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Fairey Albacore Mk.I

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I'm kicking off with the Applecore, which I intend to build as a ASV radar equipped machine from 826.squadron, based on Hal Har, Malta; the main reference material being Tony O'Toole's excellent article in MAM July 2007.

Over the weekend I put together the fuselage. The cockpit will be closed except the gunner hatch, so it is assembled just out of the box with no additional detailing.

The boxart


Fuselage with removed upper decking that slides back when the guns were released


The fuselage tank with reinforcing stripes from Tamiya tape


Painted cockpit. The wash is little bit heavier to give some depth to details under the glazing


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How is this progressing, Redboost? I just loved your Vultee in the SCW GB; I am sure this will be really excellent too!

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Thanks for comments chaps! :)

Hi Maxidad, due to my other commitments the progress is somewhat slow, but lately I added the landing gear and I'm going to attach the canopy. Pictures will follow soon.

Omegaman, the Interior Green is Gunze Mr.Color 364 from the Interior colors pack.



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