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Airfix 1:24 Supermarine Spitfire Vb (A50055)

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Airfix 1:24 Supermarine Spitfire MkVb (A50055)

RF*D AB910 No303 (Kosciuszko) Squadron

Sqd Ldr Jan Johnny Zumbach







Another stalled project this tine from 2011, eventually get tired of a built up Merlin starring at me every time I took the bottly of white spirit off the shelf, and once back on the bench I made good progress on the build.

This is a kit certainly past it's best ( about 20 years past it's best) and requires a fair amount work to get anywhere. The 2001 Vb parts are soft on detail (understatement) and not the best fit. I decided to have only the one engine panel removeable and the next one I make will have some attention given to the wheel wells as this was built completely OOB, brush painted with Humbrol enamels and finished with Humbrol Matt Cote.

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Excellent result, John. Glad to meet a fellow brush painter - your brush work is lovely and smooth.

I've built this one so know what you mean regarding this kit.



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Brush painted 😱.... I brush paint and would be very worried about attempting something so big! Your finish is really nice and smooth, well done !


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Nicely done. I have the same kit tucked away but I intend to backdate it to the Mk 1 version in the original issue. I got a set of the original Airfix decals off ebay. Some guy had a whole batch of them.

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