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  1. Could work. What does the BM GB Massive think?
  2. That's quite a good idea! The point of putting a time linit on GBs is to ensure that people have some stimulus to finish a build. However, the Classic GBs are always well attended and people are usually very keen. Rather than six month per CGB, how about five? Start on the 1 Feb with a month's break between them?
  3. Are you thinking that the closing date is 12 November? It's not. @DaveJL flagged up that the GB forum header says 12 November. That's a typo on my part. The actual closing date is 21 November.
  4. With that in mind, does anyone know the date that the Matchbox Fury PK-1 was released?
  5. Okay, I've finally made some progress on this one. The NMF areas were masked off and sprayed. I used AK Xtreme Metal colours. I found that the Dark Aluminium paint was simply too dark and made too great a contrast, so the darker shade is a 50/50 mix of Aluminium and Dark Aluminium. The colours used eventually were AK479 Aluminium AK480 Dark Aluminium AK482 Duralumin AK478 White Aluminium
  6. Here is where the "herding cats" part of my role becomes apparent. We used to have GB start dates spread evenly throughout the year. This meant that the GBs starting at the end of the year would run into the following year - some by two months. People wanted as blank a slate as possible at the start of the year and so the dates for this year were adjusted to prevent any serious overrun into 2022. So let's have a discussion about what the majority would like. I will post the available slots for the next year and we can adjust them as needed. Comments?
  7. I don't see how that could be done as a Single Type Group Build.
  8. This is now in the bunfight!
  9. It is five votes in each section.
  10. Yes, you are quite right. I may have to change the number of slots to accommodate this. Although we agreed to have seven of each, I forgit that and went down the old route of "Squeeze in as many as possible" - hence nine. It does mean that the summer months are very full. Going with the agreed seven of each means that there is a bit of breathing space, together with slots for the two that you mentioned.
  11. There are nine slots each for GBs and STGBs. In accordance with the bunfight rules that the BMGB Massive voted in last year, each person will get votes for 60% of the available p;laces - 5 votes each. Each section is a multiple choice but there is no way of limiting each person to five votes so, as usual, we will take that on trust. There are ten STGBs vying for nine places... Oh, and remember that two GBs were considered historically significant enough that they bypassed the bunfight: The Falklands War GB and the F-15 40th Anniversary STGB. Be aware that the first GB will start on 22 January 2022, so be ready!
  12. This thread is now open for business! The poll will remain closed until the 1 November, giving us all chance to whip ourselves up into the usual pre-bunfight frenzy. If you have GB proposals still on the go in the chat thread, now would be the time to start lobbying. If I have missed any that are eligible, please let me know.
  13. Only 29 days to go. I will try and update the poll over the rest of the weekend.
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