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  1. wow, this is amazing work, got to take notes for my build soon
  2. Thanks Alan, slow and steady is the way to go, gets a bit challenging when it comes to masking intricate details. as my buddy said , i will remember these 2 as the ones completed with a broken arm. sure feels that way, the cast is removed last week, so back to high gear now. thanks again
  3. finally reached my fav part of the build - decals- but this had to happen????? the decals cracked once the decal softener was applied? ???? what on earth happened? so i've decided to order Roundel masks and try painting, so whilst waiting for the masks to reach, i went ahead and put in the decals for the top half of the model the markings are for George Beurling's aircraft. it was from Hussar Production, stencils from HGW Anyone need the left over Decals, pls PM me and i can have them sent over Meanwhile i've also completed the Mosquito's decals. Decals are from EagleCal and stencils from HGW Models got to start working on the landing gears now. thanks for viewing.
  4. wow, fantastic work wish someone will come up with a 1/32 scale version of this aircraft with gulf war scheme
  5. Wow, that looks absolutely amazing
  6. wow, love your attention to detail, so inspiring to watch
  7. Hasegawa Spitfire IX 1/72

    wow, very nice, cant believe its 1/72 scale. great modelling skills
  8. thanks mates, for your well wishes, gave the camo ago last night - turned out pretty ok i guess, except for some over feathering- need to do some rectification works
  9. very beautifully done, good job sir!!
  10. busted my arm while ice skating with my little princess, so progress has been real slow, 2more weeks till the cast comes off so , a little progress on the spitfire got the guns and tail band painted and finally got the mosquito ready for some camo
  11. wow!! superb! got to try out this method
  12. Finally some paint!! started out by preshading the spit and the mossie i recently bought the hasegawa 1/32 scale Fw 190d, with the engines from Aires, so i've decided to practice a bit of mottling on the spitfire preshading tried to mimic some wood affects on the mossie Finally some prep work- i am not confident on my free hand camo skills, so decided to try the white tack method sprayed on the Ocean gray and prepped for the camo- finally sprayed on the dark green happy with it for now, next up to give it a go with the mossie.