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A few of mine from Op Herrick


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I though I should post a few of my pics from Herrick. I am in no way a competent photographer and these pictures were taken using a small compact camera or my Ipod Touch (packing light etc....) I should point out that I was either about to get on or had just got off the Helos so it was a case of snap a few pics while I had the chance. I've a few more on my Flickr page.

100_0442 by ade634, on Flickr

IMG_0048 by ade634, on Flickr
100_0413 by ade634, on Flickr
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Ade. ..... I think you captured the action photos vety well.

They are extremely good. .

Dont sell yourself short.


( if MINE came out like yours I would be very happy).thank you for sharing them.

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Right, a few more from various locations in theatre.


My commute to work (C17)


Not sure about this modification?


Poor quality I know. This was American and not British


The bus around theatre


Fast and low!






Something completely different....

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