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  1. Sliding panel, I believe. I would leave it unpainted as it's just where two pieces of perspex meet and overlap internally..
  2. For clarity, Dunlop had a major subsidiary in Germany, which continued making tyres for the Luftwaffe. It's not like Dunlop UK were shipping tyres over to Germany after the war had started. This was just a German production facility doing what production facilities do..
  3. Cockpit now painted, using Vallejo interior green, which I don't think is too far out, as far as I can tell, followed by a dark wash. IP painted, dry-brushed, with some detail picked out in white. Just need to add some straps and it's ready to go in. Engine (what there is of it) sprayed in aluminium, then given a wash with Citadel nuln oil, with the pushrod tubes and other bits picked out in a brighter shade. Pointless spending too much time on the motor, as it will be practically invisible once fitted... Next thing is to join the fuselage halves and fit the wings...
  4. Hi Bob - they're relatively new, but once the decal is on, it is possible to remove the carrier film from the decal, leaving just the print/ink on the surface. There are a few videos on how to do this, but most seem to focus on either lifting it with tweezers or a bit of masking tape. There's a thread here which might help..
  5. This is Hasegawa's old-ish 1/48 kit of one of Japan's best and most under-rated fighters of WW2 - generally accepted as the equal, or better, of the Hellcat and Corsair in the right hands. This is my first Japanese fighter in modern times and a topic I know even less about than the Luftwaffe stuff that I usually build. For that reason alone, it's got to be worth a WIP thread, I would have thought.. Obligatory box shot to start.. Paint scheme is relatively straightforward dark green over natural alu. I don't have any IJN or IJA specific colours, but I do have quite a few dark greens and metal paints, so I should be able to come up with something reasonably close to the required colours. In terms of markings, I'll probably go with '201-53', which is a known aircraft, captured at Luzon, Phillipines. I've made a start on the cockpit and engine, built up and primed, before I work out what the interior and engine appearance should be. Anyone knowledgeable is welcome to chip in.. More to come soon..
  6. Thanks all for the kind words... There's something about the 'standard' 74/75/76 scheme that I really like. Next time I'll try removing the carrier film from the decals once they're on - but they go on so well that I'm really not sure there's any need to. Haha - one day I'll get round to it..
  7. Hi all This is Eduard's 1/48 G-6, built OOB and finished in the markings of Major Ludwig Franzisket, Gruppenkommandeur of JG27, from around 1944. Really enjoyable build, with no issues. First time, I think, using Eduard's new decals. Although I didn't try peeling off the carrier film as many are doing, they work very well. Having said that, I still used paint masks for the upper wing and fuselage crosses. Franzisket flew throughout the war, achieving 39+ victories, before surrendering with what was left of JG27 in Austria in May 45. After the war, he studied at the University of Munster, achieving a PhD in biology and finishing up his new career as Professor of Biology and Director of the Westphalia Museum of Natural History. Hope you like the pics...
  8. Not sure Massimo or Nick Millman would see it that way, but no matter...
  9. I can't help with the colours - but by only addressing your question to 'Brits', you are ruling out a lot of potentially helpful answers from the many and varied international members of these forums...
  10. In terms of the Bf109, it would really depend on which version you were looking to build, and whether you wanted to display it with open panels, closed panels, etc. The Hobbyboss 109s are similarly priced (maybe slightly more) but probably offer a better fit, with less complexity.
  11. I think Eduard are slowly getting their heads around the notion of leaving all that 'excessive interior detail' stuff to the aftermarket suppliers. Having said that, I've still got a couple of these left to build (the A-9 profipack and the D-9 weekend) - after that, I'll try to avoid accumulating any more of them
  12. Yep - the weekend kit is basically the same, but without the 'extras' like paint masks and PE - all the innards are still there unfortunately.
  13. Thanks Andy I guessed the colours as RLM81 dark green and RLM75 for the fuselage uppers (for which I used Vallejo camo green for the 81 and my own mix for 75). For the wings, I used the same 81 green, but the grey in the period pics looked a lot lighter than 75, so I used Vallejo medium sea grey, which comes out a fair bit lighter than 75. The light blue on the sides and underneath is just regular Vallejo RLM76.
  14. Cheers Jack - it was the old 'weekend' kit, 84111. Took more than a flippin' weekend though...
  15. Hi all This is my take on Fw190F-8 'Yellow 14' of SG2 - or SG10 (I don't think anyone is certain which), photographed at the war's end, standing on its nose in a scrap dump at Neubiberg. I had the usual and well-documented nightmares with the early Eduard kit, but most of the problems can be overcome with plasticard and/or filler.. I also used the kit decals, which mostly went on pretty well. Rather strangely, the kit did not come with the outer wing SC50 racks which are clearly fitted in the original pics (and are also pictured on the box art), but I had similar items in the spares box, so used those. Anyway, hope you like..
  16. Going back to Graham's point about 'factory' names for the RLM chips - different factories seem to have had different 'names' for the RLM colours throughout the war, despite the colours themselves being basically the same (or as near as). As far as I'm aware, the RLM, for its part, only ever used numbers and never seem to have used names in its colour references, so any references to 'graugrun', 'dunkelgrun', etc, were not official and would not necessarily have constituted an accurate description of the colour. In other words, it's possible that the green on those A-2s and A-3s in the decal sheets above might have been based purely on a misunderstanding of unofficial terminology, as opposed to any actual reference to RLM74 (for instance) actually being a dark green. Alternatively, there may actually be some specific evidence of them being painted in this way. Or I could be completely off the mark, which is entirely possible, as I have just hit the buffers in terms of the limit of my understanding here
  17. I'm not necessarily disagreeing - but.... The colours are what they are (after being in the earth for 40 years - although that's another issue). But is there any confirmation that the colours there are indeed 74 and 75..? I only ask because other dark greens (RLM81, for example) were in use later in the war.
  18. I remember reading the RAF report on Armin Faber's A-3 (captured at Pembrey) - I can't find it now, but the report, as I recall, refers to the upper surface colours as dark green and something like 'olive grey' (can't remember the exact words). But the scheme as described seemed to suggest 71/02 on the upper surfaces, as opposed to two greys.
  19. Hi - yes, it turned out fine. You need to be careful with it as it goes on a lot heavier than future, so one light coat is probably equal to 3-4 coats of future. Decals and panel line wash went on without issue (probably a bit easier, as the surface was glossier) and after a decent matt coat, everything finished up well. My main worry was the gloss coat (or the aerosol carrier) reacting with the paint, but no problems there.
  20. Werdna

    FW-190 A Help Please

    There's an entry for Hans Ehlers on the Kracker database, which contains a fair amount of info, including a WNr and tactical code of a 190A-4 that he flew. The A-4 may possibly have been a bit early for 1942 though.. http://www.aircrewremembered.com/KrackerDatabase/?q=ehlers&qand=&exc1=&exc2=&search_only=&search_type=exact
  21. Hi Bob - no, not posted on Hyperscale (I'm not registered over there), but I think GRM is also a member on here, so I look forward to anything he may be able to add in due course. Also to add - my copy of Luftwaffe im Focus No. 29 arrived in the post today. Not had a chance to look at it properly yet, but on first glance the info it contains looks extremely impressive, a proper gold mine..
  22. Just a word of warning on the Revell G-10. Although a relatively simple and pretty accurate kit, the clear parts (canopy/windshield) let the side down a bit, as the fit is not good and can leave quit a gap if the canopy is in the closed position. Personally, I'd be inclined to get one of the Eduard kits as the basis for a build like that.
  23. The link was almost certainly genuine back in 2004. It's not unusual for old threads to get hijacked like that, or for web domains to be re-directed - especially after that long. I built Ta152H 'yellow 1' last year and it's currently sitting behind me on the shelf. I will never look at it in quite the same way again..
  24. 'He' must have missed that, or possibly just forgotten about it. We got there in the end though, eh..
  25. Hi all This is Tamiya's 1/35 Schwimmwagen, finished in one of the kit decal options. Lightly weathered - and self-cleaning 'cos it's just been through a river Great fun to build, although took longer than I expected. Struggled a bit with getting an acceptable join between the two halves of the hull, but couldn't get it 100% - and it's visible in one of the picture angles. But the rest of it went together ok.
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