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  1. Went and enjoyed it, but yes the displaying aircraft were more distant. Previously the crowd line was the fence behind the parked visiting aircraft, but now there's a strip of no-man's land between it and another fence about 30m back. Going to need a bigger lens. So photography less good but otherwise a lovely atmosphere as always. My only gripe would be coming from the North on the A1 there was very little warning that the road off the Biggleswade roundabout was closed. The sign just before said to carry on south on the. A1, but there were no further signs.
  2. I too did the anhedral tail thing back in the day. Smart model. Wish Airfix/somebody would do a new B2.
  3. I've been thinking about ordering a 1/48 early P51 tail direct from them in the US. If you're saying I can get one from the UK, a happy teddy I shall be.
  4. Many years ago I tried this with a rotating pen, only for the ink to re- liquefy when over sprayed with acrylic paint. Always meant to retry with enamels but the pen (used for geological map work when I was a student) dried up before I got around to it.
  5. Went through Peterborough approx 9am today en route for York I understand
  6. I believe that colour was called 'Harvest Gold' by British Leyland. My first car (a Morris Marina!) was that colour, although my mates referred to it as 'baby's first attempt yellow'.
  7. Very off topic, and very off colour - the subject matter isn't at all funny, but the Journalist's name is unfortunate in context: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/faith/article2465684.ece
  8. So, we have some v. Expensive ships with engines that sometimes stop working and it's all the fault of ... Journalists! If it wasn't for this site I don't know where I'd go for informed analysis of defence matters...
  9. All been mentioned above but B-25, Canberra fishbowl and Brisfit getting the new tool treatment would see me seriously out of pocket.
  10. Building one of these at the moment. - not a straightforward task, so this is great effort. Should Mr V ever decide to make an honest woman of you, you might consider retaining your maiden name...
  11. Tripehound


    More contentious emoticons are available - I give you (fnarr! fnarr!) 'Night kids...
  12. I don't see how not speculating on what may or may not be forthcoming from other manufacturers makes us arrogant. It could be argued that practically demanding that we do so is precisely that.
  13. Just been out to see him pass over our house. Hope he saw the Union Jack fairy lights...
  14. Nice one. I went on a tour round the remaining buildings earlier in the year, some of them, like the blast pens, are reasonably well preserved.
  15. Was quite impressed by the output in the first post, before I clocked it was just January! Like the KC dio, are there pics of the whole thing on t'internet? Also like the Red Angel, and above all I salute your eclecticism, if that's even a word?
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