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  1. Lovely looking Fin, like that a lot, weathering is great Darren
  2. I do love a Jag, that's a very convincing paint job, great weathering, top modelling Darren
  3. Fantastic model, always had a soft spot for Fencers but never built one in 1/48, might be time to change that
  4. Excellent the paint and weathering are just right, not too overdone, fantastic model Darren
  5. Another stunning finish, that looks superb Darren
  6. WOW that's a stunning model for one thing but the display and photography take it to the next level, stunning Darren
  7. Absolutely stunning the finish on the Camo is fantastic, very nice model Darren
  8. The hard work certainly paid off that's a great result Darren
  9. A superb build and great photography, can easily be mistaken for the real thing, great job Darren
  10. Tidy build and finish, good job Darren
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