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Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales


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Not the greatest pictures but we've just spent a lovely weekend in Portsmouth. We paid to go out on a landing craft and get a view of the carriers in harbour.











Awesome pieces of kit that these pictures don't really do justice to but I thought some of you may like them 




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1 minute ago, jhutchi said:

Absolutely you can. 

Thanks very much! Here they are, including a couple of 'fly-by' videos!





Here's a distant shot of POW coming back to Pompey after her first trip out following repairs:


Thanks again @jhutchi for letting me piggyback your thread 🙏



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9 hours ago, Midland1965 said:

After growing up seeing the Hermes, Buklwark and then the Invincibles there, it is certainly a step up. I'm quite envious of you doing the tour in style, I've only been past there on the usual tour boats and the ferry.

It was a last minute trip to Portsmouth booked Friday afternoon and we went on Saturday. Mrs H wanted to see the Mary Rose which was also very impressive 

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