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  1. I've just freaked myself out. Having bought the recent CtA decals sheets covering the Jolly Rogers, I've found there are three F4Us on the sheets: a -1, a -1A and a -4. So it looks like they are my choices...
  2. And after that discussion about the Freightdog nose, here it is attached, together with the vertical tail and airbrake in the closed position.
  3. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea. However, I believe the nose is the same in both sets. I don't see any reason why not, at least in their "as delivered" fit.
  4. Little Red Corvette ? Pink Cadillac ? Mighty Morris 10 ? Recognise the voice?
  5. The Neomega sets did indeed come directly from their website. I've had the Freightdog set for ages but it is still available. https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/freightdog-1-72-buccaneer-s-2-airframe-set-early.html
  6. The nose wheel is moulded as solid rather than spoked. The undercarriage doors and flap interiors have minimal detail. So... to answer your question... nothing really.
  7. There's no messing around with this one as there is no seperate cockpit detail. It's just a tub moulded into the upper fuselage part. Likewise the gear bays for the lower fuselage. So, I simply glued in the engine fronts and the weapons bay doors then sprayed everything with aluminium from a rattle can. I then bunged in some ballast. Fuselage halves assembled. Time for some filler.
  8. I'm desperately trying to break that bad habit! The Airfix Buccaneer kit was originally issued in 1960 as a Blackburn NA39. As far as I was aware, it was retooled in the late 80s as an S2. However, comparing the two kits, I see very little commonality between them I think the reissued Buccaneer was essentially a new tool. Whatever, it was reissued again around 2010 with two new sprues to allow Gulf War and SAAF aircraft to be build. These are the original sprues. The two new sprues for the 2010 boxing are shown below. I won't be using any parts from these sprues. The universal pylons will be used on an RAFG S.2 in the Buccaneer STGB next year. The large tanks will be used on an SAAF conversion in the same STGB.
  9. When the Blackburn Buccaneer was entering service with the Royal Navy, there was some strong interest shown by the West German Marineflieger. The Germans were of the opnion that the Buccaneer was the ideal aircraft to patrol the Baltic. There were a couple of problems though. Firstly, the S.1 version which was in service was underpowered, although this might not have been much of an issue for the land-based role. Secondly, the RAF at the time was strongly opposed to the Buccaneer. In the event the Germans went with the F-104 starfighter, which provided economies of standardisation. It wasn't as good in the anti-shipping role as the Buccaneer though. So I'd like to speculate what a Buccaneer would have looked like in Marineflieger colours. This is the old tool Airfix kit. It was originally bought for the Buccaneer STGB, with the intetion of chucking a lot of aftermarket components at it. Of course, the release of the new airfix Buccaneer made that plan obsolete. The Neomega resin cockpit, intakes and gear bays therefore went onto a FROG Buccaneer in the Frog Squad GB. I still have these goodies left over though. Freightdog correctly shaped nose: Scale Aircraft Conversions white metal undercarriage:
  10. I'm not so sure about that. I thought the same about old tool Buccaneers. I was going to grab a couple of cheapies for some whif projects I have in mind. However, the old tool kits are still even more expensive than the new tool ones. So now I'm thinking about how good a new tool model would look with wings folded in 805 Sqn RAN colours.
  11. I'm not too sure about that. I live about seven miles from RAF Marham. Marham are supposed to have been flying this jet for a year now but I have never, ever seen one... Maybe they can switch stealth mode on and off, like Thunderbird 1...
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