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  1. I've mentioned this before - numerous times - but did you know that Peter Gabriel wrote a song about me? It's true. I have no self control. I originally planned four projects for this GB. Three of those are currently in progress. However, I seem to be quite inspired by this GB and my imagination has been captured by an additional four possible projects. I won't mention what they are, as I don't wish to be hoist by my own petard (see my previous post ) but they are very possible. Two are connected to well known obsessions that I have. The other two are connected to the imminent release of a new kit. So, I have those drivers which are making these projects almost irresistible. But then add into the mix the following factors: All four projects will involve building from The Stash Gideon (aka The Mighty Spreadsheet) tells me that all four projects are perfectly feasible and will not exceed any previously set limits. I'm barely holding on here...
  2. Hi Patrice my first build from this kit will be an Israeli aircraft from the kit markings. I have just realised that I also have a Modelsvit kit in The Stash, so it will be a double build comparing the two. The Modelsvit kit will be in Israeli markings as well. This will allow me to "get my hand in". Then comes the Main Event. In the NATO group build next year, I intend to build a French Mirage IIIC. I have mentioned before how as I child I loved to watch The Aeronauts on television. This was a dubbed English version of the show you know as Les Chevaliers Du Ciel. The television show was based on the bande dessinée comic strip Tanguy et Laverdure. I am an avid collector of comic books and I am now looking for some copies of these comic books. There are various albums of the comic strips which are readily available - these days these are known as trade paperbacks or TPBs. However I would like to find copies of the orginal comic strips in Pilote magazine and even the English language versions from Lion comic. I think these would make a nice display with my completed model which will represent one of the aircraft seen on the show.
  3. So jealous... I have one on the way from Special Hobby. I can hardly wait.
  4. Come on Airfix... get this into the shops! The Meteor STGB starts in two weeks!
  5. That has always been the way, anyway. As I mentioned, GB hosts have always had a wide latitude in the way that they wish to run their groupbuilds.
  6. The radiator fairing section of the nose was crudely snipped off. The nose was then built u with some plastic card spacers to give it a bit of structural integrity. Then a large ball of Milliput was pushed in there and roughly shaped. It will need more Milliput later on. On to the wings. These were assembled in accorance with the kit instructions, allowing the wheel wells to provide the structural integrity. The radiator cores were then added with plastic card laminated to about 80thou. I used some strip to represent the radiator structure with 20thou plastc card to represent the fairing sides. The cockpit interior was painted and detaled as normal. Back to the radiators. The upper and lower wing leading edge parts were cemented into place against the radiator cores. They are simply positioned about 4mm forwards. This leaves a gap which was filled with plastic card shims. Ready for main assembly.
  7. The tail fin needs to be cut down to match thatof a Typhoon. Here you can see the KP tail matched up with an Airfix Typhoon tail. The relevant part of the port wing leading edge was then cut out to match that of the starboard wing. The bottom edge of the Tempest rudder has been built up with a sliver of plastic card to match the shape of the Typhoon rudder.
  8. Way waaaay back at the beginning of the year, we had the Matchbox Classic Groupbuild. In that GB I built the Matchbox Bowing P-12E. I vowed that I would built its US Navy equivalent, the Bowing F4B-4, in this GB. So I'd better get cracking.
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