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  1. I built this as a gift for my daughter who is a glider pilot. I won`t build another one. It brought me to the limits of my patience and abilities. The tensioners were made of 0.3mm steel rods, the steering cables were made of stretched sprue lines. Thanks for looking! Volker
  2. I like to see a civil aircraft in 1/48 from time to time. This one is beutiful. Volker
  3. Very nice build. I like the different shades of blue in the natural light. Volker
  4. Looks great! I can not find the altimeter. Which one is ist? Volker
  5. A shark mouth is always attractive. Looks good! Volker
  6. Interesting subject and a brilliant model. Volker
  7. Please build more Luftwaffe aircraft! I would love to see von Plonks 190 or 262. But even more I would like to read the stories behind them.:) Btw. the mottling looks ok to me. Volker
  8. Here is my first in 2020. I had the Mistel kit in my stash for a long time and there were a few parts missing, especially some of the clear parts. So I decided to build the Mistel with warhead and fill the glass parts supposing that the "valuable" spareparts like landing lights were removed and the holes closed with a grey patch. Then I found that the decals were unusable due to age but I could not find any reference for my model. So I decided to apply national markings only with the letters on the former nightfighter oversprayed. For the 190 I did not know if worn out or factory new aircraft were used. So I decided on crosses and stencils only. And next time I have RLM70 in my airbrush I will overspray propblades. Thanks for looking Volker
  9. What a beast! Interesting subject and well done. Volker
  10. Always one one my favorite aircraft. Great model! Volker
  11. Hi all, I visit Thailand every year twice, I even think about spending the next winter there. If I actually stay longer, I would definitely like to build a model or two. I searched the internet, but I did not find any plastic model shops in the country. Will I have to carry all my stuff, paints, compressor, tools etc with me? Who knows a decent shop, local if possible, or online? Volker
  12. I always love a beautiful Phantom and yours is great! Especially with its mates. Volker
  13. Excellent build! And I agree about the profi-packs, the only thing that is missing are masks for the inside of the canopy if you want to build the cockpit open. Volker
  14. They are all great, but the flying boats stand out. Volker
  15. Just brilliant. So many details like tools and machinery. I spent 10 minutes spotting all the small things. Congrats! Volker
  16. Beautiful aircraft. I like the tiger-decals. Volker
  17. Great, especially the helicopters. And you are learning fast how to use the airbrush! Volker
  18. Hasegawa Ju87 G-2 Tamiya P-51B Tamiya P-47 Razorback Mig-15 Trumpeter F-86 Hasegawa MIG-17 Trumpeter MIG-19 Trumpeter F-104 Hasegawa A-4M Hasegawa MIG-21 Eduard F-4J Hasegawa F-4J Academy And the only one in 1/24 (with the same aircraft in 1/48 for comparison): So I finished 13 models in 2019, I am quite pleased. It was my first full year in retirement, I really enjoyed it. For 2020: I want to improve my models in accuracy and, even more important, I want to become a better fotographer. A happy 2020 to all of you and happy modelling! Volker
  19. Beautiful model of an ugly aircraft. But shouldn`t the bombs be factory new? Volker
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