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  1. My current build had rungs but in 1/350.....no thanks said I to that! I've learned to not worry too much about close ups as they often show things not discernable to the human eye, I think you've done a really good job so far and are brave to even attempt them, id chicken out,
  2. I sit and marvel at people who can do 3d modelling, well done for taking it on as a project
  3. Just caught up on this one, she's looking great Steve, well done on dealing with the damage,
  4. Looks great Jon, interesting one to have on the self for sure
  5. Hi All, I'm tooled up ready for a future double build with the arrival of Yorktown which will likely be built as USS Franklin along side Ark Royal. Small update on Graf Zeppelin, the superstructure/island is coming together, new doors now in place and scuttles |(again from mk.1). Still much work to do on the funnel and then the 3 masts - the golf ball range finders need sorting as well as they have some noticeable seams.
  6. I do wonder if that's the case, looking at the list above I'd expect it would only really appeal to a North American Market. That said I have their Taiho kit which is excellent so it's a shame if they have gone and I would have thought that kit would have sold very well, perhaps too little too late though,
  7. This is bad news all around, concerning that the owner hasn't been heard from in so long and that a company doing something different has gone under. I have the Taiho and am very glad I got it, its a fantastic kit and perhaps now going to be a very rare one indeed,
  8. I'd go with your head I'm afraid, I would be very very suprised if it fit correctly, something would only have to be out by a mm or so and it'd make it a nightmare,
  9. Looking at the pictures its interesting to see how they have moulded the main section of hull complete with parts of the deck, Certainly an odd looking one for sure,
  10. Out of curiosity are you using any particular tools to let you attach the rigging without knocking what you've already got in place? Access must become an issue the further you go surely?
  11. Back to Zep for a bit of superstructure on her. I looked at the kit and thought it looked a bit bland on her uppers so am adding more scuttles/portholes and opened a door. I feel that having openings is another way to add depth to a model. Decided I didn't like the doors I had added to the island so far, to took them off. They were noticeably the inside of the door that was showing, so they'll be replaced, I have the same issue elsewhere on the build but some aren't easy to access so I might just have to live with those ones. I changed by mind about using the upgrade from Eduard for the forward part of the island, partially because a mistake on the kit bugged me a bit. The forward part (below) doesn't have any window to the front. I know there would be look outs etc but surely being able to see where you are heading would be important - certainly never seen a ship with out the ability to see forwards! So in order to do that I decided to utilise the etch and cut out the section of windows from the plastic remnants to modify the otherwise blank front part. The other advantage is that it saves having to try and open out widows and doors on that area. So chopped out the section, then cut out the middle part to allow for the central part of the original to be added as it contains the round to guide the foremast when fitting. Then stuck it all together, It looks a little messy but with a bit more clean up I think will come together. The doors and hatches are from MK.1 and in my opinion are excellent! I look at Zep and think there is simultaneously not very much and an awful lot left to do, likewise with Taiho, but I'm still enjoying doing the both together. So much so that i think I'll do another double next time, which ships i'll choose closer to the time. Thanks for stopping in, Sam
  12. Mr chair is pulled up to follow along,
  13. Really coming along nicely, I'd not really appreciated the Iowas actually have quite nice lines.
  14. Coming together nicely, she must be a fair size really,
  15. I've not checked in with this build in a little while, the rigging really is impressive, must be a patience tester at times though
  16. Ooooo where to start, For me I'd love to see HMS Furious or Courageous/Glorious in 1/350, given the hobbys predelection towards german subjects I'm suprised they've not been done given Glorious was sunk in one of the very few successful german surface Fleet actions of ww2, I'd double any comments for the splendid cats, an R class and the oft forgotten Iron Duke of WW1, and just about any of german Dreadnoughts, My list would go on and on so I shall stop but I would say where are HMS RODNEY AND NELSON in 1/350 long since promised but not delivered
  17. Must say she looks a real beast in terms of size,
  18. Great looking start Jon, decals look to of gone on really well, which solution do you use for them? Sam
  19. I continue to jump around from bit to bit on Taiho, the truth is I cant quite work out what order to do a few key bits in to save later hassle with painting, I may just have to accept that there isnt an ideal way available, Anyway, been doing a bit on her funnel, the brass support structure was tricky only because Veryfires instructions tell you bend upwards but its actually for a downwards bend and vice versa (well in my opinion they do), so it all fell apart, came back together easy enough though and is just stood in place for now. Still more grill etc to put on but its a start, and frustratingly the bald section of detail on the front of the funnel is a moulding error not my careless sanding, Also these are the ties I mentioned for the platforms, oddly as you'll see there some that dont have any on them. Given there are some that are on the etch sheet but not instructions im assuming its an error on the instructions, thanks for looking, Sam
  20. It's good they tie in with popular games by releasing some of this stuff, just really wish they'd release an iron Duke or r class in 350, Do also find it odd though that they choose what if German subjects rather than their cruisers which outside the Hipper class are so far not represented,
  21. Thanks, I know what you mean, I realised I was at the point where the stash goes from looking fun to looking daunting, Sam
  22. Hi All, Me again, been doing a bit on the AA guns to break things up, also been adding the support ties to the platforms, the kit parts are pretty good but the DX version of the kit adds further detail, the main support has only two holes but the PE faceplate for it has four, and they're slightly larger than then two on the kit part so they needed opening up The gun 'body' is a resin upgrade, definietly fiddly and the opening for the gun barrels didn't quite line up so needed some jiggery and pokery, PE upgrade on the kit parts that complete the mount Bring it all together for this All Six done I should start the triple 25mm AA mounts next but im not looking forward to doing 18 of them so i'll duck that for now, Hopefully have a bit of something to show later, thanks Sam
  23. Looking at your recent posts I can only say envy, envy is what I have, you're doing a stunning job on all the details, it'll really make the model multi 'layered' when your finished,
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