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HMS Invincible


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I can't find anything on specific date of removal of Sea darts, but in my copy of Three Ark Royals by Neil McCart, there is a photograph of Invincible in company with Ark Royal during the handover for the Adriatic Patrol, which is captioned as February 1994. The photo credit is from the FAA Museum. In the photo, both ships clearly still appear to have Sea Dart "fitted".  At least the launchers and blast deflectors are still clearly present. Page 202 if you have the book! I think I read somewhere that the Sea Darts were removed during the 1990's when she started to operate RAF Harrier GR7's?


Not sure how helpful that is.



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I like the story of Invincible on her way to the Falklands, and the Fleet's movements being shadowed by an Argentine 707, but how Admiral Sandy had thought it was another Aircraft was the guilty one,  Invincible wrongly locked her Sea Dart missile system on a Brazil DC-10 instead of an Argentine 707 that was monitoring the fleet, the day before, Admiral Sandy Woodward asked the Commander in Chief Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse if he could shoot down the 707, because he thought it could trigger an attack from the Argentine aircraft carrier Veinticinco de Mayo, the 707 was no threat to the fleet, so Admiral Woodward was ordered not to fire, and the fleet kept tracking the plane's course, until a Sea Harrier was flown off to investigate, the Harrier Pilot radioed back that it was a Brazilian civil plane, flying normally with navigation lights on, the whole story got reported in the Brazilian papers along with the claim that the DC-10's passengers were rumoured to have been scared, Admiral Woodward said that the inconvenience to passengers underwear was regretted, unless any of them were Argentine.

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