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Hi all and a Happy New year to you all, a number of items are ready now! To order email me at [email protected] and remember to say where in the world you live so I can calculate shipping, thanks

32D025 Monotone Spitfires £11.00

24F001 RAF/FAA 1950's pilot £25.00

24F002 2nd Lt Black Watch WWI £25.00

32F004 RAF/FAA 1950's pilot £16.00

32P023 Ju 88 A-1F/A-5 F Camera fairing £6.00

48F002 RAF/FAA 1950's pilots (double set) £16.00

48P021 Ju 88 C-6 update set for Dragon kits £18.00

48P023 Ju 88 A-1F/A-5 F Camera fairing £4.50

72F001 RAF/FAA 1950's pilot (double set) £8.00

72P004 Ju 88 A-1F/A-5 F Camera fairing £3.50

Coming soon....

32PE017 External details for Roden SE.5a kit £TBC

48PE013 External details for Eduard SE.5a kit £TBC

Bf 110 G-2/R1 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 (Feb/March? £TBC)

32P024 Fokker DR.1 corrected wings (TBC)

Many thanks, enjoy


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Is there any chance of a re-release for 48p022, the Ju388 conversion kit? Is it still available somewhere?




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