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Revell 1/144 RSAF English Electric Lightning Gate Guardian

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Hello Everyone,

This is the project I decided upon for the Lesser Built Air-Forces GB I did actually finish my projects on time (just) but being the lazy bugger I am, I have only just taken the pictures of it. I would like to thank Cliff C, Col. & Robvulcan for hosting the GB they did a fantastic job and of course Mish who puts a lot of her free time into the running of the GB's in general. I will buy you all a beer if I ever meet you :cheers:

The project I decided upon was a Gate Guardian of sorts for the Royal Saudi Air Force and the aircraft is based on a round about at RSAF Tabuk (if you click here it should take you to it's location in Google Earth). As far as I have found, there is only about 8 pictures of this actual aircraft. I did not get the correct serial codes for the aircraft, that will be done in due course. But I am calling her complete for the time being. Onto the pictures :)


The SNEB (is that the correct term?) pods where taken from the Revell 1/144 Hawker Hunter kit and I scratch built the plyon myself.





The base is quite literally a 5 minute job, with some acrylic stolen... *borrowed* from work.

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,


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Thank you all, I am not so sure on the plinth myself, but everyone's their own worse critic and all that.

I have since found an RSAF Tornado IDS thats more or less the same display. Looking to build that for the Tornado GB :)

Kind Regaards,


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