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  1. Kirk, Thats a lovely build and i am very pleased to hear some praises about my decals. I always aim to please my customers with my products and i am a firm believer in the printer i use being the best in the buisness. Ive dropped you a PM about the photos as well.
  2. Ive just seen this photo posted on a thread about the restoration of the B-17 at Duxford and i feel it illustrates the light effect on one colour on one aeroplane: This should illustrate how hard it can be to interpret B&W photos. For those who are interested this is the thread where the photo is posted origionaly, if your looking for referance photos there are literaly hundreds of good photos: http://warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpB...=26&t=40406
  3. Im glad to see im not the only nutter building one here. All i will say is watch the engine mounts carefully. O and have fun rigging it.
  4. I did once consider doing something like this but then gave up on the idea. This thread is seriously tempting me to start work on my own. O and please do a Gargant to go with it.
  5. Problem is these figures have been on the go even longer than the Gotha and im trying to finish things off before starting any more.
  6. My problem is at the moment im distracted building and painting wargaming figures.
  7. This does make for an interesting comparison. As you may have seen i am building the beast in 1:32, i wonder who will finish theirs first? Im going to sit down tonight and drill out all the rigging holes.
  8. A bit more progress on this beast was made today, it makes a handy distraction from christmas: Please excuse the intuder into the photo, it is a 1:144th Tornado to give you some idea of the scale of this model.
  9. You get very drunk, forget what instructions are for and think sticking 1:72 pilots into a 1:32 Hawk is a good idea. On a serious note good luck.
  10. Im not sure what im going to do about storage, i was thinking of making the wings removable but ive decidded against that idea.
  11. Badger, Thank you for that detailed feedback. Its nice to actualy hear from someone who uses them day to day. I have seen the sorts of costs before and im sure the costs will come down in time, a bit like 3d printers and things. I often wonder when and who would be the first to use it for kits though. Is there a way once you have a scan of an ebject filtering out the noise and minute differences in measurements? Obviously wed want to still see panel lines but nothing smaller than that. Also could you compensate once its in the software with the thickness of edges etc? As for a copy of the
  12. Koen, Its no rush, i will wait for him to return.
  13. Your mad, this is most definatly old fashioned modelling but it looks good so far.
  14. Ive been a bit lapse taking photos recantly but i thought people might be interested in this beast so ive taken some photos as she stands tonight. Next job is to start painting her: And to give you some idea of the size of it:
  15. This sounds very good. I look forward to seing the finished product. Ive just sent you a PM though.
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