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Revell Mosquito B mk.IV

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Hi all, not sure if you can just jump in on this GB so will give it a go anyway :)

As the title says, this was started in this years mosquito STGB but I managed to bugger up the canopy and it has sat in my modelling box on top of the microwave for the rest of the year...

Link to original thread here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234935302-revell-148-mosquito-b-mk-iv/page-2

And pic of it about 2 weeks ago, at constant risk of getting something dropped onto it out of the cupboard


I had tried to get a replacement canopy from Revell but unfortunately the kit is now OOP so that put paid to that and you cannot get a vacform bomber canopy in 48th from anywhere :(

Fortunately for me the nice people at Revell were able to supply me with the canopy for the re-released Revell / monogram kit that builds up as a B mk.IV or F mk.VI.

It wasnt a great fit but after a little scraping of the canopy opening I managed to get something acceptable, the only area that needs building up will be at the very back and under the 2 windows at the front quarters.

So after getting hold of this I decided to have a go at trying to vac form a replacement canopy using a guide on t'net.

This is the plug on the vac forming box, had to put a spacer in between the 2 canopy halves as the monogram one is somewhat slimmer than the newer revell one.


Got this little frame made up to hold the clear material, the stuff I used is 0.5mm PETG sheet that you can get for about £1 a sheet online


Then into the oven at about 170 C and when it starts to sag slightly turn on the vacuum connected to the box, take it out and push it down onto the plug and hey presto (did get the micky taken by the other half as I was down on bended knees in front of the oven with the vacuum running :))

Took a few goes to get it right as the plastic needed to be soft enough to get over the window bulges but not so much it sags and creases, this was the best one


and all cut out, got to admit I have surprised myself how well it came out, didn't expect it to keep the framing as well!


Meanwhile I have fitted the internal framing made from some fusewire, which will also help keep the canopy sat on the sills at the rear


And finally pushed in place, just need to get the bit under the front quarter windows built up with some filler


Cheers for looking and more to follow soon hopefully :)

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That canopy looks really cool! If you had told me that it came out of the box, I would have believed you...

Thanks for sharing the technique.

Have a great Christmas.



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Cheers Chris, hope you and yours had a great Christmas too!

Really happy with how it turned out in the end and learnt something new, which was nice :)

Looking forwards to getting it finished now and off the top of the microwave, got the rest of the camo on last night so next job is to get the clear coat on, using Alclad clear gloss aqua for the first time and hoping for great things

Pic of progress so far:


Cheers for looking, Stu

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Thanks Mish!

Used tape for the demarcation between top and bottom and then Blu-tack sausages for the top, would love to be able to freehand this but don't think I could get it tight enough, plus peeling it all off again is good fun :)

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Hi Stu, that canopy looks mint it must have given you a great sense of satisfaction after that result. Like Mish said before me, thats a lovely camouflage job, the end is in sight now with this one surely.


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Cheers Tim, got to admit it was satisfying getting something useable at the end of the day, its not the easiest kit to build and its nice to see the end in sight finally :)

Got the decals all on and sealed now:


Cheers, Stu

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