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Eduard 1:48 Me BF109 G-2

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Hello All,


So, after buying a considerable amount of kits at the Scottish National Scale Model Show, I decided to try and deplete my wee stash of existing kits starting with the Eduard 1:48 Me BF 109 G2 ProfiPACK one.


Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 20.03.35


Started off by doing the cockpit and fuselage as normal...




So far the kit is a delight with good mould quality as you would expect from Eduard. I warmed to the clear and concise instruction booklet that was supplied.



Assembly of the cockpit along with the etchings, was tedious but yet rewarding. The foot stirrups were particularly arduous to bend into shape and lace the straps through the micro buckles.




Preparation for the etching extras in the cockpit.


After numerous dry fits of the wings and fuselage, it was ready for gluing together...






I taped off the tail landing wheel area after building together as I just knew i would trash it along the way till being ready for paint




Dropped the back ailerons for a bit of aesthetics 


Then assembled the wings, glued to fuselage










Thanks for looking

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11 hours ago, jackroadkill said:

Nice to see a Gustav that's not a G6!  I'll enjoy watching this one come to fruition.

Thanks Jack

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11 hours ago, Chuuurles said:

Pit is looking very nice ! I almost bought this kit the other day and will follow along :)

Thanks Chuuurles

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Today's progress


I had forgot to show the fitted cockpit detail last post.








I painstakingly applied the Eduard masking. My first time using supplied masking


It was needed I think rather than using my goto masking with the ammo liquid. The canopy has a lot of framing compared to the past models I have built






Next to do is building up the radiators on the wings, mask and a coat of surface primer to see if  (and I am sure there will be) there are any seams that need further filled....


Thanks for dropping by.......

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Cockpit is looking very nice. Masking the canopy with tape is worth the effort I think; masking fluid isn't particularly fond of forming sharp corners or straight lines.


How's the Eduard kit coming together compared with the Tamiya and hobbyboss?

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Looking good.  Just wondering, is the head armour fitted to the canopy in those shots?  If it isn't, you might find that it fouls on the seatbelt anchors if you plan on having the canopy closed later on in the build..

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