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  1. WOW Another stunner Mike, the detail and weathering is superb, love it Darren
  2. I was gobsmacked over the first post with one picture but these are stunning, love it
  3. Very nice. I have a bit of a guilty pleasure for French jets, so right up my street. Love the subtle weathering great model Darren
  4. Love it great finish, I've not got round to building this kit yet, thats definitely inspiring, looks great Darren
  5. Love that, great job on the weathering Darren
  6. The Hind is such a beast!! Awesome job on this one looks amazing Darren
  7. Hi Mate, thanks for the offer but I dont need them I was just curious if it came with the full load or not, I have one in the stash to make and haven't opened it yet. I do love a fully loaded A-10 but probably me just being lazy but steering away from multiple bomb racks with multiple bombs etc , seem to end up knocking them off all the time or spending too long on them. I need to improve on my 1 completed model for last year. Working on an A-6 at the moment and have finally decided against the multiple racks with dozens of bombs hanging off them Darren
  8. Looks great I do love an A-10. I live just down the road from what was Bentwaters, in fact I live in one of the houses purpose built for Families that worked on the base. We used to get loads of Military aircraft in Suffolk, as I was growing up, Phantoms from Wattisham,, F-15s from Lakenheath, Jags from Coltishall not to mention the abundance of aircraft popping in and out at Mildenhall. All seem to see now are Apaches flying between Wattisham and Woodbridge. Great times and always an airshow on, need to plan a day out to Lakenheath to see their new kit coming in and out Anyhow the
  9. Great modelling and photography hats off to you! Darren
  10. Another stunning Tonka Mike, you must have a nice collection of them now. The paint and weathering on this is amazing, so realistic and great touch with the photography with that background, making me drool well done sir, fantastic work Darren.
  11. WOW I could only dream of some of those excellent details, like the RBF tags in 1/48 let alone in 1/72nd that's a great model. Nice job on the paintwork too Darren
  12. Looks great in that colour scheme, who doesn,t love a Phantom, great build mate Darren
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