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  1. Enzo Matrix

    60s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    I realise that but I'm being a bit of a pedantic purist here. If I could find markings for a Soviet Mig-21 based in East Germany, then I'd build that...
  2. Enzo Matrix

    60s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    So my plan for an early Mig-21F works. I'm looking to build a number of aircraft in natural metal with nose intakes. Currently that means Mig-21F, F-100D and Super Mystere B2. Were 19 and 92 Sqn deployed to Germany in the 60s? If so, I might chuck a Lightning F.2 into the mix. Edit: Answering my own question here... yes they were! Lightning F2 it is...
  3. Enzo Matrix

    60s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    Just to confirm, is Kubinka air base considered to be in Europe?
  4. Enzo Matrix

    Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    That is the general idea. As it's all in the early stages at the moment, we're trying to judge support.
  5. Enzo Matrix

    Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    By "no aftermarket", I assume that means parts, not decals? One of my suggestions was for the forthcoming Airfix Wellington, but the price - even with a discount - might deter some people.
  6. Enzo Matrix

    M3/ M4 medium tank gallery

    M4A3 Sherman "Classy Peg" 43rd Infantry Division Luzon, Phillipines in 1945 Kit: Hobby Boss HB84803 Crew: Gaso.Line Build thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235034828-m4a3-classy-peg-in-148/
  7. Enzo Matrix

    M3/ M4 medium tank gallery

    M4 Sherman Early Production C Coy. 756th Tank Bn, 5th Army Italy, February 1944 Kit: Tamiya TA32505 Crew: Tamiya TA32515 Build thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235034826-m4-early-production-in-148/
  8. Enzo Matrix

    B-25 STGB Chat

    I'm an aircraft modeller. So why do I have nearly two dozen AFV kits in The Stash? Just go with it...
  9. Enzo Matrix

    M4 Early Production in 1/48

    Stickers on!
  10. Enzo Matrix

    M4A3 Classy Peg in 1/48

    Stickers on!
  11. Enzo Matrix

    M4A3 Classy Peg in 1/48

    Next stage is to build up the running gear And then assemble it all together. I was a little disappointed with the tracks. They are the traditional vinyl type, but the Hobby Boss instructions claim that they can be glued with ordinary modelling glue and painted with ordinary paints. They can't... I had to basically weld the ends together with superglue and use a very hot cellulose primer. The ordinary primer flaked off as soon as I bent the tracks. In the end I got them painted with Vallejo Panzer Aces Track Primer.
  12. Enzo Matrix

    M4 Early Production in 1/48

    The model is actually finished, but I still need to document the build. The next stage was to assemble the tracks. I really like Tamiya's approach. The plastic components were painted with Vallejo Panzer Aces Track Primer and then simply fitted.
  13. Haynes Publishing is delighted to sponsor the Royal Air Force Centenary GB with prizes for first, second and third place overall. These will be: 1st Place – Signed copy of the Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 Owners’ Manual by Nick Garton (Britmodeller’s @maltadefender ) The other prizes will be : Copy of the Bristol Blenheim Owners’ Manual Copy of the Eurofighter Typhoon Manual The Britmodeller in second place will have the choice. John Haynes OBE wrote and published his first book, on building an Austin 7 Special, whilst he was still at school in 1956. He wrote two more ‘Special' builders' manuals while doing his National Service in the RAF. The first 'proper' Haynes Owners Workshop Manual, for the Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite, was published in 1966. Haynes Manuals are now described as ‘chapter and verse on anything - from BMWs to Bob the Builder, when you want to know about a subject inside and out.’ In recent years the range of ‘Special Interest’ manuals on landmark vehicles have combined traditional type histories with guides to their restoration, ownership and enjoyment today. Small wonder that Haynes Manuals have become a handy tool in the arsenal of committed model builders, who find detailed component images, diagrams and a wealth of background information to help them detail their builds. For full information on the range of special interest manuals from Haynes, please visit: https://haynes.com/en-gb/general-interest-manuals Haynes will be promoting the Group Build through its social media channels and publishing photos of the prize-winning builds after they are announced. Stay tuned via @HaynesManuals or https://www.facebook.com/haynesmanuals/ Many thanks to @maltadefender for arranging the sponsorship.
  14. Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry. Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread
  15. Post your reference information here. Please note if posting artwork or photos you must either be the copyright holder or have the copyright holder's permission to post.