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B-17 Tail turrets


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I want to build a stinger tail turret for my B-17. Does anyone have any good side by side type drawings/photos of the stinger and cheyenne please?

Hmm, this for the HK 1/32nd B-17? Given the parts breakdown, with a separate rear section, I presume they will do one with the stinger tail in time.

I may be stating the bliinkin' obvious, but thre are lots of little variations on B-17's, and you need to check what serail block has what if your not doing the supplied scheme.

A an aside, the HK models kit hs had some serious input by Subject Matter Experts.


What is in the box is essentially a Boeing-built B-17G-50-BO or later series aircraft, with the staggered one-piece waist windows and “Cheyenne” tail turret. Outside of the Vega-built B-17s which had a more pointed nose cone, one can get away wit making a model of the Boeing and Douglas-Long Beach B-17G sub-series aircraft that constituted the majority of the B-17Gs built. Given the parts breakdown of the fuselage, different versions can be expected in later releases. Changing the waist window in the right fuselage half to one that is unstaggered will allow any earlier-production B-17 to be done, while the separate Cheyenne tail turret will allow its replacement by the earlier style of tail “stinger.” The separate forward fuselage ahead of the cockpit means that a B-17F could also be done in the future. With the amount of very petite surface detail, it is not advisable for an impatient modeler to go hacking up the right fuselage half to change the position of the waist window, since replacing all that detail would be extremely difficult.



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