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  1. Congratulations. That is a beautiful Lancaster.
  2. Great Starfighter, used look but not exagerated.
  3. Great model. Did you use the MagicScaleModeling kit?
  4. It looks great and your photography is fantastic too.
  5. It looks great. Its so much more difficult to achieve the clean finish of an airliner compared to the weathered surfaces of a warbird.
  6. Hi elger, no problem at all, you can leave out anything you want. In MSM´s instructions you are recommended to start with a test of the circuit board with one led, one motor and one speaker only. In my model I used some of the space in the waist gunners`compartment for the circuit board and because of that I did not install any light there. The installation would have been visible through the windows. Next time I will dim the cockpit lighting (by dipping the LED into Tamiya paint), it is too bright in my opinion and place all the LEDs at a place where they are not directly visible through the windows. It looks more natural that way. Try it, highly recommended!
  7. A modeller`s dream: no decals. Serious: It looks great!
  8. I had thought about that before too. But it is definetly not necessary, the prop only weighs a few grams and will spin smoothly. You just have to be careful to align the electic motor (and the prop shaft) in a 90 degree angle to the aircraft cowling. But that is only for the looks, the prop will spin anyway.
  9. I found this by coincidence on a certain auction site in Germany and won the auction at about half the original price: After one month of daily work it looked like this: Intermediate steps: The MSM kit contains all the necessary cabeling, lights (interior, position and landing lights), speakers, the circuit board (programmed and with recorded sound). The circuit board is supposed to be positioned in the rear part, behind the waist gunner`s position, but I could not squeeze it in there, I had to use part of the gunner`s room. That is why I did not put lighting in there. I managed to ruin one of the tiny electric motors but the guys from MagicScaleModelling sent me a replacement free of charge! The electric installation is relatively easy, it is plug and play. No soldering required. It takes a lot of patience and testing, but in the end it works fine. When you switch power on, the aircraft will run through the start up and check process: interior lights, position lights, landing lights will be on in sequence, then the engines will start, one after another with the original sound. All markings except for stencils and nose art were spayed on using Montex masks. I uploaded a video, maybe you can watch it using this: https://sendvid.com/oyexajb5 Would I use a kit from MagicScaleModelling (https://www.magicscalemodeling.com) again? Yes, definitely! I am thinking about ICM`s A-26. It is in my stash and I am sure it will have light and sound, too. Thanks for looking! Volker
  10. I watched your video. Very impressive, wish I had your patience.
  11. Outstanding. Perfect finish and great attention to detail.
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