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  1. Another stunning Tonka Mike, you must have a nice collection of them now. The paint and weathering on this is amazing, so realistic and great touch with the photography with that background, making me drool well done sir, fantastic work Darren.
  2. WOW I could only dream of some of those excellent details, like the RBF tags in 1/48 let alone in 1/72nd that's a great model. Nice job on the paintwork too Darren
  3. Looks great in that colour scheme, who doesn,t love a Phantom, great build mate Darren
  4. Love it great job on the paintwork and weathering Darren
  5. Cracking pair, love Gazelles both very nice especially like the maintenance diorama, great job with very fiddly kits, I've always broken bits Darren
  6. That looks fantastic, I've got a 1/48 to tackle but the size puts me off I'm stunned that's only 1/72. love it great job Darren
  7. Very Nice,looks great in that scheme, cracking job Darren
  8. Love it great Hun, nice job on the weathering and exhaust area Darren
  9. Stunning I do love a Corsair i have to ask how do you do the tape around the canopy, I always think it makes a masterpiece rather than a model but never had the courage to attempt it Darren
  10. That's really clever, very well done, the model looks great as well Darren
  11. Well worth the hard work then, looks fantastic to me Darren
  12. Looks great to me, at least you finished yours, mine ended up in the bin lost patience with the fuselage halves. I have a bit more patience now, keep looking for another kit but they seem hard to come by. That's a great model and looks good on the red stand Darren
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