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  1. Revell 1:72 BAe Hawk T.1 Red Arrow (04921) The colour of the plastic (and the resultant flash) aside, a really exceptional fine effort from Revell and the best fitting Hawk in 1:72 I have built. Given the diesel pipes and oil tank were on a separate runner, I am hoping that other versions are in the pipeline as this model is the go to kit I would get in 1:72 in future. So here are a few more shots of the finished article, it is brush painted with Humbrol 60 (Scarlet) acrylic paint from one of their small starter pots, detail painting was done with Humbrol Acrylics and Revell Aquacolor. Decals were applied with the aid of Humbrol decalfix and glossed using brush painted Humbrol Clear. Can I recommend the kit? Absolutely, as stated above it’s the best 1:72 hawk I have built. Here’s hoping that if it re-issued in different schemes that a more natural colour plastic will be used.
  2. Airfix 1:24 Messerschmitt Bf 109E (12002) Yellow 1, Staffelkapitan Josel “Pips” Priller 6/JG 51 October 1940 I first bought the Airfix 1:24 109 when it first came out and it was well beyond my abilities at the time, it didn’t help that I was unaware of the fit of the engine cowls on the prototype though. After sitting unfinished for many months my mother binned it. I bought it again about 20 years ago, similar situation and this time my wife binned it. So with the third time I was determined to at least finish it. So here we are, not perfect by any stretch as I made two mistakes. I should have glued the engine to the firewall before I painted it as the join was not strong enough when I fitted the engine and I have had to fix the cowls in place to keep the engine lined up correctly. Secondly I read about the twist on the starboard U/C leg but I presumed this was at the hinge and mine looked ok, only after fitting the wheels did I realise where the issue lay. When making this again I would cut and pin the leg at the correct plane. I don’t normally go after market or weathering but on this I bought Eduard belt set 23003, as I’m going to work through my 1:24 kits I’ve also bought Airscale instruments dial decals AS24LUFT and AS24RAF and used some of the Luftwaffe set on the instrument panel. The Swastika is from the Xtradecal set X32002 which includes 1:24 and 1:32 crosses, again I have several other kits which will need these additions. The kit itself is brush finished with Humbrol Enamels with Humbrol acrylics and Revell Aquacolor used for some details. Humbrol Clear applied after painting with a further coat after the decals were applied followed by a coat Humbrol Matcote, again brush painted. Flory models dark dirt and brown washes applied and removed, not used these before and whilst quite happy with the result it’s a technique I will need to practice on a bit I reckon. Thanks for looking, now where’s that big pony?
  3. Hasegawa 1:72 Grumman X-29A (00243) For the dozen for the year, another kit which I first started in the 80’s but binned before finishing due to life, family other factors, non of which were anything to do with the kit which goes together faultlessly. Painting on this was mainly with Halfords rattlecans. A good subject for Wifs but I stuck to the rather sweeping test markings as I quite like them.
  4. Recently finished my attempt at the most powerful rocket to launch successfully built by man to date. A model Ive been wanting to make for 47 years. Not perfect but Im one happy bunny. The intrepid astronauts The command module(CM) On the service module(SM) The CM is a bit under scale most likely due the medium the kit is moulded in. On top of which is the Launch Escape System (LES) Next to the Lunar Module(LM) The LM fits in the top part of Stage III On top of which sits the CM;SM & LES Stage III sits on top of Stage II Finally the spacing ring and Stage I Which in total gives you the mighty Saturn V.
  5. Airfix 1:72 Douglas Devastator TBD-1 (02034) USS Yorktown Revisiting a kit I made back in the late 60s IIRC. Not a bad kit apart from the canopy which I found to be awful on this example managing to be both thick and brittle whilst also not lining up with itself or the hole it was supposed to cover. Brush painted with Humbrol enamels. Ive read that some prefer to paint the fuselage grey, but I find Hu11 silver dries more of a metallic grey these days so stuck with it, however I used Hu99 Lemon rather than Hu24, is it correct? Dont know but I prefer it in this instance.
  6. Revell 1:72 Vought F4U-4B Corsair, Naval Air Reserve Training Unit, U.S.Navy, Jacksonville, Florida, June 1954 (03955) Revell released the F4U-1A as a new tooled kit in 2014 as kit number 03983. At the time given the breakdown of the parts and gates was a strong indication that further options were going to be offered. This F4U-4B version was released earlier this year primarily with new cowls, prop and guns. It's quite possible other options (including clipped wing versions) will appear in the future. I'm not a rivet counter by any means but one glaring omission is that they have retained the six cartridge eject ports on the underside of the wing for the four 20mm cannon this airframe was equipped with. Some "4" retained the M/G's and they are included in the kit but as markings are only supplied with this version some aftermarket decals would have to be sourced. Having said that, this oversight does not cause me too much heartache as long it looks like a The prototype then I'm content. So here she is brush painted throughout in Revell Aquacolor and completely OOB. An eminently buildable kit that is highly recommended but if you are wanting complete accuracy then a little work and research will be required. If you are not too bothered it builds up into a good representation of the prototype.
  7. Revell 1:72 Handley Page Victor K2 XH672 Maid Marion(04326), Nos 55 Squadron, RAF Marham U.K., Operation Desert Storm, 1991. Finally a couple of pictures of Handley Page aircraft development in the 22 years between the first flight of the Heyford in 1930 and the Victor in 1952.
  8. Mediocre, I think not. Looks exceptionally good from where I'm sitting.
  9. Airfix 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Vb (A05125) GN*H AB264 P/O Robert Wendell Buck McNair DFC (Royal Canadian Air Force) No 249 (Gold Coast) Squadron, RAF, Operation Spotter, Ta Qali, Malta March 1942. A really great kit, only fit problem I experienced was in a fuselage plug in front of the cockpit. No filler was needed elsewhere else. Installing aftermarket belts after sealing the cockpit up caused a little swearing but I'm glad I fitted them in the end. Brush painted with Humbrol Enamels and finished in Humbrol Matt Cote.
  10. Airfix 1:24 Supermarine Spitfire MkVb (A50055) RF*D AB910 No303 (Kosciuszko) Squadron Sqd Ldr Jan Johnny Zumbach Another stalled project this tine from 2011, eventually get tired of a built up Merlin starring at me every time I took the bottly of white spirit off the shelf, and once back on the bench I made good progress on the build. This is a kit certainly past it's best ( about 20 years past it's best) and requires a fair amount work to get anywhere. The 2001 Vb parts are soft on detail (understatement) and not the best fit. I decided to have only the one engine panel removeable and the next one I make will have some attention given to the wheel wells as this was built completely OOB, brush painted with Humbrol enamels and finished with Humbrol Matt Cote.
  11. Just had a quick check, first released by Revell in 1967 and rebranded in the Advent range in 1979.
  12. Nice Peashooter, I think I made this kit first in the mid'60's. Mario, Revell did introduce an Advent brand in the US I believe as a budget brand.
  13. By far the worst fitting parts are the engine pylons to wing joins, the rest isn't too bad but not up to current standards. it's also raised panel lines so those enclined (I'm not) may well wish to get the engraver out. I would not follow the instructions as regards the U/C which they tell you to install during the wing & fuselage build. I recommend using the location holes in the bay's as a jig to construct the U/C and put them aside until painted. Similarly I'd fit the U/C bay doors before the gear as well.
  14. My attempts at this kit, well there's actually two releases here, the original Monogram release 5704, and a subsequent Revell re-boxing 04337. With the age of the Mongram kit the decals had not faired too well, so I used the Revell set for both builds only using the Monogram ones where necessary. The SEA was my first attempt at using an airbrush which did not go too well and was subsequently brush painted to resolve and touch up the problems, the silver bird is completely brush painted with Humbrol Aquacolor paints with some being mixed to try and give some tonal variation. Monogram Convair B-58A-10CF Hustler 92429 “The Polaski Hustler”(5704) 43rd Bomber Wing, Carswell AFB. 1960 SAC Bombing Competiton Bergstrom AFB, Texas. Revell 1:48 Convair B-58 A-10-CF 92428 (04337) 43rd Bomber Wing, Little Rock AFB, “Project Bullseye” with SEA camourflage Eglin AFB, Florida, Summer 1967
  15. Thanks again folks. Yes Mark the Hustlers are 1:48, just not quite finished yet.
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