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  1. You're not. The original closing date was 24 Jan. The two week extension takes us to 7 Feb.
  2. Making a start. Lower hull sides cemented to the hull bottom. As a late-build Matilda, this vehcile would have had a later cast hull front, which is provided by Tiger Model Designs. Matildas had numerous different designs of front stowage boxes, all of which are provided as resin parts by TMD. In the absence of any specific information, I simply chose one. Added into place. The lip at the front of the lower hull needs to be modified slightly to allow them to fit. Not exactly a difficult job.... it's just a case of cutting two
  3. So let's make a start. The lower hull is made up of six parts. Although each part is quite flimsy, they build up into a robust assembly. Upper hull with the four parts added for the rear decking and engine bay doors. The turret is one large part with another for the underside of the bustle and a third for the turret ring. The turret is intended to be clipped into place. No more than twenty minutes work and suddenly I have a Sherman!
  4. Excellent start! I am building another Sherman from the same decal sheet.
  5. Green sprayed using Tamiya XF-58. Camouflage modified slightly and the undersides have been sprayed aluminium. Detail painting completed and a coat of clear lacquer applied ready for the decals.
  6. Green sprayed with Tamiya XF-58. Undersides sprayed aluminium. Detail painting completed and a coat of clear lacquer applied. Ready for the decals.
  7. Green sprayed using Tamiya XF-58 Undersides sprayed aluminium (which you can't see in this shot )
  8. If neither of them arrives in time, I have an RV Aircraft kit as backup. The Mighty Spreadsheet is indicating that 2021 may well be the year of the Mirage III. IIICZ and Cheetah D for the africa GB. IIIO for the Anzac GB. IIIC and IIIE for the French Fancy GB and possibly a IIIR in the Unarmed GB.
  9. I want to build a IIICZ in the Africa GB which starts in a month so I've hedged my bets and put both a Special Hobby and Modelsvit one on backorder...
  10. Very close to breaking the forum software again! Just shows how popular this GB was.
  11. They are the Tamiya ones. I chopped 'em down and twisted 'em a bit.
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