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  1. I built this kit a while ago and I know what you went through. I really like what you achieved. Great modelling!
  2. Great model of a good looking aircraft. For those interested in the "People`s Fighter"-Program I can highly recommend: Daniel Uziel: Arming the Luftwaffe In this Israeli scholar`s work chapter 6 is a case study dedicated to development and production of the He162.
  3. Awesome. Great detailing and perfect finish.
  4. Awesome! I have got that one in the stash and I fell tempted now to build it.
  5. This one is not so easy to build but you did a great job. Why did you not use the drop tanks?
  6. Very nice and convincing finish. Great model!
  7. I was a driver on the real thing in 1978/79 (we had compulsory national service back then). Brings back memories, not all of them good though. But thanks for sharing!
  8. That is something different! And it is fantastic!
  9. Well done and I like the background of your photography.
  10. No, it has not happened to me. But I am really sorry. Otherwise it is a great model. Please do not give up, remove decals and paint where necessary and do it again.
  11. Interestesting subject and very well built. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Stunning build. Did you use kit decals or are they AM?
  13. Brilliant. Perfect finish.
  14. Brings back memories ..... Well done and thanks for sharing!
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