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  1. Finally some paint!! started out by preshading the spit and the mossie i recently bought the hasegawa 1/32 scale Fw 190d, with the engines from Aires, so i've decided to practice a bit of mottling on the spitfire preshading tried to mimic some wood affects on the mossie Finally some prep work- i am not confident on my free hand camo skills, so decided to try the white tack method sprayed on the Ocean gray and prepped for the camo- finally sprayed on the dark green happy with it for now, next up to give it a go with the mossie.
  2. Nice Start, this kit is really fun to build.
  3. Thanks Guys, yes, these 2 production by Tamiya are of the best quality out there, One thing about Tamiya is that you've got to have precision in mind though. everything's to to be dead center and every millimeter counts. if you dont get it close to absolutely right, something will pop up down the road and mess things up. I found that repainting stuff and assembling tends to have fit problems as every coat of paint build up will cause some fitting issues down the road. I think Tamiya has engineered their parts down to perfection scale. it's really fun to work with lots of details, but tedious though, but who cares - its lots and lots of fun. Thanks for the compliments guys. been struggling to have time to get to the finish line. got my spitfire all masked up and ready for primer and am now masking up the Mosquito. tons of masking required. hope to get them both primed up and ready for some weekend painting.
  4. wow, thats looking like absolutely a great start.
  5. Hi, i use Photobucket. once you have loaded up you pic, click it with you mouse and a new page opens up of the pic. on the right side, there are some tabs, i click the one that says IMG and it turns yellow with the words " copied" appearing. all i have to do is to hold Control+V on this page and the entire link is copied. The image will appear on your post. i usually load up pic which are computer monitor friendly size , ie 1024 x 768 x 1028 x 960.
  6. moving onward, i thought of experimenting on glass coating. so its the all loved and trusted Klear, vs, Gauzy - The Gauzy glass coat proved to be much more difficult to work with compared to Klear. its not as fluid as Klear and its milky in colour.. the technique is the same - ie: Drip Dry, but Klear glids across the clear plastic and Gauzy is more like condensed milk coating the clear parts. The Gauzy coat had some clouding affects as the viscosity of coating starts to pool at the edges I used Gauzy on the spitfire canopy and Klear on the Mosquito's canopy. my first run with Gauzy was a disaster. so i decided to give it a Windex bath and striped out the coating and tried again and this was the result now to compare the Klear vs Gauzy first up - Gauzy coating i find there is a slight clouding- hopefully it will improve after drying for 1 day, if not, its another Windex bath time again Next up is the Klear coating the mosquito cockpit framing - without the canopy after working with the 2 glass coating agents, i still feel that Klear is the better choice as its easier to work with and i think the transparency is slightly better than Gauzy? Any thoughts or experiences with your builds anyone? please share. thanks
  7. Finally got the wings and engines on. Bungled up a little on the Mosquito's nose, the guns seem to be off centered. got to end up with some minor surgery/ correction. Cant wait to get to the painting, but still got lots of little bits to go. Belly guns from Eduard close up on the engines Surgery underway to correct the nose
  8. wow, thats so amazing, love all your Maiden Stuff. got to get mine started soon
  9. wow, great start. i want to complete my kit too. will be watching your progress, and hope to learn some stuff.
  10. That looks like a definite yes, they should be drilled out
  11. wow, nice to see that you've picked a fantastic kit to start. Building one myself currently. you've got a good spread of aftermarket stuff, sure's gonna be an interesting project to follow. you might want to consider the Eduard Landing flaps. the kits flaps are less detailed. Eduard's interior is great too.
  12. wow, absolutely fabulous