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The littlest Kubelwagen - 1/72


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Whilst mostly hammering out a Bf 109F for this GB over the weekend, I figured that since I have a few weeks left to go before the deadline, I'd make a little vignette to display it in. So, I went through the stash and the boxes in the attic and discovered a tiny 1/72 scale Kubelwagen that was included as a bonus in a Dragon M4 Sherman model. It even had DAK balloon tires on the sprue, so I figured it would be a nice addition top the Afrika Korps Messerschmitt. As it turns out, the little dragon kit has turned into a build all of itself. Its small bits and not overly-great fit has taken a full evening and morning's modeling session just to do the basic assembly. I figured it was worthy of a build thread in its own right, and here it is...


Here's the kit in question with its bonus sprues:


53359209582_28cf4f9388_h.jpg0 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Starting with the underbody, you get a basic chassis, a rear section that includes the drivetrain, some separate mufflers in Dragon's peculiar squishy clear plastic, a rear skid pan, a front suspension beam, and a front skid pan:


53360414599_45a3031c2d_h.jpg0-1 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


The rear section cams into the main body/chassis and is extremely tight but leaves considerable gaps between the rear fenders and body. The mufflers -appear- to fit nicely at this stage:


53360305458_68121b2fd4_h.jpg0-2 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr

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However, when you attempt to install the rear skid pan it is plainly clear that nothing, well, clears. See that little gusset moulded into the skid pan in the above photo (tip of scalpel blade points to it)? Well, that goes precisely here the muffler tailpipe goes. So it has to be carved out:


53360414544_fea9a25cad_h.jpg0-3 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Then you realize that to get the skid pan to meet the rear of the body, the engine's crankcase needs to be whittled down:


53360088966_500fa0df90_h.jpg0-4 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


And finally, the mufflers themselves have to be thinned in a bunch of places. Finally, the skid pan can go on:


53359209587_0b8c110a37_h.jpg0-5 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


In contrast, the front suspension and skid pan fall together with no drama:


53360305373_2b7ed41c2a_h.jpg0-6 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr

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Turning the model over, we are presented with the chassis' spine, a dash board the gas tank and a front panel. The dash board to front panel gluing was especially fiddly to get the angle right:


53360088951_d96563c003_h.jpg0-7 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


53360544240_573dde0900_h.jpg0-8 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Finally I added the little details required before paint; the headlights, blackout light, the tropical air cleaner cover, tiny tow hooks, and the spreader bar / rifle rack in the interior between the center door posts:


53360414484_16f6ceb9ef_h.jpg0-9 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


I plan on painting the model as you see it and affixing the doors, wheels, and last details after the fact. In the meantime, here's the preliminary idea from the vignette:


53360305368_238fcfe348_h.jpg0-10 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr

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Good to see your little Kubelwagen underway, if not mostly built! She may have put up a bit of a fight but I think you have done a very good job on her so far, especially considering the work that was necessary to get some of the parts to fit together. Very strange to see parts provided in clear plastic for stuff like the exhaust, can't see the logic behind that at all.

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On with painting...


First, I black-based the whole model including the wheels and the doors which are still on the sprue. This is to check all the seams and to make a dark base in every nook and cranny:


53360104427_7e8c6cfa05_h.jpg0-15 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Then after waffling between the standard Wehrmacht Dunkelgrau, and the somewhat more charismatic Luftwaffe Graublau, I found that my bottle of the gray had dried up. So I sprayed the little Kubel with the dark blue trying to coat all the pertinent body parts while maintaining a high angle with the airbrush to fake some shadow in the nooks which had been sprayed black:


53360994176_ba9d9113c2_h.jpg0-16 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Before we get all esoteric about whether or not a Luftwaffe Kubel Kar deployed to Africa would have been blue or grey, let me say that it's all an academic exercise anyway. This is just another base coat, one that will be only slightly exposed via chipping underneath a tan and subtle green-spotted camouflage scheme. Here's my muse, a Luftwaffe Kubel caught in the quagmire of the storms of Spring 1942:


53361435420_0021fc5697_k.jpgLW-Kubelwagen by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


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Onward with paint...


After a coating of hairspray, a layer of a sandy beigey color was mixed up (I didn't have the right color on the rack, so I mixed up some yellows, beiges, and ochres until it looked close enough to Sandbeige) and sprayed on a bit mottled and again concentrating on upper, outer surfaces:


53362498220_797f02c936_h.jpg0-17 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Then a few spots and squiggles of RLM 80 were scattered about:


53362050601_408bb94eb9_h.jpg0-18 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


And then it was all chipped back to reveal the Graublau in high wear areas:


53362371504_37490ffc1f_h.jpg0-19 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr

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Moving along in the process:


Little Afrika Korps Palms on the doors were provided by a Peddinghaus Decals sheet intended for motorcycles. Also I started brush-painting the tires and other small details:


53362498225_cde0949daf_h.jpg0-20 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Pin washes (a combination of Tamiya Black and Dark Brown panel liners) were then slathered about:


53362371479_207580dec1_h.jpg0-21 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


And finally for this session, the wee bucket car was presented to the Friedrich that it'll soon be joining in a vignette:


53361165242_b1784347b8_h.jpg0-22 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


At this point I need to finish brush painting all the little details and apply them to the model. After that I'll be lightening up the paintwork and adding dust and grime with pigments. Stay tuned for further adventures in Kubelmotoren...

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1 hour ago, Wings unlevel said:

That’s looking very neat, especially as it looks to be only the size of a Matchbox/Hot Wheels car!

It's smaller, Hot Wheels are 1/64 ;)



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I spent the majority of the evening's modeling time working on the scenery for the vignette base that the Kübel and its accompanying Bf 109F. Once i'd slathered on all the mud it was like watching the proverbial paint dry, so i turned my sights on the we KDF Wagen...


First I attached the previously painted wheels and the side mirrors. A huge number of Kobe's that Ive found in pictures of the Afrika Korps have their windshields folded down and covered by various forms of tarpaulins. To emulate this, I wrapped the kit windshield in tissue paper matte clear varnish, being careful to leave it imperfect:


53369934406_15a6d51d2f_h.jpg0-37 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Here you see the Kubel in front of the still-drying vignette base. Build details of which are in my Bf 109F build log in this GB.


53369033317_7b46ab1231_h.jpg0-38 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


Then I started attaching all the last details from the kit; the steering wheel, doors and the now dried and painted tarped windscreen...


53369033322_7f1ba07d46_h.jpg0-39 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


And here we are, a complete 5cm long Kubelwagen:


53369934391_f244ab97ed_h.jpg0-40 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


I've got to install some details of detritus and other such stuff to make the car look lived in as well as the number plates (waiting on a decal sheet) that will all be added along with a final dusting of pigments just before it gets placed in the vignette. I'll snap some final shots for this thread and the gallery just before that happens.

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And... this one's done.


53375655202_0350278b57_h.jpg0-3 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


I finished up by adding my promised detritus; a back seat loaded with jerry cans, a wood crate on the rear deck, and a canteen, gas mask can, and helmet on the front seat. Then, I liberally dusted the whole thing with weathering powders.


53376755728_9573373ed6_h.jpg0 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


53375655192_8b435c7e3d_h.jpg0-5 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


53375655232_a6dfdfc5d9_h.jpg0-2 by Evan Bailly, on Flickr


I'll get some more pictures of this little guy alone, and in the completed diorama, over to the Gallery once I complete the diorama and the Messerschmitt over the next day or two.

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Your Kubelwagen has turned out superbly, outstanding work that will look really good on your diorama. I really like the details you have added like the jerry cans, crate and helmet.

Thanks for having built this in a separate thread, it deserves it, and very well done on making such a very good job of it.

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What a great looking (if fiddly) kit. Looks more like 1/35 rather than 1/72. Interesting to see the captured Universal Carrier in the background of the wartime photo.  

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