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A pair of kittens **Updated final photos**


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I've just realised that nothing has been posted about this pair (my bad!).


One was built a while ago and a flurry of activity yesterday got the second almost there



If there isn't an extension to the deadline they won't get finished in time, so let's hope @Enzo Matrix is feeling benevolent as Xmas approaches.

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In my rush to get these models into the Gallery before the deadline I didn't notice that I had forgotten to remove the canopy masks 😪


That has now been corrected and I also decided to add missiles for a training sortie, though getting the stripe decals to settle around the Sidewinders and Sparrows was a pain!


It was always my intention to pose the pair flying over NAS Oceana but can't get a decent print from Google Earth; so here are some taken in flight by the Squadron's official photographer:












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  • FortyEighter changed the title to A pair of kittens **Updated final photos**

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