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  1. wow, great start. i want to complete my kit too. will be watching your progress, and hope to learn some stuff.
  2. That looks like a definite yes, they should be drilled out
  3. wow, nice to see that you've picked a fantastic kit to start. Building one myself currently. you've got a good spread of aftermarket stuff, sure's gonna be an interesting project to follow. you might want to consider the Eduard Landing flaps. the kits flaps are less detailed. Eduard's interior is great too.
  4. wow, absolutely fabulous
  5. finally got the cockpit done up with the nose guns (by Eduard) and ready to put the 2 half's together, finally can see it take on that iconic shape. the nose guns by Eduard is absolutely amazing, i highly recommend the nose and belly guns for the mosquito FB.
  6. Been, working on the Mosquito's cockpit, its a ton of work, compared to the Spitfire. lots and lots of details i am off for my vacation for the long Chinese New Year Break here in Asia, so wishing all of you a Happy New Year and hope to be back on the saddle soon to finish up the rest of the cockpit area.
  7. wow, amazing work!!
  8. wow, superb attempt
  9. wow, very nicely done. this was my very first kit when i got into scale modelling. i was totally inspired by the Tornado in the gulf war
  10. Thank you Phil, Drift and Tom for the complements, cant say enough about Tamiya's excellent model kit. just a joy to build. now to close up the fuselage.... and on to the mosquitos cockpit!!! first up is the seatbelts...... finally got to close up the fuselage a bit of a scale comparison between the spitfire fuselage vs the mosquito's engine necelle, looks like the mosquito is going to be a huge model?
  11. wow, just fabulous, there's just so much to appreciate.
  12. wow, first in 15 yrs? you've done an amzing job!!
  13. some close ups of the cockpit
  14. " Honestly, this kit was a big disappointment. Not on par with the latest Airfix releases. "???? But non of that matters? you've built and finished it so beautifully