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  1. Brother from another mother! Looks great, love the orange test aircraft scheme!
  2. A couple of beauties. Given its age I think this kit builds up really nicely.
  3. A solid run at this today, so now the decals are on, plus the nose ring/cone and the exhausts. The Xtradecals went down quite nicely, while I stole some of the stencil decals from the Airfix kit. I even applied the white bands to the lower fuselage tank, which with a bit of trimming fit the narrower MB kit fairly well. I did though opt out of using the walkway boundary lines on the upper wings. Trying to place long thin line decals on raised panels on a kit they weren’t designed for filled me with too much trepidation! Despite the gracious GB deadline extension I will still try to finish this tomorrow, given how close I am! Think it’s looking alright. Gerard
  4. Thanks! The AK Real lacquers always go down beautifully. And am glad my Lightning adds some variation to the others in the gallery/soon to be. Thanks! Cutting it fine, but gloss coat went on tonight so I’m in with a shot! By the way George, your own Lightning build looks lovely.
  5. I’ve put the Airfix aside to concentrate on finishing the MB kit by the deadline. Think I’ll get there - just! Painting is now complete, but after more masking than I’d anticipated, the three tone grey scheme more complex than I’d originally appreciated. But painting, including some touch ups and details like the black at the top of the fin, is now all done. Think it looks alright. It’ll be a high speed landing right on the cusp of the deadline, but I think I can bring it home! Gerard
  6. Brilliant! I bet it was it loud? That’s a really lovely build of a fascinating aeroplane.
  7. I’m a bit late to the party but the finished build looks fantastic, that weathering is on point! It really is a, err, super Hornet!
  8. Cheers Pat, the difference 30 something years of progress is fascinating to see. Wonder what the next 30 years will bring??
  9. Saw a few of the other Lightning builds threads have been updated so here’s mine, with paint underway and the scheme chosen - 5 Squadron’s XS919 circa 1984 in grey it is. Undersides done - fuselage is RAF medium sea grey, wing and horizontal tail undersides in RAF light aircraft grey. Main colour, dark sea grey to be applied next. Going away this weekend but confident of completion by the GB deadline… I think! Gerard
  10. I’ve been waiting for the PK-254 Quad Otter to join the Matchbox GB!
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