didn't like was that the gun barrels wasn't separate pieces that could be attached at the end of the build. Now they went on early
  24. I have built three A7V kits earlier: https://baecklund.eu/scalemodels/72/a7v.html and have now bought five more kits. When finished they will all be different, not only in colours, so I need to keep the models apart and follow my notes for each one. I want to mount the chassis after the hull has been put together so I cut them in half. First one on the way. #561, A 2'nd lot tank. Female front that was converted to a male. The grills on the hull top has been reduced to 9 from the original 45. It became a bit boring in the end. Door hinges
  25. Thanks for showing it. I started on a conversion many years ago but never finished it. Your is looking good.
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