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  1. Enzo Matrix is always watching...
  2. We're almost there! I'm going to make an executive decision and combine two GBs which are very similar to prevent them competing against each other. Cars, trucks, bikes and AFVs and Motorbiks/Cars/Trucks are now a single GB.
  3. Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry. Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread
  4. The Lego shop in my town re-opened after the Covid lockdown this weekend. It was quite a big event. People were queueing for blocks.
  5. Yes, that's correct. The gloss comes from a coat of clear lacquer over the top.
  6. They are currently seperate GBs. However, it would be best if the hosts of the respective GBs agreed to amalgamate them, therby maximising their voting potential.
  7. The next available slot is 8 Jan to 10 April 2022.
  8. True! It was only ever a placeholder though. I've updated the poll.
  9. Once the GB gets voted through the bunfight, its chat thread moves into the Future GBs forum. When the GB starts, the same chat thread moves into the relevant GB forum. What you see in the Future GBs forum is actual GBs which have a confirmed date. The one in the bunfight are still in the GB Chat forum. All the earlier ones are from when GB moderation was under different management.
  10. It's likely that the relevant GBs will be combined. Jiust need to get all the hosts to sign off on it. Then we need a name...
  11. Probably some of the earliest examples of pure interceptors. Oh.... and now you've shown 'em, you have to build 'em!
  12. And we're almost there! Another couple of weeks and we start the annual bunfight, There are currently 24 GBs vying for 9 slots, so this one is going to be brutal. The poll has the list of all eligible GBs in no particular order. Can I ask all potential hosts to periuse the list and see if anything is missing. Equally so, have a look to see if some GBs are similar and could be amalgamated. Numbers 8 and 24 seem like a good choice. It would improve the chances of the resulting mega-GB. Equally so, if theye is an eligible GBN that I have m
  13. Given the apparent location of our respective "shields", maybe we should reconsider our avatars...
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