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Enzo Matrix

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  1. Enzo Matrix

    Airfix 2019

    A few years ago Airfix seemed to be replacing classic kits from their 60s range. The Mirage IIIC would fit in well with that policy.
  2. Enzo Matrix

    Airfix 2019

    Nope. I meant IIIC. Look at what Airfix did with the Lightning. They released the more niche F.2A first and then followed it up with an F.6 later. Doing it my way we get everything within three years...
  3. Enzo Matrix

    Airfix 2019

    Mirage IIIC in 1/72.
  4. Enzo Matrix

    1:72 Hawker Persian Fury

    I'm jealous. I can't do stuff like that...
  5. Enzo Matrix

    Matrix Messerschmitt Madness

    The cockpits are filled with tissue paper which is then sealed with Copydex adhesive. The main gear wells are sealed in the same way while the intakes, exhausts and nose gear wells are simply filled with Copydex.
  6. Seriously?!?!? I'm astonished that I've been able to restrain myself...!
  7. Enzo Matrix

    Irish Air Corps Hurricane Mk1.

    A few inaccuracies? I think the correct term is "trivialities". Enjoy the build - it's an excellent kit.
  8. Enzo Matrix

    60s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    I also have the Meng G-91 in The stash. I'm very tempted by it.
  9. Enzo Matrix

    Grump Britain.

    Not even Coronation Street?!?!?!
  10. Enzo Matrix

    Free French Blenheim

    Do you remember this classic box art? Free French Blenheims bombing a target in Libya from an unfeasibly high altitude. As a kid I always wanted to build one of those but never got the chance. Now I have that chance. I won't be using the classic kit, which owuld have been a good choice of the Airfix Golden Years GB. Instead, I'll be using the new Airfix kit, which has a remarkably similar boxart.
  11. Enzo Matrix

    60s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    Looking forward to this one. Can you see a motif linking them all?
  12. Enzo Matrix

    Matrix Messerschmitt Madness

    Now we move on to painting. Two of them are very easy indeed. colours used are: RLM 74 - Xtracrylix XA1206 RLM 75 - Xtracrylix XA1207 RLM 76 - Xtracrylix XA1208 RLM 02 - Lifecolor UA504
  13. Enzo Matrix

    Export Sea Furys

    Doh! You're quite right. I've fixed it...
  14. Enzo Matrix

    Export Sea Furys

    I've been playing around with some colours. The greys on the Canadian aircraft have given me pause for thought. I have seen a number of references (including on Britmodeller) claim that the light grey is similar to RAF Medium Sea Grey. So I sprayed up one of my trusty paint dummies, using Extra Dark Sea Grey Gunship Grey as the topside grey. To my eye, the contrast between the greys doesn't seem right. Photographs that I have seen show the contrast to be greater, so I experimented with a few different greys. In the end I came up with Lifecolor UA094, entitled "Medium Sea Grey" although it is clearly a light grey. However the contrast looks right to me, so that's what I'm going for. Sadly my rubbish photography skills don't show the differences well... As for the Cuban aircraft, here are the colours I will be using.
  15. Enzo Matrix

    Grump Britain.

    It was okay when it had Harriers.