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How to attach etch to film (and then to plastic?)


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Hey everyone,

Sorry if this has been answered before and I couldn't find anything on the manufacturers website... I have an Eduard Zoom set with pre-painted etch and the black plastic film that goes behind the etch pieces.

How do I attach these to a plastic kit cockpit? I know you use Super/CA for the etch but won't that melt the film bit of the 'sandwich'?

Thanks in advance,


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I usually use a drop of Klear to attach the PE to the acetate film, adding a tiny drop to each instrument face when it's dry. Then CA to attach that to the backing. The Klear gives the instrument faces a nice shine too :)

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CA shouldn't melt the film, it might cloud it though. I use either gloss varnish, Klear or otherwise, or PVA glue or one of the other clear drying modelling glues, which I'm sure are just PVA in a small tub for twice the price of a large bottle....

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